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Wedding Season: Tesla-Goth & Patel

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Wedding Season: Tesla-Goth & Patel

Take Me to the Moon 5.7

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Athena was Zoe’s best friend.  As the maid of honor, she took the whole bridesmaids’ party out to The Fountain, a swanky new club (built by Jes2G) on the main street in Willow Creek, to celebrate Zoe’s upcoming wedding.

TS4 2015-05-31 18-14-56-52

  The groom’s cousin, Cassandra Goth, was there, as well as Elise Tesla, the groom’s sister, and Rianna Arias, Ryleigh’s daughter.

TS4 2015-05-31 18-09-40-27

Cassandra and Athena got to know each other a bit; Elise was mostly aloof.

TS4 2015-05-31 18-13-59-40

Zoe thanked Athena for such a fun evening.

TS4 2015-05-31 18-16-05-29

“Can you believe I’m going to be married tomorrow?!”

Not surprisingly, the day dawned beautiful, clear, and warm.  Sunlight streamed across the lawn, and the family set to work wiping dew off the chairs, making sure every plant looked beautiful, and setting up the buffets.  Zoe ran out barefoot, in her pj’s, and quickly kissed Ewan on the cheek before grinning and running back into the house before the other women could shoo her away from her groom.

TS4 2015-06-01 19-48-50-88

Soon the guests began to arrive.  Bella explained to Ryleigh that although she may have preferred a church wedding, she was very happy with how beautifully, and how appropriately, this event looked to be.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-09-54-67

Meanwhile, Ewan’s old classmate, Eleanor, was giving a spirited re-telling of the time Ewan caused an explosion during second grade.  Etienne hadn’t been in the room at the time, and Ewan was surprised that Eleanor still remembered that they even were classmates in second grade!

TS4 2015-06-01 20-11-20-48

As everyone gathered to witness the ceremony, Ewan awkwardly asked, “Where’s Athena?”  Immediately he regretted having said anything; Zoe’s face told him that she was concerned and upset that her friend had not arrived.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-31-54-91

Quickly, though, Zoe put Athena’s whereabouts out of her mind, and focused on the moment.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-32-31-03

“Zoe, I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you.”

TS4 2015-06-01 20-30-56-10

“Ewan, I take thee, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow,” Zoe said, with a twinkle in her eye.  Even while giving a somber vow, Zoe’s demeanor was light and playful.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-31-40-65

Ewan wanted to savor the moment, but as with most momentous occasions, he was too wrapped up in disbelief that it was really happening to be lost in the present.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-36-39-48

It was the happiest occasion and most formal occasion the family had shared at Tesla Place.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-34-23-93

After the formal ceremony, before the pictures, Zoe quickly gave Ewan a little kiss, to comfort him.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-29-05-61

Then, suddenly, his brother, Eric, threw himself into Ewan’s arms.  Neither said anything, but Ewan received Eric’s best wishes and congratulations.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-49-10-99

As he went to cut the cake with Zoe, Ewan suddenly broke out in hives and began to cough.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-51-28-52

Bella had also realized she was sick, and had whipped out a brown medicine from her purse.  She shared some with Ewan and he immediately felt better.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-51-57-11

Ewan wondered what Zoe wanted him to do. Did she want him to get cake on her face, or be polite and proper?  Why, oh why, hadn’t he asked in advance? he chastised himself.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-55-31-53

But Zoe grinned, politely fed him a bite, and said,  “I know you’re incorrigible, but I’d prefer my cake in my mouth on this occasion.”

TS4 2015-06-01 20-55-44-06

Zoe made her way over to the punch.  She didn’t realize it, but Desmond had added something to it.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-57-00-18

While Zoe headed indoors to chat with the family around the table, Adrianna and Ewan watched the guests chat and dance on the lawn.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-19-41-43

Still feeling awkward around Adrianna, Ewan looked at her.  He wished they could just be friends like they were when the first met, before the break-up, but he didn’t know how.  Something about Adrianna just always made him feel… inadequate.
“I heard you’re at the police academy,” he finally ventured.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-21-02-19

Adrianna began to rant about the ridiculous training policies at the academy, and how she often felt more like a babysitter than a detective.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-21-38-40

“I did not hone my physical and mental prowess to escort prisoners in handcuffs,” she raved. “Let me tell you, they need to seriously think about efficiency and appropriate use of my skills and talents!”

