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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

September 13, 2014      In Miscellaneous By 6 Comments
The more I heard about Sims 4, I couldn’t resist.  
I decided to get the Sims 4, and one thing that delights me tremendously with a new sims game, is playing a legacy.  Strictly by the rules, it is a terrific way to get to know the game.  Sheer gameplay.
If you’ve been following Simdale Valley, I won’t feel badly if you don’t read or comment on the legacy.  Really, truly.  I know you may have zero interest and that’s ok.
Simdale Valley is going to be on hold for a little while.  Work is way too stressful and time consuming right now, and playing a game without pressure is much more appealing and relaxing at the moment.
I’ll either return to Simdale Valley in Sims 2, or there is a chance I’ll migrate Simdale Valley 
to Sims 4.  I already created Todd Phillips and he is just right as a Sims 4 sim;  I’ll have to see how it goes with my more central characters, Chelsea, Madeleine, Julia, Hattie, Seiki, and the bunch.  
There is an option to turn off aging in all houses you aren’t playing, and it looks conducive to playing rounds.  
So far, my Sims 4 sims have that je ne sais quoi that the Sims 3 sims lacked, for me.  As a hardcore Sims 2 fan, so far I am very happy with this base game.

6 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    I'm glad you're enjoying TS4, though I confess that I think I'll be quite sad if you permanently move away from TS2! I always get a bit sad when people leave the TS2 community. But I'll follow your blog in whatever form it takes, so you will have at least one faithful reader (and I'm sure many more). 🙂

    • Wow Carla, that is really nice of you. I felt that way about Sims 3, when people left. And it seems like unless they release create a world sims 2 will allow you to shape the world more fully than sims 4. But I think I am at the point where I am ready to take the leap to a new game and live vicariously for sims 2 through yours and a few other blogs instead of maintaining my own. I am really looking forward to recreating Julia and Simone, Hattie, Seiki and all. I just have to be patient right now so I'll understand the game well to rebuild Simdale Valley.

  2. ashland sims says:

    I'm going to take a look at your S4 legacy but I too will be sad if you move away from S2. Not that I would stop reading or anything! It might be interesting to see how your characters are in S4. I haven't gotten the urge to buy it just yet but that could change!

  3. Thanks, Ashland. Sims 2 is an amazing game, it has been my favorite for 10 years! I am excited about creating all my sims in their new incarnation. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. retromaisie says:

    I'm with Carla, when people leave TS2 I feel sad over it, but will also continue following your blog whatever it is you are playing.

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