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Adrianna Tesla

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Adrianna Tesla

Birthdate:  May 9, 589

Adrianna Tesla is married to Dennis Tesla, and lives in Simdale Valley with their daughter, Elizabeth.

Adrianna is the primary teacher at Simdale Valley school.  She is transitioning careers in mid-life from law enforcement, motivated by a hope of helping get kids on the right path before they get into delinquency.

She is a confident, organized person who doesn’t put up with what she considers to be  silliness or stupidity; sometimes she comes across harshly because she doesn’t tend to have doubts about what needs to be done, and has little patience when others don’t comply.

However, Adrianna has a love of knowledge and a drive to make the world a better place.

Tesla Adrianna profile

The Teslas home was built by GabLeSim and is called The Lovely Home

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