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And in the Morning

Grand Pass Previous Ono Family update / Next Ono Family update Round 2, Summer 2019 Daniel Ono is 46  years old, Sayuri Ono is 51.  Seiki Ono is  21 and Yuki Ono is 12.  Suzanne Preston is 20. Two years had passed since they had separated after that trip to…


Falls Bridge Previous Hodson Family update / Next Hodson family update September 2018 – April 2019 Raine Hodson is 36 years old, Lexie Hodson is 37, and Aston Hodson is 5.  September  Lexie went to her eight week ultrasound appointment at Falls Creek Clinic very excited to see her baby,…

Round 2

Summer 2019 The Ono Family:  And in the Morning Fall 2019 The Radcliff Family:  Eyes for You Winter 2019/20 The Ross Family Spring 2020 The Hodson Family Summer 2020 The Oliver Family Fall 2020   Winter 2020/21   Spring 2021

My Dog Ate My Homework & Other Tall Tales

Falls Bridge This is the first Radcliff update / Next Radcliff update July 2018 Erle and Bee Radcliff are 65.  Karina Radcliff is 30, Jack Paris is 28, and Oz Radcliff is 6. Oz had spent the the last half of the afternoon raking old leaves, still leftover from fall….

The Pleasure of Your Company: Hodson-Hsu

Falls Bridge Previous Hodson Family update / Next Hodson family update June 2018 Raine Hodson is 35 years old and Aston Hodson is 5. Lexie Hsu is 36. Lexie and Raine were content as they prepared for their wedding day.  Both of them preferred quiet and solitude, and now their…

Jack Paris

Jack Paris is most interested in having a good time and enjoying life, so although he can be quite outspoken, he prefers not to keep things on the easy-going side with others, preferring a fun diversion to an argument.  The asset he’s developed most at this point in his life…


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