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The Boys are Back in Town

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The Boys are Back in Town

October, 604
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Peninsula State University
Narrated by Seiki Ono.   Seiki Ono and Gordon Nott are sophomores.  Anand Surfer and Harrison Brown are seniors, and David Granger is a junior.

Seiki’s Last Update/Seiki’s Next Update




This semester has been by far, the best yet in college.  Gordon is a great roommate.  We got to know each other real well during rush, and pledging, last spring.

It is a good thing, too, because we’ve got the smallest room in the frat house.

We’re the only guys that have bunks, but I guess it is worth it just to be out of the dorms.
There’s no “Resident Assistant,” a.k.a., “Pseudo-Parent in Residence” at Phi Sigma Beta.  Harrison, one of the seniors, came in, mainly to laugh at us, while we were unpacking.  He and Anand shared this room when they were underclassmen.




He thought it was especially funny to bring in a cheerleader to inspire us to “git ‘er done,” as the football coaches say.

Once we got most of the stuff unpacked, it was time to kick back and read the latest Popular Mechanics.


And the upperclassman found a spot in the attic for my work area from home, and dad brought it up to Port Prominence for me to use.

Between the workbench, fixing stuff that breaks around the house,  my magazines, and tinkering blogs on the internet, I can always find a fun way to avoid spending any more effort than necessary on school work.
There’s also a cool retro arcade game in the living room, but I’ve yet to make it on to the scoreboard.
Although Gordon and I have gotten good at Mario Kart Wii.  No time limits like at home.
Gordon spends a lot of time working on his bug collection– hey, he’s got some pretty cool spiders! — and one day a whole hive of bees followed him into the house.  It is never dull.



And there’s no one to tell us what a proper breakfast is… it might be cold pizza, spaghetti, or Cap’n Crunch.
We are only a block from the beach, and its one of my favorite things to hang out there.  One afternoon Tosha and I were there, tossing the ball around, waiting for kickoff to go back and watch it on TV.

Just before we left, I saw Julia Jones, whose grandparents live next door to us in Simdale Valley.  I don’t think I’d seen her since we got to PSU.  She said, “Hey, Seiki, why don’t we ever talk?”   I’ve wanted to ask her out so many times; right then and there I wanted to; but I’m sure she’d turn me down.  So I just smiled and waved.

The next weekend, we were having a toga party, and it was boring.  Hattie was there, but she came in with an attitude and wasn’t any fun to be around.
Tosha and I had an argument,
she wanted to go out, and I wanted to hang around and see what happened at the party.

She said nothing was happening.  After she wouldn’t let it go, I finally said, “Fine, you can leave, or stay, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Harrison was trying to cheer me up after that, for a while.

I tried to talk with this guy, Abram Carver, who is a friend of Anand’s, but he didn’t want to talk about engineering.  He was really rude.
All the girls were having some kind of meeting in the bathroom.
 So I decided to give Julia a call….what was there to lose?  Actually I was really afraid she wouldn’t even want to talk,
But when we started talking it was just like the time we met after high school, we talked a long time.
One night, Gordon and I felt like going out.  We ended up at the Reitz Union, playing poker, and won $170 between us.
While we were there, Gordon talked with that guy, Abram Carver, and found out that the dude is dating Julia Jones.  When Gordon mentioned I was his roommate, Abram seemed pretty shocked.  Apparently he’d heard some gossip about Hattie, through the girls in the sorority.



Gordon says Abram is a top student in the prestigious economics program.  He says Julia and Abram are practically engaged.  I asked, “Are they engaged, or not?”  And Gordon said, “Well, they aren’t but they might as well be.”

The next party we had, I asked Anand to make sure and invite Abram Carver, and he was like, “yeah, he’s a good guy.”  Anand has probably never met a person he didn’t think was great; everybody he meets becomes his friend.  He was inviting all the girlfriends, too, but I told him Tosha wasn’t coming.
As soon as Julia and Abram arrived, they headed straight to the hot tub.  I instantly began to regret inviting them.
I couldn’t stand it.  I went in the kitchen and started making burgers.
As if the day wasn’t already ruined, guess who came in the kitchen?
I’m so glad she left without giving me a hard time.  I really didn’t want to talk to her.   She’s so confusing all the time.

Then Julia and Abram came in to eat.  I felt glued to my seat…in spite of wishing I could be anywhere else, I couldn’t move.  And Abram was just looking at me with this “you’re pathetic” look.

