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The Big Talk

Take Me to the Moon 5.31

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Ewan had been having a lot of whims for Zoe, and Zoe had been wishing for another baby, before it was too late.   So even though they weren’t “trying,” the possibility was there, which made it even more exciting.

TS4 2015-11-01 16-23-59-97

Meanwhile, Fiona had tried to take over a lot of the household repairs, since Delaney wasn’t there anymore, with her magic touch.  But Fiona wanted to get her homework done, and hack into the Llamacorn Listserv again before she ran out of energy, so she decided to call a repair person.

The repair person showed up, and her name was Beatrice.

TS4 2015-11-05 06-04-12-97

Beatrice and Fiona started chatting.

TS4 2015-11-05 06-05-09-34

Felicity came out to find out why the repair person was just standing there, instead of fixing the sink, which was spraying water all over the kitchen.

Felicity noticed right away that the repair person was flirting with Fiona.  And she noticed Fiona was enjoying it.

“Ahem.  Um,  we’re so glad you are here.  There’s a mess in the kitchen.”

TS4 2015-11-05 06-06-43-11

Beatrice took care of the sink almost as fast as Delaney would have.  One twist of the wrench, and the geyser subsided.

TS4 2015-11-05 06-10-26-31

Then she sat down, and resumed her animated conversation with Fiona.

TS4 2015-11-05 06-11-50-67

It was going great, for a while.  Then, Fiona, as she often did, eventually put her foot in her mouth.

Fiona excused herself, went outside, and pretended to be very interested in the satellite dish, before running off to the family graveyard.  Beatrice, also embarrassed, apparently felt that a proper service call included scrubbing the family grill.

TS4 2015-11-05 06-14-42-29

Felicity, who had returned to the quiet of her room to complete a NaNo wordsprint, found herself quite distracted.  She wondered if Fiona was going to admit that she was attracted to Beatrice.  Of course, neither of them would act on it; Fiona was only halfway through high school, and Beatrice was at least 18, probably 20.

TS4 2015-11-02 19-18-39-95


Some time passed.  Ewan and Zoe were discussing the new baby they’d just found out was on his or her way.

“I think it’s more critical than ever that we keep it up, just in case it was a false positive,” Ewan teased.

TS4 2015-11-01 17-23-20-00

“I mean, how reliable are those home kits, anyway?”

TS4 2015-11-01 17-23-06-32

“I think I’ve got some good ideas we need to try out,” he added, and Zoe laughed.

TS4 2015-11-01 17-22-56-59

TS4 2015-11-01 17-24-18-28


Fiona was pretty excited about the new cousin.

“What’s not to love,” she said.  “A kid will liven things up around here.  Someone to laugh at knock knock jokes, for once, someone to impishly pester, or make crazy eyes.”

TS4 2015-11-02 19-43-50-99

“You’ll get more uninterrupted writing time, while I entertain myself with the young one,” she hinted.

TS4 2015-11-02 19-44-25-79

“Yeah, but my parents are already so old.  How can they do this to me?” Felicity groaned.  “And they’re really being embarrassing.”

TS4 2015-11-02 19-44-52-43

“Mom’s huge, and she’s walking around in her yoga pants,” she added.  “I thought people covered up when they were pregnant.”

TS4 2015-11-02 19-45-27-86

When Triple G and her mom started in on the Woohoo Talk, advanced version, later that evening, she couldn’t take it.  She’d never felt so embarrassed.

TS4 2015-11-02 19-48-08-93

Gameplay Notes:

  • Beatrice the Repair Person did show up Flirty, although she can’t flirt with Fiona, technically.  She and Fiona did hit it off, and became friends.  They were very animated talking to each other, until goofy Fiona said something embarrassing (because she had the embarrassed, “awkward, why did I say that?” emotion).   Teens don’t have the option to flirt with adults in my game, but she is definitely a possibility for Fiona.  Plus, her name is Beatrice, a family name, and it would be cool to have the first repair person to visit the house, to marry in.  Even if she doesn’t work out, at least we have a hint that Fiona may not be straight.   Story-wise, I figure with the lab capabilities, and Ranen being a scientist, they can work out some way for her to have children, if Fiona wins the heir poll.  Gameplay-wise, I have MC Command Center set for same-sex couples to be able to have kids, if they are female (target sim has to be female, male pregnancy is just too much of a jump from reality for me, sorry!)  I recently got the first notice of a same-sex parents baby born in the neighborhood.
  • Speaking of which, I guess the planned heir poll will be delayed, since a third Gen 6 child is on the way!  Maybe we’ll hold the poll when #3 becomes a teen.
  • Ewan never had the Try for Baby whim, but thanks to my settings for MC Woohoo, any woohoo has an 8% chance of conception.  So Zoe sort of got what she wanted, anyway, eventually ;-).  And he had an unlocked Try for Baby whim for a quite a while before his parents died, which was never fulfilled, so I didn’t feel it was too much of a stretch for him to go along, at least in a non-pressured way.
  • Someone autonomously broached an embarrassing subject at the table there in the last shot, so I thought it would fit for them to be having “The Talk, Advanced Teen version” since Zoe’s about to deliver any day.



15 Comments so far:

  1. Anonymous says:

    @ShannonSimsFan, Hey its the same anonymous who asked you about the Spencer-Kim Lewis thing.
    You don’t have to do this and I won’t mind if you don’t but on the gallery on my account you can see a family called Hunt, With a woman named Iris and her addopted daughter Macie, and if you want to you can add them in your blog, It’s completely understandable if you don’t think they’ll fit into the story thing. And they can even just be in the background or something. P.S- Sorry if I’m sounding needy or anything it is only a suggestion if you want to use them for anything like becoming a spouse to a spare or a cousin to keep the bloodline. If you want to use them or another family from my account the username is smitgar27.

  2. Echo Weaver says:

    Another baby! Yay!! Fiona and Felicity both turned out so well, genetics-wise. (Their personalities are so much fun too, but that’s more about the writer than the sim ;-).) I can’t wait to see what the nooboo looks like. I was hoping Ewan and Zoe might have a late baby.

    So Fiona might be interested in girls, eh? That could be a fun plotline. Considering the state of science in the simworld, I’m sure she could have children. I have male pregnancy in my game too. I figure that if scientists can make a robot-creature hybrid, they can make a male-male hybrid. I’m such a sim genetics geek, I’ve been reluctant to have kids through adoption, though I’ve heard that sim adoption is pretty awesome too due to the weirdness of Sims 3 genetics — when the child has children of his/her own, the adopted parents count as grandparents for the new baby’s genetics!

    • That’s a really weird thing, or a programming oversight, that Sims 3 grandparents of adopted parents count in the genetics for the new baby. With Fiona and Felicity, me too, I was so happy with their genetics. I’ve noticed when playing around with the genetics randomizer in CAS that it tends to pick attractive versions for the first 2-3 times, and then if you keep going, it puts together more of the extreme features. I am pretty convinced it has programming to pick less extreme or more classically considered attractive features first, but I could be wrong. You’ve got S4 CAS, did you notice anything like that?

      I also learned something else about Sims 4 genetics from this new nooboo. My game crashed four times just after he/she became a child, and every time, going back to when Zoe was pregnant (because I went that far back a couple times thinking it was a glitch caused by cc & the repair person update) or back to the baby, the same sim was made. So I think genetics are determined at conception and then gender is determined depending on what they eat/music they listen to, or randomly. I think the game has been crashing so much because the lot and family, and their tree, is getting pretty big. Thankfully, a 64 bit version is on the way so I’m trying to hold on till then.

      Adoption would be fun, too, I think, and if I have a male-male relationship, I think they would adopt. It’s a bizarre thing for me to draw a line there, with all the weirdness and unreality of sims, but that’s just how it is for now, for me. Thanks for commenting!

      • Echo Weaver says:

        Wait, what? There’s a 64-bit version of Sims 4 coming? I thought they were dead-set against that.

        Man, I’m subscribed to a couple of news sites, and I’m not getting this stuff.

        I’m distressed that you’re getting so many game crashes. Sims 4 is supposed to be the stable game.

        You know, I never used the Sims 4 CAS face randomizer. I was always trying to sculpt a face using the new interface. Now I’m curious to try it out. I like building sims, but I don’t do it very often because usually I’m trying to breed them ;-).