But as Adrianna left the wedding, she realized that this had been Ewan and Zoe’s special day, and she had been quite self-absorbed and insensitive.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-28-07-97

Ewan found Zoe in the kitchen, chatting with his family members, and sat down.   Elise was complaining to Etienne about parents, and how they are so limiting.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-25-19-63

Zoe, noticing Alexander and Delaney nearby, turned to Desmond and asked him what he thought of high school.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-25-39-44

But Desmond was focused on Elise’s conversation.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-26-16-73

Soon, the sun began to set, and very few guests remained.  Dashle stopped playing and admired the last golden rays as they kissed the lawn farewell for the evening.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-27-02-48

Inside, Bella was telling stories about Mortimer to the grand-kids and Alexander.   Zoe listened. She had never met Ewan’s granddad.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-31-35-28

“He was the love of my life,” Bella said.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-32-00-83

“My wish for you and Ewan is to have that kind of love.  It may wane or fade or flicker sometimes, it may be intense, or quiet, or solid, or all-consuming, or practical, at different times.  But through the difficulties and joys, the days and the nights, the inevitable miscommunication and the  exquisite tenderness, it becomes something you never knew existed and can’t imagine living without.  Then, when you know you can not live without each other, then you have to.  But you still have all the love you built together; there’s just no one left but you who knows it.”

TS4 2015-06-01 21-32-06-74

Zoe suddenly began to feel dizzy.   She didn’t realize the punch was so strong at first, but now it was really making her head spin.  Bella asked if she was ok, and told her to come wash her face and lay down for a bit.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-33-24-25

When she returned to the kitchen, Desmond was evilly cackling over his appetizers.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-35-06-29

“Did you spike the punch, Desmond?! And is that why everyone’s been getting sick all day?! Shame on you!”

After taking some of Bella’s medicine, and resting for a while, Zoe felt so much better.  After dark, she and Ewan left for the gallery, where they would spend the first night of their honeymoon, before travelling to Granite Falls.  Ewan had always wanted to paint the scenery there.

TS4 2015-06-02 05-58-05-60

“Are you ready for bed, Mrs. Tesla-Goth?”

TS4 2015-06-02 06-29-40-58

Later, as Zoe slept, Ewan painted.  So much to express.   So much.

TS4 2015-06-02 06-33-30-25

Wedding Pictures & Dress Credits:

TS4 2015-06-01 20-45-12-64

The bride, groom, and his siblings: Elise, Zoe, Ewan, and Eric

TS4 2015-06-01 20-47-12-43

The Groom’s Family: Bella Goth, Elise Tesla-Goth, Zoe Patel Tesla-Goth, Ewan Tesla-Goth, Eric Tesla-Goth, Alexander Goth, and Delaney Tesla.

TS4 2015-06-01 21-17-03-67

Zoe’s Strapless Wedding Dress  by Melisa Inci on the Sims Resource.   Her veil was Long Wedding Veil by  Mythical Dream Sims.

TS4 2015-06-01 20-11-43-01

Elise, Cassandra’s, (and Athena’s) bridesmaids’ dresses “Valeria Gown” by ShadowCat , also at the Sims Resource.

My Pinterest board for Sims 4 Formalwear is here.

TS4 2015-06-02 06-17-31-76

Portraits of the wedding party taken by Ewan

Gameplay Notes:

I don’t know why Athena could not or did not attend the wedding.  She is Zoe’s best friend, and was invited, but did not show up.  When Adrianna questioned her at the scene of  a crime in the last post, she wondered if she might be involved.  We’ll see, as Adrianna’s case develops, whether there is anything to that, but I thought to tie it in to her absence at her best friend’s wedding.  At the beginning of the ceremony, Ewan suddenly got  embarrassed and his embarrassed mood description said he wished he had not said something.  Zoe almost immediately smiled and overlooked it, and he got over it much quicker than usual, since it was overridden by all the happy emotions.

I have no idea why Adrianna was angry.  She doesn’t have the hot-headed trait, but she really acts like it sometimes.  Perhaps it was just because she and Ewan still have an “It’s Awkward,” description in their relationship due to their break-up, or maybe she just lost her temper.

This is the painting Ewan completed the morning of the wedding.  I thought it was so pretty and meaningful, a woman and man holding hands and their reflection in a puddle, which to me, evoked the idea of being together and seeing the your love and companionship reflected through the rainy days of life, which I hope for Ewan and Zoe.

TS4 2015-06-01 19-20-55-71

Ewan is my first sim in Sims 4 to break the fourth wall!  I couldn’t believe it!  This is the morning before the wedding, getting everyone’s needs taken care of before the big event.

TS4 2015-06-01 19-15-16-16

Then, he did it again when Elise was ranting about parents to Etienne!

TS4 2015-06-01 21-25-25-50


14 Comments so far:

  1. manda1021 says:

    What a beautiful wedding. Love the painting he did so sweet. 🙂

  2. raerei says:

    I love how she snuck a kiss in before the big day! So cute.

