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The Pleasure of Your Company: Hodson-Hsu

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The Pleasure of Your Company: Hodson-Hsu

August 26, 2017      In Falls Bridge 12 Comments

Falls Bridge

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June 2018

Raine Hodson is 35 years old and Aston Hodson is 5. Lexie Hsu is 36.

Lexie and Raine were content as they prepared for their wedding day.  Both of them preferred quiet and solitude, and now their alone-ness had encompassed each other.  The engagement photographer made Lexie and Raine pose for several traditional looks, but when looking over the photos, he realized that this one captured the essence of their love.

Although Aston was not left out in the excitement of the wedding.  Lexie and Aston also hit it off over their shared love of books.

A six month engagement was short, but sometimes it felt the day would never come.  Finally, June 2018 arrived.  Raine looked out at the nearly empty pews.  Even though they wanted a private wedding, they also wanted a traditional church ceremony.

Bee Radcliff was there as a witness, with her grandson, Oz.  And of course, Aston was there.

Raine was uncharacteristically smiley.

Despite his seriousness and the gravity of the situation, he looked relaxed as they exchanged rings.

Lexie savored each moment, feeling wonder that they were joining their lives, officially, today.

They were making this promise, not just to each other, but to the little boy who would now have a mother who could hug him, read to him, and tuck him in. A mother who had longed for children for half her life, now, and whose heart had already taken Aston in as her own.

Lexie and Raine were not young and impetuous, and they were going into this partnership with open eyes, to each others’ differences.

As the ceremony concluded, the small audience stood and clapped.

And Raine, in an uncharacteristically exuberant show of affection, grabbed Lexie, grinning, and gave her a bear hug.

Bee had insisted on buying a cake for the newly married couple’s small reception, and they had been given permission to use the social hall as long as they needed it that evening.

They cut the cake, and Raine politely fed his new wife a bite.

With no strangers around, Aston felt brave, and grabbed the mic to sing his favorite song.

Then he danced with his new mom.

And with his dad.

The last dance was for the bride and groom.  When Aston got some cake and sat down to eat it, Raine asked Lexie to dance.

Unfortunately, his enthusiasm tonight went way beyond his skill, and almost immediately he stepped on Lexie’s foot.

And was extremely apologetic.

“Before we go, let’s just have one twirl,” he said, “with you well away from my clumsy feet.”  Lexie smiled.

It was a beautiful, cool June night and as the family left the church they felt excited about their new life together.

Later that week, Aston asked (again) to get a puppy, and since Lexie and Raine had both also come around to the idea, the family crossed the street to the Feed & Seed to inquire.

Lexie and Aston tossed a baseball while Raine went inside to ask if the manager knew of any breeders or puppies in the area.  Unfortunately, no puppies needed homes right now, so a very disappointed Aston returned home.

Gameplay Notes:

On their wedding night, after both of them read to Aston, and he was finally in bed, Raine and Lexie autonomously tried for a baby and surprisingly, they conceived — twins!  Because Lexie’s lifetime want is to marry off 6 children (which is not going to happen, but means she wants a big family,) I had decided to pop in “monthly” to let them try since I figured it would take a while and wanted them to get started soon with more children.  Since Lexie is already 36 I think this would most likely qualify as a high risk pregnancy. Even though I have “silent pregnancy” from inteen, I couldn’t resist in this case checking to see if Lexie was pregnant.  I am so excited about the first babies for this new neighborhood!

At first I didn’t know why Oz and Bee left the reception but I checked the Prima Guide and realized, Raine invited them to the community lot but he didn’t invite them for a wedding party. I forgot that the ceremony had to be part of the party in Sims 2.

Lexie’s dress by Wicked Poppies at Mod the Sims.  It is Bella’s dress from the Twilight Series.

Like Bella, as a young adult, Lexie was incredibly socially awkward, but in her thirties she has gained a lot of self-confidence.

I looked at a lot of dresses for Lexie and decided on this one, even though she only has 2 neat points.  I thought at her age, and having the self-confidence she has, she might enjoy the opportunity to rock this dress.  It has such a beautiful back, I had to get lots of pictures of it!