        I think male pregnancy is a completely valid place to draw the line. The actual pregnancy part is pretty wacky. If I were really trying to build the futuristic vision in my head, there would be no male pregnancy, but two males could engineer a clone baby by mixing their genetics :).

        OTOH, I feel like my interest in mixing genetics makes me unfairly biased against adoption. Adoption is a cool family too.

        Your observation about the genetics roll is interesting. I’m pretty sure that genetics are rolled for Sims 3 at birth. This results in some weird stuff like if the father becomes a vampire while his wife is pregnant, the baby could be a vampire baby.

        • I remembered that about Sims 3, and since I only restarted the game to a point before his birth twice, it may have just been luck that I got the same sim all three times. Genetics rolled at birth does cause weird stuff, doesn’t it?

          I don’t use the randomizer or build sims hardly ever either, but in re-creating Simdale Valley I did a lot of playing with it to get the sims to look just like I wanted. I used a lot of create sibling, create parent, and create child, to try to get the sims to look just like I imagined they should.

          The 64-bit announcement was on N99 and on Sims VIP… I was very excited about it, because from what people who have looked into the culling issue tell me, because of the low sim limit, 180, which is a critical part of the 32-bit limitations, if you stop some or all of the culling the game becomes unstable. My population, last time I checked was like 139, but I’ve got lots of sims flagged for no culling, which could be causing it. It just started last week (the crashing). If push comes to shove, I’ve got the families saved to the gallery and can start a new game file, but I’ll lose the ancestors and relationships outside the household if I do that. What I am really hoping is that it is a memory issue, and when they upgrade to the 64 bit option, it will fix the crashing. And I’m holding off on Simdale Valley till I see the new map (which looks very promising) and see how the new capabilities work.

  3. Carla says:

    Zoe and Ewan are still so cute. I can’t wait to see their new baby!

    I was going to ask about Beatrice and Fiona, because I was pretty sure EA wouldn’t allow teen/adult romance but I wondered if you had a mod in that was changing that. It’ll be interesting to see if anything develops between them when Fiona gets older.

    I thought it was cool that Beatrice was a family name too!

    In general though, do you assign sexuality to your sims at all or do you just see what happens or…? Born in game sims in TS2 don’t ever seem to turn out anything other than straight unless you prod them…though it’s been long enough since I’ve left sexuality up to chance that I may be remembering it totally wrong. I use ACR to assign sexuality in accordance with the ratio I have set. Which is all to say I don’t know how it works in your game and would like to, lol!

    • I’ve noticed no one turns out gay unless you choose that, so that’s why I pounced on this opportunity, even though it was just the repair person being generally flirty. I liked that aspect of ACR, that it randomized sexuality like that, so much more realistic. I don’t think there is a feature like that available yet for Sims 4 but I am not a mod aficionado so I may just not be aware of it. For Simdale Valley, maybe I”ll roll for it when they become teens. By the way, do you mind sharing your ratio? Thanks for commenting, Carla.

  4. maisie says:

    Another baby!! I’m so surprised and excited!! It is crazy to think about waiting on the next heir for this next baby to be a teen, if things go quickly with the older girls, they could be well on their way to marriage or having their own family!

    I absolutely love Felicity’s face when she’s checking out Fiona outdoors with Beatrice. She totally looks like she is onto it. It’ll be interesting if Fiona is the heir and ends up with Beatrice to boot. Great last photo too, ‘the talk’ eek! No thanks!

    Can’t wait to see what the new baby looks like and how their personality develops, I really adore Fiona and Felicity… wouldn’t it be strange if they had a son?

    • Hi Maisie! Thanks for reading and commenting!! Yes, the inevitable delay in the heir poll was the only drawback to this birth in my opinion. And yes it would be strange if they had a son 😉 I’ve rolled for the baby’s traits already, in game, and they are different than anyone else’s have been, fortunately.

  5. cathytea says:

    I really like Beatrice! I’m so excited to catch up with this family! 🙂

  6. cathytea says:

    Oh! Did you lose Beatrice or were you able to find her? Always tragic to lose a Sim!

    And Happy Boxing Day and Merry Christmas! Hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays!

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