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What’s a Fearghus?

Take Me to the Moon 5.34

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Ashlee and Elizabeth arrived early at their cousins’ house for a party, celebrating Fearghus’ birthday.

TS4 2015-11-22 09-59-46-56

“What’s a Fearghus?” Elizabeth asked.

“I’m a Fearghus!” he said gleefully.  “Let’s go play Space Explorer!”

TS4 2015-11-22 13-44-08-16

Fearghus hopped up into the top gun turret, and told Darwin Arias to man the bridge.  Darwin did not look enthusiastic about his promotion to Space Captain.  Wayne Simsfan looked on, to see what would happen.  He preferred to watch the action from the sidelines, unless it was time to paint or draw.

TS4 2015-11-22 14-07-12-54

Darwin is Rihanna Arias’ child with Bjorn Turok, who is also Alyse Echoweaver’s dad. Darwin is the first cousin of Ashlee, Eric’s daughter, on his mom’s side. So he and Alyse are not related to the Teslas, but are in the family tree through Eric’s children. Wayne Simsfan is my Simself’s son.

“Captain Darwin!  How are we going to achieve orbit if you don’t use the controls?!”

TS4 2015-11-22 14-09-31-83

“I can’t fly the ship AND operate the canon!”

TS4 2015-11-22 14-09-19-00

Darwin finally took up his assigned duties.

Ashlee barked orders to Wayne, who firmly stood his ground and refused to get on board.  Ashlee, Eric & Rachel’s daughter, was a Whiz Kid who loved the outdoors.  She was  happy to play the part of ship’s lead engineer.

TS4 2015-11-22 14-08-28-91

“Man that tachyon particle accelerator and give it all she’s got, Ensign!”

Marisa, Darwin’s sister, had no interest in playing space explorer, and if she did, she would not be taking orders from anyone.

TS4 2015-11-22 14-07-54-44

After a little while, Fearghus’ mom called him in.

“We need to go welcome the new family at the end of the street, and see if they want to come to your party,” she told him.  “Come along.”  Having a mom who welcomed everyone was perfect for Fearghus, who was also a social butterfly.

“New directives from command,” Fearghus told the crew.  “Three days leave, everyone.”

Fearghus and his mom walked past the Arias’ house, where Uncle Eric lived with Ashlee, her mom Rachel, and Rihanna and her children (Marisa and Darwin) and Rihanna’s new partner, Maren.  The next house was  a little retro starter at the end of the street.  The new family was already outside on the sidewalk, and Zoe and Fearghus introduced themselves.

“Welcome to the street,” Zoe said.  “My name is Zoe Tesla, and this is my son, Fearghus.  We live at the other end, across from the playground.”

“Our house is the one with the rocket!” Fearghus added.  “Do you want to come to my birthday party today?”

Susan Echoweaver looked at Fearghus.  “Why not?” she said.  “My name is Susan, and this is my daughter, Alyse.”

TS4 2015-11-22 14-15-53-18

Zoe learned that Susan is a programmer for a tech company in the area.


Back at home, with the party underway, Fearghus, Alyse, and Elizabeth were enjoying the music.   Alyse, who was a bit more reserved than either Fearghus or Elizabeth, still seemed to be enjoying herself.

TS4 2015-11-07 15-13-13-18

Alyse’s dad, Bjorn Turok, showed up to the party, having been invited by Zoe, who knew a lot of people.

TS4 2015-11-07 15-14-06-82

Ranen and Fiona enjoyed hearing his entertaining stories about various bones he has had to set as an orthopedic surgeon.

TS4 2015-11-07 15-22-52-67

Dennis, Elizabeth’s dad, asked Felicity how NaNoWriMo had gone.

“I validated!” she said.

“I don’t know how you write 2600 words a day, and go to school,” he said.  “That sounds more demanding than med school.”

TS4 2015-11-07 15-15-36-21

After the party, Fearghus and Alyse played by the front door while their moms continued to talk.  “How come parents always say they’re leaving now, and then talk for another hour?!” Alyse asked.

TS4 2015-11-22 15-03-50-78

It had been a long, fun-filled day.  A perfect birthday for a Fearghus.

