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Thank You Post

The fabulous Chealsycat of Goldilocks & Bears, awesome Kate who writes the Loewe Legacy, and the amazing Velikosmijanje of vsims3, and of Stories in Clay, were each well deserved recipients of the Sunshine Blogger Award, the Unique Blogger Award, and the Versatile Blogger Award, and nominated me as well.  If you haven’t checked out their blogs, you are missing something.

Chealsycat was the First Place Winner for the September 2016 Short Story Writing Challenge!  Exit Without Saving shows how one woman made the brave choice to shape her world in spite of sorrow and trauma.  Chealsycat regularly posts cool blog posts about her cats, her life, as well as fun ones about sims (& bears!).

Kate’s Loewe Legacy is a beautifully told Sim 3 legacy challenge, rich in detail and illustrated with gorgeous screenshots.  She presents the information about her sims lives in such a creative way, with unique pages like the Family Tree, Family Information presented on personally crafted Personal Information Cards, and the Family Graveyard.

Velikosmijanje has an incredible level of depth in her rotationally played Sunset Valley Sims 3 neighborhood, and writes a variety of different characters in believable and touching ways.  Her kindness and compassion really shine through in the way she can get at the feelings and motivations of all of her characters, whether they are criminals, politicians, housewives, or any other station in life.  She’s just started a new story about a retired man who has returned to Twinbrook, Stories in Clay.

Thank you for sharing this honor and mostly, for creating your stories and passion for simming.

Ok, this is what happens when one procrastinates for months to respond!  Here are some of the questions that went along with the awards.

Kate’s Questions (Unique Blogger Award)

  1. What do you think makes your story different from the rest, what is it that makes it unique?  If my stories are unique, it’s when how I see the world shows through the telling of my sims’ experiences.  I recently wrote in a short side plot for Simdale Valley about unaccompanied youth, hoping it might help bring some awareness of a type of challenge that some children and teens face.  If anything, it matters to me that compassion and hope come through in my telling of my sims’ stories.
  2. Which group do you belong to? Writers using The Sims as a source of images for their stories or Simmers who love sharing the stories of their Sims with others?  I definitely fall into the group that shares the stories of my sims with my readers.  My stories are very much gameplay-driven.
  3. Who of your Sims you’ve ever created is your absolute favorite and why?  I have a lot of favorites among pre-mades and born in game sims, and because of the way I play, I have created relatively few sims.  That said, when I started to answer this question, I didn’t realize how hard it would be!  My legacy founder, Maddi Tesla, is in the running.  But after narrowing down Sims I created for Simdale Valley, I would say my favorite is Naomi Redbird, because she exemplifies such an autonomous drive in game.  She is such a strong character.  Naomi is a woman who can tackle anything and have fun doing it; she’s a serial romantic who is self-assured and outgoing.  When I first made her in Sims 2 as a college student and possible romantic interest for Declan McElveen or George Endeavor, I didn’t realize that she was going to take on a life of her own, but that’s how Naomi is.  Her Sims 4 self is really playing out to reflect how I saw her character through her Sims 2 manifestation.

Share Seven Random Facts About Yourself (for the Versatile Blogger Award)

  1. My husband is my soulmate.
  2. I’m an INFJ (Meyer’s Brigg Type Inventory)
  3. I’m a Nationally Certified Counselor
  4. And I work as a school counselor.
  5. A big part of who I am is that I have lived in the Philippines (1979-1987), New Orleans (1994 – 1998) India (1999-2000), Nepal (2000-2004), Thailand (2004-2006)
  6. My adopted hometown is Gainesville, Florida, USA, and I’ve lived here longer now than any other place.
  7. I have a 22 year old daughter and an 18 year old daughter, both of whom are my pride and joy.

Chealsycat’s Questions (Sunshine Blogger Award)

