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The Fringe Team: Time Loops, and a Labless Universe

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The Fringe Team: Time Loops, and a Labless Universe

Location:  Port Prominence

August 5 – August 6

August 5 – August 6

August 5 – August 6

August 5 – August 6

Time Loops

I spent my simming time this weekend building the brownstone building where Olivia Dunham lives in the TV show Fringe, and Walter Bishop’s house, from the same show, for Simdale Valley.

For which, I wanted an upright piano, and  thought, hmm, I’ll add some fixes I’ve been eyeing.   I ended up spending several hours troubleshooting conflicting custom content.  The Fringe Team was caught in a time loop as they re-lived August 5-6 about four times, when I had to roll back the game to a previous save because a file was missing and it wouldn’t start.

Hopefully, I’ve found the problem (it seems whenever I tried to use the bake cupcakes in oven mod or the wash dishes in sink mod, the game would crash.  I did also install the custom food mod which is required for the cupcake one to work.)

Here’s Olivia’s apartment building

TS4_x64 2016-02-20 16-53-37-50

Which is loosely based on this shot from the TV show

Olivia's apartment exterior


Soulmates Unknown


Olivia Dunham is an FBI agent who works “Fringe Science” cases.  She’s ambitious, self-assured, and active, and has a lot of empathy and passion as well.

TS4_x64 2016-02-20 17-02-57-59

She spends most of her time either working, or studying case files

TS4_x64 2016-02-20 17-06-04-95

One of her cases necessitates accessing information that may only be known by one person, a Fringe scientist, Walter Bishop.  Walter’s been in an insane asylum for 15 years, and in order to see him, she has to ask his only living relative, his son, Peter Bishop, for help.

She asks Peter if he’s willing to join the Fringe team as a consultant and take guardianship of his father for the duration of the case.

TS4_x64 2016-02-21 15-46-56-52


Loading Screens between Worlds


In the show, this is Walter Bishop’s house

Walters House Exterior

And this is my version, somewhat reminiscent, but not a replica

TS4_x64 2016-02-23 05-40-32-25

TS4_x64 2016-02-23 05-48-21-32

Having been in St. Claire’s for fifteen years, Walter is obsessed now with food, and replicating recipes he remembered enjoying before.

TS4_x64 2016-02-21 16-27-07-75


Universe in Need of a Lab


Astrid Farnsworth comes by to assist Walter with the case.  He takes one look at the weird remains of the victim and says, “Take this body to my lab!”

TS4_x64 2016-02-21 16-08-37-25

Unfortunately, in this universe, he does not have a lab yet, because I have not had time to build it.

But Peter does have a piano!

TS4_x64 2016-02-21 20-04-43-09


Floor Plan for Walter’s House (downstairs only, see the Gallery link for the upstairs floorplan):

TS4_x64 2016-02-21 20-10-01-42

They never used the living room in the show so it is empty.

Download Walter’s House from the Gallery

Download Olivia Dunham’s Apartment from the Gallery

Although I uploaded CC-free versions, since custom content was enabled in my game, you need to search in the Gallery including lots with CC in your search, by clicking that box under Advanced in the filters on the left side.

Thanks for looking!


5 Comments so far:

  1. RoseOakMoon says:

    I’m seriously screaming. Omg, this is perfect! I love that you even added in the time loop. This show was perfect for meta things like Sim glitches.

    • RoseOakMoon, that’s awesome, I am so glad you enjoyed it and it was really amazing to have a comment on such a newly posted update, thanks! It was, of course, very aggravating having to set them up so many times, but I was also pretty blown away by how contextual a time loop was for the Fringe universes.

      I’m thinking about building Walter’s lab and having it on a regular lot as a clubhouse for the Fringe Team… what type of venue should it be? I don’t think generic lots can be club headquarters. They won’t be able to use the science equipment unless they are in the science career, and I think Astrid and Walter will be in the science career and Peter and Olivia will be in the law enforcement career. I might also add a copy of the basement room (the main lab room) that I build for it, to my science career lot for anyone from the team that does the active science career, but of course, the rest of the team won’t be able to visit and hang out, and the grounds in the desert won’t look right. From a story point of view, it will be one lab, but sometimes it will be all of them there (at the clubhouse) and sometimes it will be just Walter or Astrid (at the science career).

      The Fringe headquarters, with Broyles’ office and the holding room for interrogations, etc, I feel less confident about re-creating. I think the in-game police career building has even more requirements to work correctly, so I’m not sure I’ll attempt that, at least not yet. Thanks again for your fun comment!

  2. maisie says:

    I never watched this show (only an episode so I don’t think that really counts), but I love this! And was totally thinking that the glitches actually fit with my knowledge of Fringe. I really love Bishop’s house! Is that on the gallery? Or a floorplan available? It’d look great in my TS2 hood. 😉 I really like her place too, yours is brighter and more cheerful, and I like that! Excited to see where you go with these guys.

  3. Carla says:

    I don’t know anything at all but Fringe but your replications in game look very cool! I particularly like Walter Bishop’s house! Where are these sims living? With your Simdale Valley sims?

  4. Maisie, Carla, thanks for your patience with my Fringe diversion, although they are part of Simdale Valley. The Bishop’s house is on the gallery. I would change some things like that big white dormer on the front if it wasn’t supposed to be Walter’s house. I’ll add floor plan shots in the comments. Carla, if you like having a TV show to watch, Fringe is on Amazon Prime and it is really great, if you like thriller/sci-fi/drama that is sort of in it’s own little weird niche.

    PS I added a floor plan shot and links to the Fringe lots on the Gallery. Maisie, you commented my version of Olivia’s building is cheerier, that’s sort of a Sims 4 limitation, everything seems to come out cheery!

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