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 This blog currently contains two stories, each representing a different game file with different settings and play-style.

The Simdale Valley Post

(a rotational neighborhood)

Regular updates on Tumblr, #Simdale Valley, with background information and periodic features on this blog.

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Take Me to the Moon

(a Sims 4 legacy-style story in Generation 7)



18 Comments so far:

  1. Myra Bel says:

    the result is fabulous 😀 i'd love to know how to populate a beautiful town like this !


  2. So nice of you to comment, Myra Bel! I couldn't find the place to leave a comment on your second chapter…. but I am very intrigued to see how you develop Shinji's character.

    I spent several years populating my first Simdale Valley, so that there were a couple generations of sims in it. It was definitely fun., but that was in Sims 2.

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    I just love your description of your Sims blogging. I view my Sims blogging as guided storytelling. I play the game largely as a game and take a lot of pictures, and I build a story around those pictures. I admit that I often take pictures of interesting poses during conversations and then use them wherever I need a good conversation to move the plot along. As I get to the end of a generation, there usually are some solid plot threads that I want to push a bit harder to tie up.

    It sounds like we have somewhat similar styles, though I've never played more than one household. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    • Wow, thank you for taking the time to comment, Echo Weaver! It does sound like our playing/blogging style may be similar. Did you start playing with Sims 3? (Oh, just saw that you have the longest running Pinstar Legacy in Sims 3, wow!)

      I wondered because Sims 3 is more conducive, to me, to playing one household, than Sims 2. Before Sims 4, I played Sims 2, which was great for playing many houses in rotation.

      Sims 4 is definitely trickier to play multiple houses, even with aging off. For example, I've noticed other sims can die, babies can be born, and pregnancies can move forward, when I switch active households (even with aging off for everyone).

  4. Starwing says:

    I also play Sims for an escape, so I totally get where you’re coming from there! This game can be so good for the heart and mind 😉

    I love learning more about other peoples’ styles! My writing style can vary based on the type of story I do (Detailed Plot vs Observational Narration) but screenshots are taken the same way for both–it’s just that with Observational Narratives, I end up throwing out way more pictures in order to make a cohesive storyline out of it.

    • It is amazing the different styles people have, and use. I like your categories, Detailed Plot vs Observational Narration. I was thinking the other day about updating this in the future because being part of SimsWriters is encouraging me to branch out from my usual style.

  5. cathytea says:

    I really love your blog’s new look! AND! I can comment on it now! (It was a little more awkward to comment on the old one since it wasn’t WordPress.) It’s so fun to read about your Simming and writing style. I love getting to know my Sims and letting the Sims and the game tell the story–I so often feel more like a reporter than a fiction writer!

    • Cathytea, thanks for commenting. Im glad the wordpress blog is easier to comment on. That is one reason i switched. Right now, last few days, I’ve been at a conference at the beach with very little access our time to read or respond to blogs but wanted you to know i appreciate your comment. I do feel a bit like a reporter but i also look for ways to develop my characters and a bit of a storyline…as i have noticed you do with your legacy

  6. moondansr says:

    It was really fun to read about how you blog. I dropped by to read, partly because you’re the first person to like my blog without me asking you to, and found that in order to start at the beginning I’ll have to do a bit of digging. This is the first time I’ve thought about how I blog and for me it’s a mixture. I know some of the things I wish to have happen, then take pictures along the way and later tell what unfolded in my own way mixing my plans with actual events. Looking forward to reading back about your Sims!

    • Moondansr, so happy you dropped by! (I am really glad I found your blog!) Were you able to find your way back to the beginning ok? The Table of Contents or Synopsis are the place to start; from posts you can navigate the Next Chapter links that I added at the top of each post.

  7. I wanted to come by and say thank you for taking out the time to read, like, and comment on my story. Though I may not be far into yours and you’re farther into mine, I really appreciate it. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I got so far and continue to enjoy what else I have in store. Thanks again.

  8. Hello Shannon!

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I know I’m quite late, so if you’ve been already nominated and don’t want to answer another 11 questions, feel free to ignore this.

    Have a nice weekend,

  9. Hello, Shanon!

    I’ve just nominated you for the Unique Blogger Award!

    Have a fabulous day❤


  10. Hello Shannon!

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Happy simming,

    • Thank you so much! I am looking forward to catching up on your story and blog when summer finally gets here. 9 more days with students and 6 work days!

      • You’re welcome, Shannon!

        I wish I was still going to school… I miss the long summer holidays! My mom is a teacher as well, sometimes I wonder why I didn’t follow in her footsteps. Oh well, it’s too late for that now!

        I’m looking forward to seeing you around! I also have to finally start reading your stories!

        PS: I’m so happy Susan and the Samples are back!!! 🙂

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