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The Von Haunt Heist

January 14, 2017      In Take Me to the Moon 11 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.5

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“Why not?” Grayson questioned Drake.  But Drake was not interested in planning a job to take some of the treasures from the Von Haunt historical mansion.

Grayson explained the legend, that Lord Bernard Shallot had painted many of the works after death.

And as if that wasn’t tantalizing enough, that Lady Mimsy Shallot died in a fire that her husband started in a fit of rage, burning his art one night.

“No one wants that junk,” Drake says.

Grayson appealed to Catalina.

“No one wants that junk,” she told him.

Just then, Grayson got a text from Drake, acquiescing.  “What the heck.  Let’s check it out. Tonight at 7:00, before it closes.”

In the meantime, Grayson headed home for Aunt Fiona and Aunt Felicity’s party.  He was surprised how happy he was to see Fox, since he no longer had to share a bathroom, or hear his singing at all hours.

His mom and dad and the older aunts, Marisa, Fiona, and Felicity, had staked out the whole living room and were reliving old times.

At one point, Fiona even jumped up and started giving a live action replay of her mother’s turn to the dark side.  Fearghus, who hadn’t been born yet at that time, was scandalized.

Ashlee was showing Yuki, Fiona’s wife, pictures of her new baby, Annabel, and her husband, Darryl’s artwork.

The younger cousins  gathered in the kitchen.  Darwin, who was also catering the evening, launched into a tall tale about his recent surgery, performed by Fearghus.

“It’s just not possible to rip someone’s heart out and glue it back three times,”Grayson protested.  “You must have dreamed it while under the anesthesia.”

Meanwhile, Fiona, Felicity, and Alyse discussed what it’s like growing older

“Want to see something cool tonight?” Grayson asked his cousin, Laurie.  “Do you think you can slip away in a few minutes?”

The crew approached the mansion with adrenaline racing through their veins.

“I still don’t believe it’s haunted,” Catalina said.

“Oh yeah?” Grayson taunted, “Well keep an eye on that picture over the mantel.”

Catalina saw it move too.  She looked at Grayson, and she was speechless.

Meanwhile, Fearghus and Alyse had sneaked out too.  Being around all the older relatives made them realize how much time had passed since they had fallen in love, and they returned to the ruins where they first declared their love for each other so long ago.

The next day, Grayson met Catalina at the grounds of the Von Haunt estate.

“Here’s the key to the room where the alarm system can be shut down,” she said.  And  she gave him info on the guard schedule.

“Drake’s got the address for the fence, when you’re ready,” she said.


Gameplay Notes:

Grayson stole several items from the Von Haunt mansion:  a framed photo from the main hall, a bust of Princess Cordelia from the bedroom, and another painting from the dining room.

The Von Haunt house is a great place to poke around and read historic markers.  And if you’re lucky, you might see Lord and Lady Mimsy.

Grayson autonomously hugged Fox when he saw him.  I think he likes him a lot more now that they don’t live together.

Fearghus and Alyse both finished the Soulmate Aspiration.  That makes five aspirations completed for Fearghus, and he got the Over Achiever award.  He has two days till elder.  He’s gone to the medical career three times as a specialist and has excellent job performance, but still no pregnant sims have come in to deliver a baby.

Fiona is close to death, so I wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to get together one last time before she dies.

Grayson had an eventful few days for this update:  he tried to hack his grades, and failed.  He tried to swindle innocent sims by spamming, and failed.  He succeeded in swiping an object at school, and then also swiped three objects at the various trips he made to the Von Haunt mansion.  He also got the Carefree reward trait, which will allow him to never be tense, even if he hasn’t been able to steal anything in a while.  It should prevent him trying to steal things impulsively because he’s tense.  He also has the Shameless reward trait, so that embarrassment of being caught stealing doesn’t make him end up dying of mortification.  Grayson is three days from his young adult birthday.  And since toddlers were just added to the game, Generation 8 will have a longer life!  Now I really wonder what kind of parent Grayson will be, since parenting toddlers is much more involved than Sim 4 babies or children.


11 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    I’m really enjoying the way Grayson is developing !

  2. It was cool you got them all together before Fiona dies 🙂 Congrats on completing all those aspirations 😀 I can’t wait to see toddlers in your story! Let’s hope Grayson finds a good wife to take care of the kids while he is out there with his gang 😀

    • Hi V, thanks for reading! I’m having a hard time picturing Grayson being very interested in parenting, and kind of picture him taking advantage of having a butler and nanny. But you never know; he might really invest himself in his child or children. So far he seems to have a hidden unflirty trait; he doesn’t have any interest in romance. I’d forgotten how many aspirations Fearghus completed. Most of them, he did by the end of young adulthood, and he’s been a little more stalled in that area in adulthood.

  3. maisie says:

    Crazy that Fiona is nearing death, I remember when she was born. Grayson is fun to watch, and those new rewards should help him mellow out a bit. Toddlers are a ton of work, and the moodlets that the parents get are so real to life, love it! It is going to be a blast watching them raise toddlers, and see how Grayson handles that. The heist was fun to read, the mansion is gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Maisie, glad you’re enjoying Grayson’s crew. The animation for swiping is so quick that I can’t get a good screenshot of him in the act, so I kind of feel like I’m just writing around the events instead of being able to show them. But it’s still fun.

      So you’ve been playing the new little cuties?? Me too, and different parents do react differently to their toddlers antics and messes and fussiness, which is great, so I agree, Grayson will be the first Tesla that I feel like will really be affected by parenting. Thanks for commenting, Maisie!

    • Oh- Maisie, I also meant to say, I also am amazed that Fiona is already at the end of her life. I didn’t go into other houses as much after Fearghus was a teen, and so I never really played her once she married Yuki, and missed playing her. It was nice that she and Felicity and Fearghus were all in the house as they were growing up and I got to play her as a child and teen, and even a little as a young adult. As an elder, she’s still so chipper and energetic.

  4. Carla says:

    Oh, I somehow didn’t realise sims could actually steal things in TS4. Similar to the Kleptomaniac trait from TS3, I guess? That’s pretty cool that you can actually play out Grayson’s rather unusual career aspirations! I also keep forgetting Grayson is still a teenager.

    Five aspirations! That’s insane. Once my sims do one LTW, I ignore the next one. Does Fearghus get any sort of reward for doing so many?

    • I think the aspirations in TS4 are a bit easier, especially if you do a second fortune one, or a second knowledge one. But also, being late in a legacy, Fearghus had a lot of privileges from early on. Many of his traits are Aspiration Reward traits- you get one for each aspiration you finish. He makes about $11,000 a week from investments because he got Mansion Baron, he’s got Companion for Soulmate Aspiration, and he has Long-Lived for finishing the bodybuilder aspiration. Also, with his reward points he’s gotten lots of reward traits, too. I never played the TS3 klepto trait but yes, Grayson has the Kleptomaniac trait.

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    Your vision of a catburgler is so much fun. I only have 2 more generations in my legacy (when I get back to writing…) and I may have to force Klepto if I don’t roll it. I can only hope I build such an entertaining mood.

    Hooray for Feargus and Alyse. And​ a friendly wave to Fiona. I see that Yuki has not reached Elder yet. I didn’t realize there was such an age Gap between her and Fiona.

    Will the addition of toddlers increase the adult lifespan at all??

    • Thank you, that’s really nice to hear you are enjoying the story a lot. I think the reason Fiona aged so much faster is that aging is paused during pregnancy, so Yuki gained six days that Fiona never had. The toddler life stage did add time to the life span. In my other game, I play at an epic life stage length but since I do want to wrap this up eventually, I’m sticking to normal for the legacy.

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