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What is Sims

Sims Writers is a virtual place where you can meet real people who enjoy writing real stories about virtual people and places.  It is a community where it is safe and fun to share ideas and stories, and where egos take a back seat to enjoying the art of writing and the fun of simming.  There are contests, forums for different Sims games, and each member has his or her own blog and wall to update as they wish, at the site.  Come check out the public pages, and see if Sim is a community you’d like to join.

In the forums and stories, there are magnificent ideas just laying around like jewels in a castle treasury, so many that you could almost start to think they are common.   Lavish ideas like “Game Aware Sims” and the Game-Aware SIMposium of March 2015.  Hilarious ideas like sims who take it on themselves to hack into the players’ hard drive and create their own legacy founder, to get more hits for their story.  From the same author,  Bears who start out as sims trying on bear suits and then begin to question the nature of their own reality.  Dark humor like  The Darkness lying on the floor in a gator skin, coloring pages from a coloring book. And there are ideas like multiple conversations laid over each other, like different layers of reality.   Fascinating ideas like social experiments being carried out in Oasis Springs or a Spock-like character trying to settle down and raise the perfect child for a government project.  The longest-running Sims 3 Legacy writer is a member at Sim!  And of course, engaging character development and plot surrounding questions about the space-time continuum and how observing a person or situation can change the outcome of the very situation you were trying to understand!  

There are so many stories waiting to be read, I haven’t even scratched the surface in this post, or in my reading.  In other words, there is enough passionately written Simming fan fiction to delight the heart of any simmer!


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  1. Echo Weaver says:

    Wow, you did a great job of linking to so many stories! I'll take a look!

  2. retromaisie says:

    I've never heard of that site. I'm guessing if there isn't TS3 stories that there aren't any TS2 ones! I'll still try and check it out, after I get caught up with all of my favorite blogs that I already read. <3

    • I don't think there are any Sims 2 stories. I was attracted to it to find fellow Sims 4 bloggers; there are some Sims 3 but mostly it is Sims 4. You already know so many simmers that write anyway 🙂

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