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The Comforts of Home

November 5-6, 605

Simdale Valley

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James Petite is 33, Elise Petite is 31, Harrison Petite is 5, Helen Petite is 2, Kylie Smith is 17, and Michael and Elle Smith are both 15.

Elise closed her cookbook as she heard Harrison come up the steps to the porch, home from school. She had been reviewing old family recipes and making her grocery list for Thanksgiving.

Petite Nov605 1

Harrison was not his usual, happy-go-lucky self.  He looked really perturbed.  Not only had he had a bad day at school, when Elise checked his forehead, he had a fever.  She got him a snack, washed him up, and tucked him in to bed to get some rest.

Petite Nov605 2

Thanksgiving morning, James offered to make the kids pancakes, while Elise started in on the food prep for the feast.

Helen was chanting, “Cake, ‘Cake,” in a sing-song voice.

“We’re having special guests this evening for Thanksgiving,” James told Harrison and Helen.

Petite Nov605 3

“Who is it, daddy?” Harrison asked.

Helen just laughed and kept chanting, “”cake, ‘cake.”

Petite Nov605 4.5

Elise was somewhat somber as she prepared the butternut squash soup.  She and James wanted to invite the Smith family for Thanksgiving, but now that the day was here, she was worried they wouldn’t feel comfortable.  She really hoped the visit would go well, because she hoped eventually, the Smiths would consider moving in.  Elise couldn’t imagine how they were going to manage through the winter, camping out.

Petite Nov605 5

Harrison was watching the kids outside when Kylie, Michael, and Elle arrived.  Kylie poked her head around the corner of the house.

“Mr. P,” she said tentatively, “We’re here.”

“Happy Thanksgiving,” James said.

Petite Nov605 6

“How’s it going?” he asked.

“Fine,” Kylie said. “Wow, I didn’t realize you could see the town hall from here.”

Petite Nov605 7

Michael had seen the kids playing and sat on the stairs to watch them.  Harrison came over and started telling him about the perch that he’d caught in the pond.

Petite Nov605 8

Kylie found her way into the kitchen and asked if she could help.  Elise was just basting the turkey with the secret family coating.

Petite Nov605 9

Once the bird was in the oven, Elise turned to Kylie.

‘Thanks for inviting us over,” Kylie said.

Petite Nov605 10

“This is really nice,” Kylie added.

Elle said, “We haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving since…” but cut herself off abruptly.

Petite Nov605 11

Kylie cut in.  “How long did it take to cook all this?!”  Looks like you’ve been cooking for days.”

Petite Nov605 12

After a while, Elise checked the turkey again, and gave it some more seasoning.  She checked the thermometer, and called it done.

Petite Nov605 13

Kylie’s mouth watered.   She felt a little dazed, taking in the smells of the meal, the pretty house, a faint, fresh, clean smell of bleach.

Petite Nov605 14

Everyone sat down.  James had pulled in an extra table to make room for everyone.  Michael smiled at Helen as she grinned at the sight of the food.

Petite Nov605 16

“What’s in that coating?” Kylie asked.  “It smells so good.”

Petite Nov605 17

“It’s really just glorified ranch dressing mix,” Elise said. “It’s the butter that really makes the turkey nice.”

Petite Nov605 18

“Yeah, but it beats hamburgers, especially day-old ones,” Micheal chided.

Kylie gave him a warning look.

Petite Nov605 19

But he went on.

“And lately, we’ve been having to eat cold food in the tent, because of the sweeps, they’re looking for campfires,” he told James.

Petite Nov605 20

“You could stay here,” Elise said.

Kylie looked like she was going to choke.

Petite Nov605 21

“Why not?” Elise asked.  “We’ve got space, and…”

Petite Nov605 22

Kylie looked at Michael.  “I told you we shouldn’t have come here,” she said, throwing her hands up.  Elise looked embarrassed.

Petite Nov605 23

Elle and Michael hung their heads.  Why did their sister have to push everyone away like that?

“Mr. P,” Kylie said, “I trusted you.”

Just like that, the Smiths got up, and left.  Elise cleaned up while James put the children to bed.

Petite Nov605 24

Helen was sick now, too.  James gave her a big hug, some Children’s Tylenol, and tucked her in.

Petite Nov605 26

In the middle of the night, Harrison woke up scared.  He had a bad dream.

Petite Nov605 29

He went to get his dad.

Petite Nov605 30

“There’s a monster, daddy,” he said.

Petite Nov605 31

James looked around the bed and underneath.

Petite Nov605 33

Then he declared Harrison’s room to be a monster-free zone, and tucked him in.

Petite Nov605 34

When James came back to bed, Elise rolled over.  “Is he ok?” she asked.

“He’s ok,” James said.

Elise wanted to see for herself, and give Harrison a hug.  But by the time she got to his room, he was already fast asleep, safe in his bed.

Petite Nov605 35


8 Comments so far:

  1. It was so nice of them to invite the Smith kids but maybe Elise spoke too soon 🙁 I hope Kylie would come around, it would be great if they had a roof over their heads 🙁

  2. Hi V, yeah, Elise really stuck her foot in her mouth there and was so embarrassed. I was surprised how aggravated Kylie got, but her stress levels are really high so she reacts that way. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I hope Elise won’t give up, and Kylie would come around 🙂

    • Elise won’t give up… and I am anxious to see/work out how Kylie develops in response to the sims in town that want to help and other incidences. It’s sort of a combination between letting it unfold and coming up with plot points so I really don’t know yet what will happen. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  4. Carla says:

    Oh, I was hoping Kylie would take Elise up on her offer but she’s obviously an incredibly proud person. Couple that with your regular teenage independence, plus probably a general distrust of authority figures, and it’s not a huge surprise she turned it down. I’m happy to read that Elise won’t give up though – Kylie and her siblings really need someone like her in their lives.

    • You hit the nail on the head– Kylie is fiercely independent and doesn’t realize how much she and Michael and Elle need other supports. Kylie’s kind of got a tunnel vision right now, to take care of her brother and sister, but for all of them to succeed she needs to realize she will need help from others. Thanks for commenting, Carla.

  5. Aww, dinner looked great. Too bad they didn’t make it through the meal before springing that invitation. I hope Kylie gets a chance to reconsider. But I do understand why she was too ashamed to jump on the chance so quickly. After being a sole caretaker for her siblings, it would be hard for her to accept the help.

    That monster! I love it! It really makes the kids feel like kids, and gives parents a meaningful way to parent. Yay for more family play! I’m so glad they added it.

  6. It took sim-Elise the better part of two days to fix all that food! But it was fun. It’s not easy for Kylie to let go and trust people, but I think this was a good start. I love the monster too! And a bad dream here seemed like a very realistic turn of events for Harrison, because little saucers have big ears and some of the talk at dinner was disconcerting to him. Thanks for commenting, Laura!

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