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The Radcliff Family

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The Radcliff Family

July 22, 2017      In Falls Bridge 4 Comments

Left to Right: Jack Paris, Karina Radcliff Paris, Bee Radcliff, Erle Radcliff, and (in front) Oz Paris

Bee Radcliff grew up in the Falls Bridge area.  As a young woman, Bee might have been considered a hippie by most people, and felt too constrained by the small rural community’s mores.  She moved to the city, and met Erle, her best friend, who had fallen in love with her at first sight.  She eventually settled down with him.  They had a daughter, Karina, who grew up in the city, where she met  and married Jack Paris.

As they aged, Bee and Erle felt the desire to reestablish roots and returned to Falls Bridge, bringing Karina, Jack, and their grandson, Oz, with them.  Erle is excited about the prospect of gardening. Karina is a teacher, by trade, and already has a job lined up with the county school system. Jack, who had various odd jobs in the city, some legal and some not so legal, is still finding his way in Falls Bridge. His main concern, beyond finding a way to make some money, is having time to enjoy the small things in life. Jack and Karina’s son, Oz, loves music and was delighted to find an old piano in the family room.  His favorite shirt says “Future Rock Star,” and although he may not have the focus to become a skilled musician, he’s got the interest.  As a Leo, he’s also got the sheer outgoing audacity to be a performer.

Bee: Romance, Scorpio

Erle: Knowledge, Capricorn

Karina: Knowledge, Leo

Jack: Pleasure, Scorpio

Oz: Leo, loves Music & Dance

Radcliff Family home on Old Farm Road:


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  1. maisie says:

    Ooo this family looks fun! Excited to see how the transition goes for them especially Jack with his semi-nefarious past jobs. Oz is a cutie, and oh yes do I know about those Leo’s! He’s sure to go somewhere if he is anything but a pleasure sim… that might hold him back.

    • Hi Maisie! Maybe if Oz gets a secondary like fortune or popularity he will roll more ambitious wants? I made this family based completely on rolls of the dice so their personalities, aspirations, turn ons and offs, and physical traits like eye color, hair color, glasses, and freckles were all randomized. The other three families I since made are made a little more purposefully to fulfill a role but the Radcliffs were a wild card. I wouldn’t usually pick Leo so it will be really interesting. I might make one more wild card family after getting the business running families set up. Thanks for commenting!

      • maisie says:

        That’s fun that they were all random. They’re definitely an interesting family! It’s fun doing things random, I don’t get that so much with my hood but I roll for my newborns DNA like freckles, glasses, etc. I love it! Looking forward to meeting the rest of the town!

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