  1. What is your favourite season?  In real life, autumn
  2. What does The Sims mean for you?  The sims has been an outlet for my imagination for a long time now, over 16 years!  Through building and playing and blogging, I can have fun, work through and express things that are going on or I’m working through, and occasionally, I create something.  I love seeing a history develop and evolve, whether in my rotational hood or in my legacy-style gameplay.   Some days when I help people through painful situations on my job as a counselor, or pressures build at work, I look forward to coming home and playing just as an escape.  It’s also been a way to connect with other people, through blogging and social networking, which has become much more important to me in the past three years.
  3. What is your favourite fairy tale?  The Princess Bride, because it is funny, but mostly because, Wesley always did come for Buttercup, even when it was impossible.  “Well…you were dead,” she said.  “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”
  4. If you met a fairy, what three wishes would you ask her to grant?  Well- if we can wish for anything, then first, physical peace.  Second, universal good will.  For everyone in the world to truly see others in a way that would allow them to respect each person.  Third, to be able to understand and speak any language.
  5. Fairy? Vampire? Mermaid/Merman? Witch? Unicorn? Dragon? – What would you like to be?  Mermaid!!  I love being under water anyway, and if I could breathe and swim powerfully, that would be amazing.
  6. Have you ever been to Russia? Would you like to go there (again)?  No, I’ve never been, but would like to visit.  I have a friend who travels to St. Petersburg or Moscow a couple of times a year, and tells me about it.
  7. What is your favourite music? Celtic/new age.  I know it is not considered great music by a lot of people, but I love the haunting sounds.  And soundtracks like Memoirs of a Geisha and Out of Africa.
  8. What are five flowers you love most of all? Red Roses, tulips, black-eyed susans, sunflowers, bright gerbera daisies
  9. Imagine: it’s rainy and cold. What are you going to do?  Brew some tea and play sims, of course!  Or snuggle.  And make a big pot of stew or spaghetti.
  10. Cats or dogs? Dogs, but I also like cats.
  11. Rain or snow?  Rain.  I’m not a huge fan of cold.

V’s Questions (Sunshine Blogger Award)

  1. Do you really enjoy writing for your blog? Does it ever feel more like an obligation then actual hobby?  Occasionally, getting started feels like an obligation, but I usually get into a flow.  The choosing, uploading, and ordering of the screenshots is the part that feels like a chore, so I usually do that in one or two work sessions, and then write later.
  2. Do you like reading? What is your favorite genre of books? My favorite genre is historical romance.  I like reading nonfiction, historical fiction, and science fiction (The Martian was awesome, I love Arthur C Clarke’s Rama series), along with other kinds of fiction, but for sheer fun I like books like The Other Boleyn Girl or The Red Queen.  My favorite classic is probably Pride & Prejudice or, in a darker mood, Wuthering Heights.
  3. What is your favorite book?  The Little Prince by Antoine De St Exupery
  4. Out of all the places you visited which is your favorite?  Koh Phangan beach in Thailand.
  5. Rank the continents from which you would most like to visit to least.  Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia (because I’ve been to some places there already), South America, Antarctica, North America
  6. Are you happy with your current job, career? Yes
  7. If you could make one different choice at any point of your life what would you change?  I would not go on the hike the day my 8 year old son fell at a waterfall in Thailand.  He passed away the next day.  John would hopefully still be with us.
  8. What is your favorite food?  Spaghetti
  9. Do you have any phobias?  being cold??!
  10. Do you like to exercise or do some physical activities?  Yes, I walk everyday and enjoy swimming.  I also like kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and I am planning to do 3 5k races this spring.
  11. Besides blogging what are your other hobbies?  Cross-stitching (world’s slowest completer of projects), reading, and being outside, training/watching and being with my dog.

Unique Blogger Nominations:

Simple Pleasantries by Lochlander (Kaitlin).  This brand new story is a tongue-in-cheek Regency romp set in Pleasantview, er Pleasantshire, in the tone of Austen.  The setting, clothing, writing and screenshots are flawless.

Kuulo Seeri by VT is a blog I’ve nominated before but even if VT doesn’t want to participate again, her blog cannot be left out of a list I’m making of Unique blogs.  I love her take on the Sims, with a deep background in anthropology.

We’re All Mad Here  by Echoweaver- (A Wonderland Weirdacy Sims 3 ISBI with a weird genetics twist).  Echoweaver is on hiatus, but her long-standing story is one of a kind and must be mentioned.

The Nords a Sims 3 Viking Story is a Tumblr I only recently found. If you want to engross yourself in 1066 through the Sims, this is the only blog I know of!

Versatile Blogger Nominations

Sims 3 Medieval – She is absolutely a genius at recreating historical periods and story-telling in the Sims 3, which requires a lot of technical and artistic expertise.

Postcards from Sierra Nova by Laura, whose skills include modding, posing, troubleshooting, novel writing, and whose stories are always addictive.  Her blog is a reference, a fun read, and a bar to strive for in writing and production.

Sullivan by Carla – Carla is a very quiet expert at everything Sims 2 and gives of her time generously. Her blog is an inspiration and her skills in the areas of custom content creation, hood maintenance, in game portraits, are stunning.  I’ve nominated her at least once, and hope she doesn’t feel obligated to respond!

