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What’s It Like to Be Old, Grandma?

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What’s It Like to Be Old, Grandma?

Take Me to the Moon 5.25

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Fiona watched as her grandma Delaney gave her customary wave goodbye and entered her space ship.  Grandma was off to explore and protect the galaxy; she was a space ranger.

TS4 2015-09-20 15-48-37-78

TS4 2015-08-04 15-50-05-40

Fiona had asked if she could play Keyboard Commander at the computer at the mission control desk, and watch the lift-off.

TS4 2015-09-20 15-48-55-90

The Tesla family had finally accumulated a million simoleons a while back, and were now worth about 1.4 million, even after making a major renovation to the lab and launch area.   The rocket launchpad was moved into an underground silo that connected to the lab, after having relocated the graveyard and the pool to the opposite side of the property.  Most of the family’s wealth came from regular sales of alien fruit.

TS4 2015-09-20 15-49-45-63

Alexander watched Delaney’s space launch broadcast for a while.

TS4 2015-09-25 05-44-36-12

Then Ewan took over, monitoring the space launch broadcast, so his dad could get some rest.   Hazmat suits were no longer necessary in the lab.  Elise, Ranen, and Delaney had verified, through many experimental trials, that the alien plants were not harmful, and humans were not damaging to the plants, either.  Elise was working on breakthroughs, and tending the plants.  Her main goal was the creation of a death flower, to prevent the death of family members.

TS4 2015-09-20 15-50-22-68

The next morning was Sunday.  Delaney had returned from patrolling the galaxy, in the middle of the night.

Fiona was up bright and early, playing alone.  She wanted to max out her motor skills and she was getting close.

TS4 2015-09-21 06-05-06-57

Felicity was playing  near the pool.  “Now, Super Dude, you need to rescue the horse, who is trapped on that precipice,” she said.

TS4 2015-09-25 05-59-32-96

“You can’t do it?  What are you talking about?  You are Super Dude.  You have to rescue the horse.”

TS4 2015-09-25 06-00-29-75

“Tell me what’s wrong, Super Dude,” Felicity said, and bent to listen.

TS4 2015-09-25 06-00-05-02

Super Dude explained that he was getting old, and it was hard for him to fly all the way up to high places like that particular precipice.  Felicity wasn’t sure if this was true or not; she didn’t see any gray hairs in Super Dude’s swept back mane.

TS4 2015-09-25 06-00-44-73

A little while later, Felicity sat down with her grandparents to eat breakfast, and looked worried about something.

TS4 2015-09-25 06-10-16-58

“What’s it like, being old, Grandma?” she finally asked.

TS4 2015-09-25 06-10-36-49

“Well,” Delaney said.  “Hmm, let me see.”

“I look at my daughter’s face, and I remember, for so long, I pictured myself younger than she is, now.”

TS4 2015-09-23 05-52-15-89

“But even though it doesn’t seem like a long time ago, really, I’ve seen so many different things happen in my life, some of them I never expected.  Like when your aunt, Elise, was abducted the other night.  And she is such an incredible scientist, she just saw it as an opportunity to study the aliens.  I wonder what the aliens thought of her.  It makes me laugh to picture her telling them what she thought!”

TS4 2015-09-25 05-22-49-58

TS4 2015-09-25 05-22-07-29

Everyone laughed as they pictured Elise bossing the aliens.

“Being old means often remembering  friends who have been gone a while.”

TS4 2015-09-20 17-03-50-06

“It means sometimes I feel achy and cranky, even doing things that used to be easy for me.”

TS4 2015-09-20 16-32-22-43

“Being old means, being thankful, every night, when I get in bed, for another day, with the ones I love.”

TS4 2015-09-20 17-04-57-26

“Being old means I am so grateful to see you and Fiona making friends, and learning to get along … “

TS4 2015-09-25 05-20-36-45

“… even when you don’t know what to say.”

TS4 2015-09-25 05-20-19-05

TS4 2015-09-24 06-12-22-17

“Being old means having lots of cherished memories, and favorite things, and people.”

TS4 2015-09-24 05-59-49-14

TS4 2015-09-24 06-02-30-95

TS4 2015-09-24 06-04-19-74

Delaney looked lost in thought.  “Like Grandad?” Felicity prodded.

“Yes, like Grandad,” Delaney said.

TS4 2015-09-24 05-55-17-43

“And, like you, Felicity!” Delaney added.

