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Taste of Summer

Take Me to the Moon 5.4

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TS4 2015-05-24 14-22-46-57

Sunny Day Swimming by Ktejj (on the Gallery)


Oasis Springs’ main strip had grown; the city had rezoned the area where Delaney grew up into a commercial district. They had razed Uncle Barnaby’s trailer, and commissioned a new city pool there.  It was built with practical, economical materials, but provided shade, plenty of swimming space, a playground kids were drawn to, and lots of bathhouses.

Across the street, there was an abandoned old monastery, a new diner with a parking lot full of cars, and a new public library.  The land Delaney and Cacey had lived on for years, was now the location of the Rattlesnake Juice Bar, lined with benches where Cacey’s front door had stood.

TS4 2015-05-23 17-44-02-88

Summer vacation was so close, everyone could taste it.  Ewan invited Chloe Patel to a pool party his parents were throwing.   He and Zoe were complete opposites, but got along beautifully.  With the romance of the moonlit balcony scene, just the night before, they both felt like they would float away on the sheer happiness of being together.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-27-33-37

No one would have guessed that the brooding, perfectionist Ewan would so enjoy the company of cheery, playful, sometimes clumsy Zoe, or that Zoe would like him.  But Zoe enjoyed the fact that Ewan took her seriously, and he felt light and happy when he was with her.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-28-33-43

Eric, who had recently had his teen birthday, noticed that Simone wasn’t her usual happy self, and took it upon himself to cheer her up, but she could not be consoled and finally left without even getting in the pool, along with Desmond, who went home without even checking in with Delaney or Bella or Alexander.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-26-08-74

It wasn’t long before the heat started driving everyone into the pool.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-30-04-69

Delaney swam over to meet the first girl she had ever seen Ewan laugh with.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-31-05-19

Zoe looked like she wasn’t sure what to say when Delaney introduced herself.  TS4 2015-05-24 14-31-39-00

Soon she realized, though, that Delaney could be a bit of a goofball, herself.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-36-07-77

Although Ewan didn’t seem to appreciate the splashing.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-36-12-80

Delaney went to find her Aunt Cacey.  She was sitting under an umbrella with her oldest son, Dashle, who had incredibly pale skin and wasn’t used to the bright desert sun.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-38-01-99

Dashle was excited to tell his older cousin, Delaney, that he had found a job as a musician, at the Crystal Club piano bar on the main drag in Oasis Springs.  After a while, Alexander joined them, and Cacey, Delaney, and Alexander discussed all the neighborhood changes, with Uncle Barnaby’s trailer and Cacey’s house being razed, and made into commercial and public areas.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-38-21-68

Bella, looking eerily young for her ninety-something years, was enjoying a little bit of flirtation.

TS4 2015-05-24 14-57-04-51

Ewan was cutting loose, probably for the first time in his life.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-08-40-15

Don’s charms couldn’t remotely compete with Bella’s favorite grandchild, and she gave Elise a big hug.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-10-48-11

Ryleigh stopped by during her lunch to say hi, although she couldn’t stay long.  She was still trying to juggle running Roll With It, hers and Dante’s bakery, as well as her VP job.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-11-37-08

Dana Pancakes showed Rachel Arias a funny cat video, but neither of them laughed.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-12-18-86

And meanwhile, his mom, Eliza, was splashing Eric and laughing at him.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-13-51-31

Eric wasn’t sure what to think about Eliza, and when he saw Dennis had stopped by, he took the opportunity to get out of the pool and go say hi to his cousin.  Dennis, who was in a pre-med program and about to take final exams, also couldn’t stay very long.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-17-51-42

Eric said something to Dennis that confused him, and embarrassed both of them,

TS4 2015-05-24 15-18-36-28

but Dennis is a really personable guy and just changed the subject.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-18-42-10

Dennis and Eric sat down with Eric’s sister, Elise.  She was feeling quite glum, and they tried to cheer her up.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-23-06-31

It wasn’t long till Dennis had Eric laughing

TS4 2015-05-24 15-23-14-26

Zoe said goodbye, and Ewan went and found his grandma, and sat down with her.   He wanted to know what she thought about Zoe.  Just as Ewan anticipated, his grandmother just wanted to know  how he thought about her.  Bella would be sure  Ewan would never be privy to the fact that she and Zoe had a very strained relationship.  Bella and Zoe, even with their great difference in age, had a falling out over Don Lothario at some point in the past, but now that Zoe was with Ewan, and Don was occasionally going out with Bella, she was ready to put their disagreement behind her.  She hoped Zoe felt the same way.  For Ewan’s sake, she hoped Zoe was ready to put all her romantic interests behind her.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-21-22-58

“I can see that you adore her, and she makes you happy,” Bella said.