Millwood by Maisie – Maisie is artistic in her writing, screen captures, and building/decorating/hood development.  It all comes together to create a Sims 2 world that is so real I feel that her sims are my neighbors. Again, I’ve nominated Maisie before, please don’t feel obligated to participate.

Simbury by Alice is a blog I’ve only recently found on Tumblr, and I look forward to the posts from her well-crafted Sims 2 Regency neighborhood and story.

Sunshine Blogger

Greeneyed Sims – Greeneyed is an experienced simmer whose posts will make you smile.  She’s starting up a new Sims 4 rotational hood that’s going to be great to follow from the beginning.

Cathytea’s Simlit Anthology – Cathytea is the quintessential Sunshine blogger, who brings joy to so many simmers’ lives with her kind encouragement, insightful writing, and prolific fun with all kinds of facets of the sims games.

Noble Doubt by Rosemary is a blog I really want to read more of.  Rosemary is a generous and kind simmer who encourages others.

Historical Sims Life by Annika is another historical simblr that I look forward to each day.  Her current project is an Edwardian version of Windenburg.

And finally, my questions!  (Should you choose to participate)

  1.  What are some of your favorite Sims forums or social media?
  2.  Which sims game is the one you connect with most?
  3. Which aspect of simming is the most sheer fun, to you?

Thanks, as always, for reading and for your awesome part in the sims community!




14 Comments so far:

  1. Congratulations on all the awards! You deserve them all 🙂 Thank you for answering my questions 😀 I really liked reading your answers! It is so awesome you lived in so many different places! I am also an INFJ 😀 And wow you do so much cool things, it was really nice reading it all 🙂 I am very sorry for the loss of your son 🙁

  2. chealsycat says:

    Congratulations on the well deserved awards! And thank you for so kind words about my blog <3
    It was very interesting to read your acceptance. I’ve learnt a lot about you. It turned out that we have a lot of common – I also love Wuthering Heights and The Little Prince. And The Sims is also a kind of escape from reality for me.
    And I’m so sorry for the tragedy with your son 🙁 At such moments I regret so much that we can’t change the past!
    Wishing you and yours all the best!

    • I agree, a simple decision can have such impact. Thank you so much for your best wishes. About Wuthering Heights- my youngest daughter can’t stand it; you don’t meet a lot of people who appreciate it. And the Little Prince is a gem. I’m glad you all nominated me, it is nice to find things we have in common. Take care!

  3. Congratulations! And thank you so much for the lovely nomination. 🙂 Your words are so kind. Guess what? I’m an INFJ also. <3

  4. INFJs so rarely run into others in life (1% of the population, I’ve read)! After reading most of Memphis’ generation in Noble Doubt last night, I can see your INFJ shining through! It was getting late and after what happened with the twins, I couldn’t keep reading but I will get back to it. It’s a beautifully told story and I’m amazed at how you created it from what the game gave you. So glad I re-nominated you here, even though you’ve already received all the awards, some several times, because I wanted my readers to be aware of your story.

  5. Carla says:

    INFJs are supposed to be very rare but you tend to run into a lot of them online. I think, like most introverts, they are naturally drawn to online communication, so they’re disproportionately represented on social media and the like. I’m an IXTJ – the X is either an N or a S, depending on what day I take the test! My sister is a consistent INFJ though, and I think my mum might be too.

    Anyway, thank you so much for this, Shannon! I really appreciate your kind words. I’m not sure I’ll have the time to do it myself but what am I supposed to do, if I do? Pick people for each award or just the one you’ve given me? Answer your questions and then make up my own?

    • Really good point about INFJ’s and introverts being represented more online. And I suppose author is one of descriptions of INFJ and so among bloggers there are probably a lot more of us. That’s so neat that you are a sometimes INFJ & your sister and mom too!

      If you decide to nominate others, you would answer the three questions I asked, pick 8-10 other bloggers for the Versatile Blogger award and then you can make up questions for your nominees, or use the prompt that I was given- Share 7 Random facts about yourself. You wouldn’t have to pick people for all the awards although I definitely feel Sullivan could be nominated for all these awards.

      • Carla says:

        No, only my mother and sister are INFJs. I’m either INTJ or INSJ, depending on who knows what! I feel like I’m answering the questions the same way each time but obviously not.

        Thanks for your lovely words once again and for the explanation on the award. I’m not certain I’ll get to it but I know what to do now, if I do. 🙂

        • Oh- I didn’t read your comment very carefully- saw the X in your type (my husband also has an X in his) but didn’t notice the T/S. However, I’ve known ISTJs before and I have to say, after years of reading your blog, I can see that sensing and orderly aspect to you- SJs are great at traditions too, and your sims have great traditions like their portraits and celebrating milestones with family. My dad is an INTJ.