When Raine met Lexie, the store reporter, I thought she was outgoing.  When I moved her in to prepare for the wedding, and saw her personality stats, I found out that she has 0 Outgoing points!


12 Comments so far:

  1. Echo Weaver says:

    Is Falls Bridge a new challenge? I haven’t actually read any Sims 2 stuff, and I don’t understand the mechanics at all. I remember thinking that Sims 2 Sims didn’t have much personality when I played, but reading what others write, I realize I just hadn’t figured out the depth of the game yet.

    I have almost finished a Samples post! It seems like my best way to keep caught up on my reading right now is on my phone while commuting. It just takes a bunch of time to configure new reading lists.

    • Hi Susan! Looking forward to the Samples’ post! My only problem with reading on the phone is being impatient because I’m so much faster typing on a keyboard. (Well, and I like seeing stuff on a big screen).

      Falls Bridge is not a challenge although the playstyle is inspired by the Prosperity challenge that was started a long time ago in Sims 2 community. I’m starting with four families and one was made based on randomized traits, appearance, aspiration, everything.
      (in a prosperity challenge they’d all be randomly made). I’m playing them rotationally like a prosperity challenge but that’s where the similarity ends.

  2. maisie says:

    The wedding was gorgeous! I love that dress, I’ve almost used it a few times but didn’t have the right bride for it. I think Lexie totally rocked it, and I love all the photos that showcase the delicate back.

    Wow on twins! That was fast and super exciting to get two! I know her age isn’t quite as young as some other families, so this is a nice way to build quickly.

    • I was expecting it to take “months” for them to conceive, but then they conceived twins on their wedding night! It is a great start, since Lexie wants a lot of kids. Thanks for reading! It is great hearing all your comments.

  3. Carla says:

    Beautiful wedding! The dress is gorgeous. One day, I’ll use it for one of my brides.

    And hey, twins! There’s one way to get your population up a bit faster. 😉 Aston is about to be thrown headfirst into the world of being a big brother!

    0 outgoing points! Wow. In my game at least, 0 points in any trait is really, really rare. I only have one sim with a zero – Jace has zero neat points. I wonder if it’s possibly something you can only get with townies/NPCs, like Jace and Lexie? None of my born-in-game sims have ever had a zero.

    • So true, two for the price of one is a boon to the population! These twins will double the under-21 population of Falls Bridge. I usually really dislike playing multiples but in this case I think it will be worth it.

      The only Sims 2 sims I’ve had to have a zero or a 10 on any trait, as far as I remember, was an alien–Teach’s son, Seiki. (Not Seiki Ono). But it might be just NPCs normally. Lexie was a reporter. I wonder!

    • I just wanted to chime in because I have definitely had TS2 children born at 0 points. My Fiona McCullough was born with 0 nice points (which is crazy, since both of her parents are very nice!). Also Bella’s middle child, Naomi, was also born with 0 nice points, which makes more sense because Bella had only 1 nice point.

      I’ve only ever had born in game 0’s with niceness. My sims are a bunch of grumps, lol!

      • Carla says:

        Figures that it would be nice points! The way TS2 distributes those makes it very likely for a sim to end up with not many at all. Or none, in Fiona and Naomi’s cases!

        • So true!!! Lack of nice points is one area that I just don’t think makes much sense, especially in some cases, since it is just the leftover points, right? Laura, have you had sims with 0 or 10 in other traits?

  4. What a beautiful wedding. And they were both so cute with Aston. I’m very glad Raine found someone like Lexie who is so good with Aston, since he never would remember his mom. These three (plus 2 more soon, yay!) are a good fit together.

    Yes, and that dress is amazing! I wonder if someone has converted it for TS4? 😀 Not that I even know who could wear it, lol!

    • Laura, it was fun to see your comments, thanks! That would be a great wedding dress to convert to Sims 4. And I was so happy that Raine found Lexie and she’s a good mom to Aston too. I wasn’t expecting him to find someone since he’s so shy, but she was so outgoing as the reporter. Then I found out she’s shy too, so it feels like it was meant to be!

  5. Chey says:

    I never really pay attention to the personality points until it is time to change them. I like it to be realistic so my sims will either get mom, dad, avg or random.
    So becaise of that ive ended up with 0 points

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