Then he started talking about a green initiative at his internship site, and I said something about the engineering required to make that feasible, cost efficient.
Julia looked at me, right at me; she wanted to hear about what I was saying.


Abram was land-blasting me about not being “environmentally friendly,” but I think Julia even agreed with me.


Later she was telling me about the latest pirate mania in Simdale Valley, with the opening of the new Jolly Roger pub, and made me laugh.

As true Port Prominence natives, both of us can appreciate the absurd lengths to which Simdalians take their pirate lore.


But then I made a mistake, I think.  I told Julia about how Tosha and I fought, and she seemed kind of distant after that.  I should have known that was a bad idea; Julia is pretty idealistic and I can see her not appreciating  a bitter attitude.

When Seiki talked with Josh Smith, his RA, about the environment, Seiki made it clear he wasn’t interested in recycling.
So it made me laugh to see that while Abram agrees with Josh on this issue,
Julia is on the same side of it as Seiki!
Tosha and Seiki still have about 60/80, love on their relationship panel, but he didn’t roll specific wants to interact with her so I did not push him to; he also didn’t have any ACR interactions with her although he did flirt with another girl at that party, which was why Tosha was mad at him.
He only rolled to have a date once this round:  After seeing Julia at the beach, he wanted to ask her on a date, but he  also had a fear of being rejected by her for a date.
Julia also called the frat house and left one of those messages, “Why don’t we ever talk?” because I guess their relationship was getting close to falling below friendship.  So Seiki gave her a call, but he also feared having a bad conversation with Julia.
Julia lost friendship points with Seiki when he bad mouthed Tosha.

6 Comments so far:

  1. ashland sims says:

    The frat house looks great! It toally reminds me of the college town where my sister went to school. Too bad the toga party didn't work out. Tosha seems like she's got an attitude on her – I was glad when Seiki stood up for himself and what he wanted to do by telling her she can do whatever she likes with a smile on his face. I "loled" at the girls having a meeting in the bathroom. Girls always go in packs!

    Aww, I felt bad for Seiki when Julia and Abram were in the hot tub together. Then once he finally got to talk to her, he talks about Tosha. Probably not his best move, lol.

    • Hi Ashland! Thanks for reading and commenting, and thanks for the compliments on the frat house.

      Tosha and Seiki aren't in a "committed relationship" but he flirted with another girl at the party, so that's why she was really mad. It if was from her perspective I'm sure she'd feel wronged, though.

      Emotional intelligence and social skills aren't his strong suit, so its not surprising he didn't read Julia well at the end. But the weird thing about him, is so many girls seem to think he's hot and he does pretty well with "the ladies" in general, in spite of being such an introvert. Maybe they like the devil-may-care bad boy image.

  2. Carla says:

    The frat house looks great and Seiki and Gordon are clearly having a great time there, despite the older guys ribbing them a little. I'm sure they'll give it up before too long.

    Oh, Seiki! You definitely don't talk about your girl problems with other girls you might be interested in. It seemed to be going well before that. Maybe there's hope for Seiki and Julia yet? If he can be a bit wiser before he opens his mouth in the future, that is.

    • Carla, it is fun to play the frat house, and it is always eventful. Now that Seiki's wants are more around tinkering, he's in platinum.

      The option to "Bad Mouth" was on his menu, and even though he is high in nice points, I went ahead with it because he seems socially immature or irresponsible to me. It is an interaction I haven't used much; so I was curious what would happen, but he gained points and Julia lost points, which totally makes sense. The thing about Seiki is, he's a pleasure sim but he's classic Pisces, nice, serious, neat, shy, and active. I'm considering having a poll for when he becomes a junior, when the game throws out that option to change aspiration, should he change his aspiration and if so, to what? Or he has enough benefit points to have a secondary with some benefits, so maybe I'll add that on the poll as well.

      Story-wise, I want to be able to have his character grow or change consistently, so he's not going to just change overnight, at least not without some hiccups. Does that make sense?

  3. retromaisie says:

    The frat house is great! Too funny that Tosha was upset that he was flirting with another girl, plus wanting to leave a party is rather lame, I can see why he would want to stay. Looks like Seiki and Julia might have a chance at some point, it seems he needs to date around a bit though, or he could really burn that bridge.

    • To follow with your metaphor, Seiki is basically a big fireball from space and highly likely to destroy any relationship he is in right now, based on his behavior so far!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Maisie!

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