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Thick as Thieves

Take Me to the Moon 7.17

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The drudgery of referring for tests and logging analysis results was wearing on Fearghus in his old age, and he still had not had the opportunity to get any experience towards specializing in obstetrics.

When he got home, he commiserated with Grayson.  His natural insecurity never bothered him anymore, but it still helped to hear from someone he loved that the poor management of the hospital staff and procedures was the real problem.

Although Fearghus hadn’t expected Grayson to handle the problem, his son offered a suggestion that Fearghus got pretty excited about.

“It’s a brilliant plan,” Grayson cackled.  “We shall release llamas into the workplace.  Tomorrow.  That will give those lackluster, lazy, mean orderlies and nurses something to complain about.”

Alyse had not been well, suffering from a summer cold.  “You don’t have a fever,” Fearghus said, “but you should rest.”

Then, invigorated by his plotting with his new partner in crime, he lifted her up in his arms, as he used to do when they were young.

Meanwhile, Grayson was happily practicing his parenting skills, making sure Hedy ate her supper before he left for work.

As soon as she finished her animal crackers, Hedy started demanding to be set free of the high chair.

Grayson didn’t move quickly enough, and Fearghus and Alyse, who heard her cries, came to check on her.

Hedy pointed at the stereo, and said, “Dance!”  So Fearghus obliged, and they had a great time until Alyse said it was bedtime.

Alyse bathed her granddaughter, and then, when Hedy demanded, “Book!” Alyse took the opportunity to begin to teach her little royal highness to say Please.

Hedy was not enthused about this new expectation.

In the wee hours of the morning, when Grayson returned from work, Hedy woke up to greet him, and Grayson tried to get her settled back in with a reading of Charlotte’s Pig.  Then exhausted, Grayson went to sleep.

Hedy woke suddenly at dawn, and needed help with the potty.  Everyone in the house was asleep, but she could sense that someone special was downstairs, at the stoop.  Hedy toddled to the elevator and out to the street, where she found another person who cared for her, the Count.

After the Count brought Hedy back into the apartment, he alerted the butler that he would need to speak with Mr. Grayson Tesla.

Fearghus was eating breakfast, and getting ready to leave for the hospital.  He stayed to help support his son.

The Count did not beat around the bush.

“I have a proposal for you, Master Grayson,” he said, “A proposal, I think, you will find to be not only mutually beneficial, but quite generous as well.”

The Count did not wait for a response.  Grayson, curious but also wary, controlled his reactions.

“Hedy is her mother’s daughter,” the Count explained.  “She has needs that will be difficult, no, impossible, to meet here, without the support of her kind.  You can not provide everything she needs, on your own, and I, I cannot continue risking my well-being to gallivant about this urban metropolis to check on my ward,” the Count asserted.  “Fortunately for you, you are useful to us.  We propose that you manage our interests, in exchange for a living.  A living which will be commensurate with your daughter’s status as the beloved god-daughter, of a powerful vampire.”

Grayson laughed uneasily.  How could the Count imagine he would be willing to return to the imprisonment he had suffered before?  Grayson knew that only he, Hedy’s father, could provide the love and guidance that Hedy needed.  He knew that his daughter’s well-being would not be served by living with her mother again, and although he recognized he was basically powerless, he was determined to prevent that from happening, somehow.

“You misunderstand me, boy,” the Count said, frustrated.  “You do not listen and you do not understand your place.  You do not understand anything, and yet, it is my unfortunate duty to bring you along, for now our fates are intertwined.”

The Count explained that he did not wish to reunite Hedy with her mother, the Vampire Absinthe.  What the Count proposed was to bequest to Hedy’s family another of his properties, a castle on the sea, where the Count could more easily come and go, and Hedy could have the space and freedom she would require to meet her potential.

“The castle is old and drafty, without many modern conveniences,” he said.  “But it not without it’s charms, and it has everything a young vampire needs for safety and skill development.

The three sat and talked long into the morning.  Grayson asked for assurances of their freedom, and although he realized that there were none he could be given that would compensate for the the huge disadvantage he held in comparison to the Count, he came to a level of acceptance and understanding, that he and the Count shared a passion for Hedy’s well-being, and that the Count, who had fought Absinthe for Grayson’s freedom, seemed to be offering the best deal Grayson could procure for Hedy, despite Grayson’s misgivings.  And, as he started to picture the scenario the Count proposed, managing the Count’s diverse, and often shady, business interests, had an undeniable appeal for Grayson.

In the end, Grayson and the Count shook hands to seal the deal.

Gameplay Notes:

Fearghus and Grayson became partners in crime over this plot to lure a llama into the workplace.  Grayson has to do a certain number of mischief interactions for his criminal career, and I couldn’t resist this particular one, given Fearghus’ horrible co-workers and the glitch that has continued to block his opportunity to deliver a baby.  MC Command Center’s latest update notes said that Deaderpool addressed that glitch with the update so I am hoping that he will eventually be able to deliver a baby.