TS4 2015-11-22 15-18-35-20

TS4 2015-11-22 15-19-36-41

The house at the bottom right is the Echoweavers’

  • There are a lot of new children this generation.  The easiest way to see how everyone is related is to look at them on the Family Tree page.
  • I began to despair that Alyse and Susan would never walk by, and decided to move them in down the street.
  • This update is a little disjointed because the game crashed three different times just after Fearghus aged up.  The first time, Zoe and Fearghus went to meet the Echoweavers and had the party, the second time, Fearghus played at the playground, and the third time, went to meet the Echoweavers again!   I believe the crashing is caused because this game, with the large 3-level lot full of stuff, 7 sims, and lots of friends and relatives, needs more than 4 GB ram.  The December patch, included the 64-bit upgrade which will let me access more ram (I have 16 GB ram),  and will hopefully resolve this issue.
  • It turns out, the patch was extensive and included a lot of tuning to the culling system, lots of changes and additions  to socialization and groups, and affected a lot of different areas of the game, so I won’t be playing the Tesla’s until the dust settles and MC Command Center, which I depend upon to have some control over culling as well as some Story Progression features,  is updated after Get Together (which releases December 8th).    Deaderpool’s note says she already uploaded an update with some initial changes to the mod after the December patch, but I don’t want to  risk this game file by testing it yet.
  •  In the meantime, I’m playing the medical career in a new game just for fun and there are a few glitches I didn’t notice before the patch:  one was that my sim kept getting whims to marry her husband, who she had eloped with.   Perhaps she regretted not having a church wedding?!  (But they have no relatives, few friends, and no money, lol!)  There were also a few glitchy behaviors at the medical active career– a nurse that seemed stuck in a loop and in general, it seemed like staff was a little confused by the programming changes, whether they should tend patients or socialize, lol.   I noticed a glitch related to multitasking while socializing– my sims tried to keep doing what they were doing across the kitchen from each other, and hug where they were at instead of crossing the room, resulting in bizarre levels of flexibility on their part, ha.   So I’m definitely waiting to re-open the Tesla game file until some of these issues are sorted out!
  • However, I am really liking the new groups and in my opinion it has a positive effect on dates too (more options to do things together by just choosing an interaction).   My new sim is a social butterfly and zoomed through the first two levels of the aspiration thanks to the robust group interactions.



20 Comments so far:

  1. meowfaze says:

    I noticed that my married Sims would get the whim to either ask someone to go steady or get engaged. Hopefully, this this glitch will get fixed. I don’t have any mods since the update so I know it’s not a mod interfering.

    • I’m getting that glitch too– my sim (who is married) has gotten the whim to get engaged and the whim to get married, and her husband has had the go steady whim. I’m not surprised it is happening in vanilla games because they added so many features it is bound to cause issues with socials.

  2. Echo Weaver says:

    OMG. I think I’m in love with Feargus. Oh, his face! You wrote him so adorably.

    It was so much fun to see my simself and daughter. Bjorn appears to be quite the ladies man, and he looks much more attractive wearing something other than pink boxers 🙂 :).

    I am fascinated by the Get Together groups and am eager to see what kind of stories they produce.

    • Yay! I’m so glad you liked Fearghus, I think he is so cute and love his little face. Alyse is really cute too! And I was quite happy that Bjorn put on some clothing before coming to Fearghus’ party, lol. Get Together, oh my goodness, the world looks great and the customizable clubs are sounding intriguing, I am really looking forward to it. I wasn’t going to get it yet because I don’t NEED it, but what the heck, I really want it, and will probably buy it tomorrow when I can give myself some allowance money. Thanks for commenting, Susan!

  3. Carla says:

    Fearghus is so cute! Such a sweet little face he has! And “What’s a Fearghus? I’m a Fearghus!” made me laugh too hard! I can’t believe how many kids you’ve got in your hood, given it mostly started from just one family.

    I’m sorry about your crashes! I hope the patch has fixed the issues. I don’t know why games these days don’t all come with 64-bit support from the get go. I don’t know anyone on 32 bit now.

    I’m curious though. TS4 launches through Origin, right? Does that mean if you want to launch your game you must install the patch? That would annoy me so much!

