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My sims hobby has been growing since 2001, when I first found Sims 1 on a store shelf in Thailand.  It was love at first sight.  I played Sims 2 from about 2005 until August, 2015 while periodically dabbling in Sims 3.    Around 2008 I found the amazing Sims community online (it took me a while!) and began intermittently participating and blogging.   Simmers who have become friends, helped me learn to manage my game, and share ideas through blogging, have really kept my passion for this hobby strong.

In my non-virtual life, I am a professional school counselor in Florida, USA, currently working with students in Grades 1-5.  I am grateful that 25 years ago I found my husband, who is a kind, eccentric, wildly smart, and  clever man who gives me the freedom to be me and loves me as I am (simming and all!).  We have two amazing daughters who are almost grown up, and a funny little brown dog that will eat anything.  We call her World Eater.






My Origin ID:  ShannonSimsFan


About how I play & blog

Different simmers play and blog with their own style.  Some have amazingly developed plot lines, round characters that have their own mind, and their screenshots contain posing and composition that just blow me away.  I absolutely adore reading those blogs and following those simmers.This is not one of those blogs.You might sum up my play style as “Sim Watcher.” Over the years I’ve found out that the way I most like to play and blog my pixelated people is very much on the gameplay end of the spectrum.  I don’t start play sessions with a very detailed idea of what kind of shots I want to get; I pause a lot and look around, and see what’s happening in the game.  I choose among the goals and whims/wants/wishes of my sims based on how I see their long term personality.  If the game makes them do something I think is really out of character, because that’s how EA set it up, I’ll  pretend it never happened.   And I also use shots to move the blog story along, even if it’s not what they were really doing in game.  But overall, it’s a gameplay blog.The aspects of simming that really grab my imagination, in my own game, are building and playing sims that are developing, or have, a history.   Seeing gameplay develop in places I’ve built, basically, is what keeps me coming back to my own game.

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