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    I love weddings, sim or real! I was confused at first because I didn’t know (had forgotten?) that you hyphenated the names of the kids. Is Zoe going to take Tesla-Goth? Will the happy couple become Tesla-Patel?

    What effect does spiking the punch have? I love having this option for evil or mischievous sims.

  4. cathytea says:

    Yay! Makes sense that Ewan would be your first player-aware Sim! I always did feel like he appreciated how you understood him.

    I’ve noticed with my player-aware Sims that it’s on the big days (weddings, births, deaths, promotions) when they really want to establish contact.

    Loved Bella’s reflections on life-long love. That seems just like what she would say, and I found it touching.

    The party was so glorious–glad they waited until you had the party stuff!

  5. Manda, thank you, glad you liked the wedding!

    Raerei, I thought it was cute when Zoe ran out to kiss him, too. Thanks for commenting!

    Echoweaver, I’m not very organized or transparent with my hyphenations. Really, it was just Tesla-Goth for Alexander, Delaney, and their progeny. Zoe will be adopting that name. For the title, I was just saying, this is the Tesla and Patel wedding, not that would be their name. In the blog tags I still refer to them as Teslas, but I thought with Goth being such a big name, I would keep that part along with the legacy name.

    As far as the punch goes, I’m still not sure about how all that works, and I haven’t looked it up on Carl’s or anywhere authoritative yet. All I know is, Desmond spiked it, and Zoe got dazed. Then she also got the sickness marks on her body and face, like Bella and Ewan so I don’t know if she was sick and dazed from the punch, dazed from the punch and happened to get sick, or what. As far as Bella and Ewan getting sick during the wedding, I don’t know if their sickness was related to the punch or not, but I thought it might be. But they didn’t get dazed, just sick (which is an orange-y mood looking thing; dazed is purple.)

    CathyTea, thanks for the compliments on the wedding, and I guess I have worked harder to understand Ewan than any of the others so far, with his gloomy creativity I really had to watch him to see how that played out and who he is. I’ve been trying to find Elise’s voice now, since she’s become an adult and started her career, and Ewan completed his first aspiration.

  6. Carla says:

    Aw, lovely wedding! The group shots remind me of Solange Knowles’ wedding photos, only with actual facial expressions. They were all very fierce and colour co-ordinated too. 🙂

    I have no idea if the “It’s Awkward” thing is what’s causing the weirdness with Adrianna but it does seem at least possible. Is she like that with anyone else or just Ewan? Hopefully, nobody will hold it against her!

    It seems like Zoe and Ewan will be very happy together. I love that he painted such a meaningful picture on his wedding day!

    • Carla, thanks for reading & commenting! There have been a lot of posts lately but I am trying to move things along while I have some extra time so that one day this legacy will be complete, so I appreciate readers being willing to continue to read!

      I was excited to be able to color-coordinate the wedding party’s colors– I remember the post where you had the men’s shirts color-coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses, said you looked and looked for the combination you wanted. 🙂 But getting them all to face the same direction for a group photo is quite a triumph– I miss face overlays and poses for group portraits, especially at weddings.

      Adrianna doesn’t seem to erupt at anyone but Ewan. I haven’t played her that much with Dennis’s family yet, so it’s hard to know if it is a conflict with Ewan or her general behavior. She doesn’t even have the hot-headed trait, but she acts like it. If she doesn’t get it under control soon, I think people will hold it against her! I think she may like channeling it into her interrogations as she moves up in the detective career, we’ll see.

  7. moondansr says:

    I really enjoyed the sentimentality of this post. With Bella’s take on love, the painting Ewan made and the super cute before wedding kiss on the cheek. It all made me feel very deeply. Weddings can be amazing that way, whether they’re fancy like this one or not.

    The spiking of the punch probably caused the dazed state, but with Desmond being evil it’s not a hard stretch to believe he purposely made people sick. At least that’s what I think.

  8. it was a great chapter, I especially like the painting Ewan did 😀

  9. There wedding was just beautiful! Zoe is so gorgeous in that gown. I really love the wedding portraits of the wall. It’s an especially nice added touch to the legacy! I can’t wait to see their kids! When I make it there. I’m determined to get through this legacy this summer to the most recent post.

  10. Thanks so much, you guys, for the comments. V, I liked that painting too, and thought Zoe looked so storybook in that gown. Thanks for reading, and for commenting!

  11. Ariadne2001 says:

    Bella looks so creepy, she’s like… 100 or something but she looks terribly young

  12. Sophia, I know, right?! That was such a weird glitch with Bella, but also so like her, to avoid aging, being so concerned with her physical appearance.

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