    • Yes, Carla, with TS4, you do have to launch through Origin, which I do not prefer. You can choose to delay updating by checking a certain box “Automatically Keep my games up to date,” and another box, “Ignore non-mandatory game updates” and by playing offline, I guess, but basically I feel like I might as well bite the bullet and go with it. The upside is, updates have been streamlined and they have been fixing a lot of issues with every update, and adding features, and making improvements, so I’ve been happy with every patch so far. But I definitely preferred owning my game and what happened to it. When my codes for my box copies of Sims 2 inexplicably stopped working and I had to go through the Update Manager or whatever it was called, that took a lot of the charm out of the game for me. Sims 4 is definitely a different experience and I miss feeling my game is really MINE.

      The game hasn’t crashed since the patch, and hopefully the issue is fixed.

      I’m so glad that the update made you laugh. There are a lot of kids!! And almost all of them are on the family tree!! I’ll look forward to getting back to Fearghus and Fiona and Felicity, and everybody else, soon, hopefully by the weekend of the 18th, I’m kind of thinking.

  4. Lexivita says:

    Where can I get myself a Fearghus? He looks adorable. 🙂
    And seriously, so many glitches and blah with the new patch and ep. But the game is actually playable, so that’s a plus. xD

    • Lexivita, thanks for commenting! You’re right, so far, none of the glitches seem game-breaking and it is quite playable. I’m having a blast getting Simdale Valley set up so when the MC Command Center is ready to go I hope to be ready to start rotations, and continue this story as well. However, Fearghus’ are actually one-of-a-kind, unfortunately.

  5. maisie says:

    Feargus! Oh how I love that little charmer! I could tell at the jump that he was a social extrovert! He just hopped right in to play and interacting, and is just such a cutie! I’m glad that your game isn’t crashing currently, and hope that your Command mod is updated soon if not already. Are you enjoying Get Together? I enjoy your updates and reading about your TS4 adventures (both gameplay and with the game itself), educational and enjoyable.

    I’m excited there are so many children in Feargus’ age group, and grateful for the family tree link, because I would have an issue keeping them all straight! I do good with teens, but not always with toddlers/children when there are crowds.

    • Maisie, thanks so much for the fun comment! The command mod was updated on December 6th, for the patch, but not yet for Get Together, and if I run the Tesla’s save without it I think I’ll have massive culling of ghosts and townies and possibly family members. It might be ok for Get Together because the patch was made to prepare the game for Get Together, but I’m really cautious about my Teslas.

      Since Simdale Valley’s so new and I’m just setting up rather than playing extensively, I feel safer playing it without the mod, so that’s what I’ve been working on, building and moving in etc. But once everything’s patched and modded I’ll have different settings for SV to make sure unplayed playables don’t have any unwanted changes going on.

      Me too, so excited there’s a big group of kids for this generation. I’m so glad you’re enjoying hearing about Sims 4, your comments mean a lot!

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ShannonSimsFan, I’ve seen your other posts showing that you have Outdoor Retreat. Is Outdoor Retreat digital download or do they have physical copies because I want to get it.

  7. Hi Anon, I’m not entirely sure, because I’ve just gotten my copies through Origin as digital downloads. But when I searched Target it said if you buy it from them it is still an electronic download. I think you can buy it through Amazon, Target, or Origin, at least, but I don’t know if there is any way to buy a physical copy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! I was getting it for christmas but I think I’ll just buy it after it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @ShannonSimsfan, Hey its the same Anon who asked you the Spencer Kim Lewis question a while back, I downloaded the tesla family from the gallery and I aged up Fearghus and I made him husband of one of my characters Elsie, Is it ok if I include him on the Hunt family tree, I can say credit to ShannonSimsFan under it if you want.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Also Fearghus has having an affair. He married Elsie Hunt (6th child on the family tree.) and moved into a nice house in Willow Creek, then they woohooed and now she’s pregnant. Then the next morning the mailwoman who is called Genevieve Chisholm came to deliver ,mail and Fearghus started flirting with her and after a first kiss he asked her to be his Girlfriend!

  11. cathytea says:

    Fearghus is adorable! Your Simkid is really cute, too! The December patch persuaded me to get MC Command Center–so far so good!

    • Hi Cathytea, with the December patch, they made a lot of tweaks to the culling system to make less culling necessary, from what I read, but I’m still happier to use the MC Command Center to tailor it to what I want. I hope the mod continues to work out well for you. And thanks for commenting!

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