  6. I am so honored to be included in this great list of bloggers. Thank you! <3

    And I’m so sorry about what happened to your son. Such a random and tragic accident. That could have happened to any one of us at any time.

    As for the MBTI: I think this is why I get along better with the ladies I’ve met online rather than in real life. I’ve run across so many other bloggers who identify as INFJ or INTJ or something close to it. (I usually come out one or the other, depending on whether I’m feeling thinky or feely, lol!) I don’t know how to find these kind of people in real life. I think we all express ourselves better in writing, which means if we met in real life we’d probably be shy and awkward, lol!

    • Laura, you are so welcome! Your Sims 2 Lakeside Heights was one of the first blogs I found that I really connected with when I found the world of simming blogs, and it is great hearing your tips, tricks, modifications, and all kinds of meta about your simming and writing. I started reading Where They’d Fall night before last and am taking my kindle with me to a conference in NYC so will probably finish it on the plane. (I’ve never been to NYC before and really excited!)

      I do know an INFJ at work (our school social worker) and we are both so reserved that although we appreciate each other a lot, rely on each other a lot, and sometimes talk about issues we can’t talk about with anyone else, we actually haven’t gotten to know each other nearly as well as I would expect we would have by now.

  7. maisie says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination Shannon, your words are very kind, and I cherish them. Thank you! <3 You are a piece of sunshine that I really appreciate, and I am always glad to see you in my feed, as your sims are as delightful as you. You are definitely a gem in the sims community.

    I’m with you on being a mermaid, I love the water. We go scuba diving at least once a year, and I wish it was more. Hard being very landlocked, because murky lake scuba diving is not my thing.

    Sorry about the loss of your son, such a tragic accident at what sounds like a beautiful day. I can’t imagine. 🙁

    Cool on the personality test! I’m INTJ, the villain in so many movies, maybe that’s why I always relate to the bad guys. 😉 I’m barely an Introvert though, some tests I pop up with an E. It’s really just having to deal with stupid people that drain me and push me toward that Introvert. ;p With all our moving over the years, I’ve really had to embrace putting myself out there, and making fast friends. No one in my circle out here would ever think I was introverted. 😀 Funny about you and a coworker being similar but not moving closer in friendship, I had friendships like that in highschool and college.

    We spend our cold days very similar! I get the candle out, brew some tea or make a latte, crockpot a soup, blanket and space heater (basement gets cold!), and sims! I’m ready to see some tulips budding outside myself though! However, if you are still in Florida, then I think we have a different idea of cold! lol (I love Florida, we’ve gone a couple times the past few years, this is our first year not going at all, sad, but going to hit California so it can’t be too bad).

    • Maisie, thanks so much for taking the time to respond and for your kind words. It’s cool hearing about you- some of the things we have in common. Scuba diving is something I think I would love but have never done. Lakes do have such a different feel to oceans, even darker oceans, I’m not sure I would enjoy a dark, cold, murky lake very much but I love tropical or subtropical ocean floors. Here in north central Florida, whenever I’m in a lake I wonder if I am going to run into an alligator. They are pretty shy, usually not huge, and commonly don’t care to attack humans but I still wonder. We don’t swim in lakes here in the spring because that’s when they are hungriest. Anyway it is really awesome that you all go scuba diving once a year!

      My dad and some other people close to me are INTJs so I am very familiar with that Meyer’s Briggs type too; most NTs I think have very little tolerance for idiocy or incompetence. Moving a lot is something I understand too- and for an NT I can imagine making new friends a lot would also require some stretching. I don’t think people at work would see me as introverted either-in fact people have told me that – I’m think I’m solidly within that preference but at work I am quite social and outgoing.

      Ha, you are exactly right when you say our ideas of cold are probably different! Anything below 80 is definitively cool and below about 74 is cold to me. People here break out sweaters and boots when the weather drops below about 75. I’m ok till about 60 but below that I really have to bundle up or feel uncomfortable.

      What you said about my son, John, and the day he fell is so true– it was a gorgeous day in the Thai dry season with unusually bright blue clear sky, and we looked at the pictures we took up until that moment so many times, the kids having fun along the hike and posing climbing things, John stopped at one point and put a huge leaf on his head and had us take a picture. Because it was dry season, rocks were exposed that wouldn’t have been, but some were still slippery. He asked to run out on to the rocks and just as I was trying to look and answer him, he had already run out and slipped. There was almost no water in the pool far below and he never regained consciousness. We rushed him back to the nearest hospital but he had too much swelling in his brain and they weren’t able to save him.

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