  • Hedy needed to potty and everyone was asleep, so I clicked on the interaction “Help… Potty” and the count showed up as an option to help her.  After that, she really did toddle out to the street to get the Count to help her potty.  Meanwhile, he was standing there complaining about the sunlight.  I was worried he would meet the same fate as Caleb did, and burn to death, but after adding him to a group with Grayson I was able to get him to come inside.  Before the vampire pack, I had envisioned Grayson having a fairly long criminal career, based from this apartment in the city, but when he encountered Absinthe and they had Hedy, that changed a lot.  So it makes sense to me now that Grayson would continue his career in the Count’s employment and the castle will give them much needed space and satisfy my imagination, for now.

12 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    This is a great plot development !

  2. Thanks, Cathytea! I’m excited about moving back out of the city because the apartment is so limited and neighbors are often noisy. I missed the family having their own property although it was fun to explore the city a little.

  3. Carla says:

    Oh, it’ll be great if Fearghus can finally get over that hurdle with his career! I’m not sure luring a llama into work will help though! Did that have any consequences for him at all or is it just a chat interaction?

    New house soon then, based on that all night conversation? Can’t wait to see it! I hope it’s a positive move for them…though I saw your tweet about Hedy’s childhood trait and am a bit worried for the family, lol!

    • Ha, those mischief interactions are really absurd but I find them funny. It’s just a chat interaction without consequences, though. Good question. Even if they were like chance cards, at least there’d be some kind of consequence.

      Yes, the family is moving to the castle I built after Hedy was born. About the childhood trait, I tweeted it out to help keep me from talking myself out of using the trait I rolled. I was hoping for a different one. However, I usually reserve the right to roll again if I get a trait someone else in the legacy has already had, to keep it fun. But in this case, I had decided in advance if I rolled either good or evil I wouldn’t reroll, because there’s too much potential story with either of those, given Grayson’s line of work and just Absinthe’s persona. I put in Hedy’s parents’ traits (for the pinstar randomizer you do that) and I think that if a parent had a trait, the child is more likely to get it. So Hedy got her trait from her mom, I think. She’ll be the first Tesla with this trait since Cassandra, because Elise had the mean trait, but not the evil trait.

      Hedy’s grandchild will be the 10th generation, so it will be an interesting last few generations here. I know you play a strictly non-supernatural game but there’s going to be a fair amount of vampirism for the next generation, I think. I don’t think I can tolerate it for the ninth and tenth, though; if Hedy’s child is a vampire I might have to figure out the cure at that point.

      Thanks for reading, and commenting!

  4. uuu I hope they would be moving to that castle you build earlier. It was gorgeous, can’t wait to see the family there!

  5. maisie says:

    I’m relieved that Fearghus might actually get to accomplish that goal! I’ve been irritated for you that it hasn’t be resolved yet! Plenty of time has passed that it could have been.

    I’m glad that the Count has Hedy’s best interest in mind, though I don’t always believe that he knows best. Sure he knows vampires, but Grayson is her Father, and I believe would have the utmost purest intent for raising her right. I think the Count could be pretty bias against humans, which is part of Hedy.

    Too funny on Alyse teaching her please. Toddlers in TS4 are handfuls, and it seems that Hedy is the queen of that!

    • Hi Maisie! Me too- the doctor career had such promise but has been such an annoyance. Your comments on the count are very insightful; true that he understands vampires but not humanity, and Grayson is the most trustworthy as far as wanting the best for Hedy. Story-wise, I wasn’t completely happy with the premise of the count persuading them to move to the castle, but I really wanted to get Hedy out of that apartment before she turns teen and her powers (and weaknesses) start to kick in.

  6. Echo Weaver says:

    Hey. I’ll trying to catch up. I read this past some time ago on my phone, but the bus reached my stop before I could comment.

    I love this setup, and it seems so logical. I am curious to explore the world of vampires, and I’m glad He’s will have guidance.

    • Hi Susan, I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering how you’re doing. It’s great to hear from you and I hope you and yours are well. I’ve been on hiatus a lot lately so there are very few posts, and may not be many more through the fall as work is starting up soon, my eldest daughter is getting married in October, my youngest daughter is starting college, and I’m focusing on some other things like exercise and healthy habits. But there will eventually be more posts. Just letting you know it may not be hard to catch up 🙂

      Take care!

      • Echo Weaver says:

        I’ve been just completely without inspiration for ages. It’s been a rough year overall, with personal stresses and current events. And I fell into a different gave for escape. I feel like I’m cheating on a lover 🙂 🙂

        Someone just commented today that they’re reading through both of my Sims blogs, and that really touched me. It might be the inspiration I need. It would be nice to see Victoria again.

        Good heavens. A wedding and starting college. Those are a lot of life events. I got married on October 12. October is a fine month for a wedding. Best of luck to both of them!

        • Thank you for the well wishes for my daughters 🙂

          You’ve got to use your own time to do things that refresh you!

          I felt badly about another diversion from the Teslas, when I started building Falls Bridge, especially for readers like you who have been so supportive. But ever since EA added toddlers, the game has run so poorly that there is no immersion at all for me. It would take so long (like six hours) to feed Hedy or get her to bed. I read up on some forums and it sounds like it is a common problem in games that have run more than about 10 hours. Since I had just rebooted the legacy file in a new save not long ago, this was immensely frustrating.

          So at this point, I’ve backed up everything Tesla to an external drive and am taking an extended leave from Sims 4. Hopefully they’ll work out the issues and if not, I’ll probably have to depend on cheats to get through the rest of the legacy.

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