TS4 2015-09-24 05-50-50-13

Gameplay Notes:

  • I love the “Ask about being old,” interaction for children and teens.  I also love the “Listen to Space Launch,” interaction on the computer.  It has really cool sound effects and you can watch the astronauts’ antics.
  • Alexander got his second warning (that his life is almost over) on Saturday evening at about 7:20 pm.  Delaney’s came a little later, around 9 pm.
  • Felicity made friends with a child named Jade Forbes, and Fiona had a friend, with the alien skin tone & outfit, Jordan Nolan, over to visit.   Jordan is the first sim my sims have met, that is a result of the MC Command Center pregnancy mod, which matches up couples to have children, and causes sims in currently non-active households to have babies without playing them.
  • Technically, Felicity and Fiona’s summer camp selves are still at summer camp, but as CathyTea said, the space-time continuum is pliable.   I have missed the Teslas so much, so I finally decided that this Fiona and Felicity are continuing their life at home while the other Felicity and Fiona are at camp.

13 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    So glad you played them any way! I think we have about four or five more chapters before we wrap up Summer Camp! Well, it’s Autumn Camp now! LOL!

    • Me too, glad I went ahead and played them. Maybe they can have a costume party at Summer/Autumn camp, since it’s going to be that time of year soon… I never anticipated work to be as hectic and stressful as it is this year, with us merging schools, so the break has been welcome and for now I still have very limited time for simming.

  2. cathytea says:

    Oh, I also meant to add that this was a lovely chapter. Really enjoyed Delaney’s reflections on being old–she’s a role model to me!

  3. Carla says:

    Aw, that’s a very sweet interaction and you wrote about it so beautifully! Felicity looks like her curiosity has been totally sated in the last picture. 🙂

    Can’t believe Alexander and Delaney are so close to the end. 🙁 It feels like it’s been such a long time and yet not.

    I’m glad to see the Teslas back here again. 🙂

    • Thanks, Carla! I can’t really complain about Delaney & Alexander nearing the end of their lives, since I’ve been playing them for about 10 real life months! I don’t expect to stretch any of the remaining generations that long, but I guess I can’t promise.

  4. Echo Weaver says:

    What a lovely speech about growing older. It makes me think about growing older. When I was young, I always feared growing old and forgetting to have fun. I find that now I have just as much fun as I did then; I just think some of the stuff I enjoyed then was pretty dumb. And I think I’m still 20 in my mind’s eye.

    Looks like the Teslas are finally into money! I know at the beginning of this generation, you were concerned about how the family would make ends meet with Alexander retired and Delaney changing careers.

    I thought for a minute that Elise and Ranen had another child when I saw the purple alien at the table!

    A baby-generating Story Progression is the last thing that really held me away from Sims 4. I’m excited to see how it’s working in your game.

    • Thanks, Susan. It is still fun, isn’t it? And it takes a long time for self-concept to catch up to chronological age, I think.

      They do have a lot of money now; I was really worried before, and if it wasn’t for the orb fruit they probably would have to sell off and close down much of the building and possessions. The Command Center is really great. Next time I play, Delaney will be heading over to Eric and Rachel’s to see her latest grandchild, born because of Command Center!

  5. maisie says:

    This was really touching, I didn’t know that it was a question they could ask, and how sweet that they can listen to the launching. Very poetic response from Delaney, and I’m rather choked up that both of them are coming to the end of their lives. 🙁

    The new launchpad area looks great, the entire house is an immaculate estate. They’ve really come such a long way from their beginnings. It’s nice seeing the cousins becoming friends, and how different they are from one another. And yay for kids born in the game in non-active households, I always liked that about TS3 (and sort of hated it when it was MY household that was temporarily inactive).

    • Yes, I hate it too when one of my households has unwanted changes from story progression… that’s why I haven’t been playing the school or the other households, worried about something untoward happening on the legacy lot.

      • Echo Weaver says:

        Yeah, TS3 was really designed for single-household players like me. OTOH, you can turn Story Progression (and aging) off in Options if you want to switch households for a little while.

        • Good point, Susan, that’s what I’m working on with my Simdale Valley Sims 2 to Sims 4 ‘hood; how to change households in a way that I can be happy about. Turning off aging is definitely going to be a part of that and there are a lot of options on Command Center’s settings that will be different than I have them for the legacy (Like no active lots will have pregnancies initiated by the story progression). Sims 4 is like Sims 3 that it works very well for a legacy, with even a bit more flexibility, I think. However, I just miss playing the other households because I’ve played that way SO long.

          • Echo Weaver says:

            I don’t know if I’ll ever want to switch households, but it seems like a totally fine way to play. Command Center seems to have addressed the major problem in Sims 4 with my play style while still empowering yours. And it offers something Sims 3 doesn’t have — the ability to distinguish multiple “played” households that you want to make the primary decisions for.

            If I were to switch households, I think I’d want to turn off Story Progression and aging until I returned to my primary one. You didn’t used to be able to do that so cleanly with Sims 3, but they added options for it rather late in the development cycle.

            Watching household-switchers like you has made me more comfortable adding sims to my household for things like dates, then sending them back. It lets me force them to do logical things together, like having tea or watching a concert, where the game hasn’t added the appropriate group actions.

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