Eric tried to join in dancing with a girl, but she gave him a weird look

TS4 2015-05-24 15-28-57-58

And once again, for the third time that day, he found himself in an awkward situation.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-29-43-46

Vicente Pancakes noticed Elise sitting by herself.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-31-45-89

He tried to think of something to say to her.  He really liked her, but she was known to have a sharp wit.  He’d rather not experience it’s sting.   He saw that she was in a quiet looking mood and tried to think how he could start a conversation with her.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-32-12-48

“Hey, did you know that our old teacher, Ms. Rolle, was seen at the Rattlesnake Bar doing the Llama Leg?”

TS4 2015-05-24 15-32-56-11

At that, Elise laughed.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-33-25-36

She and Vicente didn’t even notice as the sun set and the mosquitoes started to hum.

TS4 2015-05-24 15-34-42-36

Gameplay Notes:

The incredible pool lot in this post, is by Ktejj on the Gallery, and is called “Sunny Day Swimming.”  The family is soon going to be buying a gallery/studio for Ewan, and as an unknown painter, I didn’t think he’d be prestigious enough to have a gallery on the main drag in Oasis Springs, Willow Creek, or Magnolia Promenade, so I rezoned Delaney and Cacey’s old neighborhood into a somewhat revitalized,  slightly run down/fringe commercial area with the public pool, public library, a diner, a bar, and of course, the tiny old run-down monastery which Ewan will gut out and use for a gallery/studio.

TS4 2015-05-23 17-42-28-48

The run-down monastery Ewan is going to gut out for a gallery/studio

I built the monastery for a re-build challenge on The Sims Daily a while back, specifically designed for this lot which has a gorgeous view of cliffs and river in the back.  When I was researching art galleries and studios, it seemed like most are in re-purposed old/run-down or inexpensive buildings, and this little lot seemed like a great spot.

TS4 2015-05-23 17-45-04-53


The awesome retro diner which you can see in a lot of the shots and the picture above, is “Don’s Diner” by Jenba, her Origin ID is “Silrosse” on the Gallery.  No cc.

You can only see a tiny bit of the public library, beyond the diner, but it is called Greenwood Library, by Tinytearz, on the Gallery.

Since I drafted this post, after deciding to go ahead with the relationship, I moved Zoe in to the Tesla’s and got a look at her relationships and aspiration.  She had four romantic interests at the Lovebirds level, other than Ewan!  She does not have a romance trait or romance aspiration though.  She has the Friend of the World aspiration.   She and Bella don’t like each other at all, but so far it seems to be in the past, because neither has tried to keep the negativity going.  I think Bella would be very happy for Ewan, to see him so happy, and willing to give Zoe a chance.

Eric was such a sociable child, and always seemed so charismatic, but he was struggling at the pool.  Every time I checked in on him, he had made someone else feel awkward.  I loved the expression on his cousin Dennis’ face!

Both Rachel and Dana are serial romantics.   Neither of them was “playable” at the pool and it was interesting to see how they interacted.  I certainly didn’t expect them to look so stressed around each other.

Vicente Pancakes is an alluring cheerful goofball, with the soulmate aspiration.   I think he and Elise are going to be good friends, now that he broke the ice with her, which was all autonomous since he was not selectable at this party.  Back when all the woohoo weekend babies were born, I used this randomizer for their aspirations and traits.   The results of this randomizer have seemed much more varied than the Sims Legacy Challenge Randomizer, to me.    Vicente and Dana are twins who were born to Eliza and Bob while I wasn’t playing their household.   That’s when I learned babies could be delivered and named by the game while not playing the lot.  I have to admit it would be a lot of fun to tie in the Pancakes with the Teslas…. although I always thought that Dana was the cutest Pancake, but he’s not interested in commitments.





11 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    I love this chapter! So much people watching–errr…. Sim-watching! Really fun to see all the kids!

    How old is Zoe? Do you have youth potion on hand if needed? That’s so funny that she has so many romantic interests. Ewan seems like a different guy around her–truly happy and able to show a side of him that was buried before. It’s as if he feels totally and completely accepted–so he can just let his gloominess be and let his happiness shine.

    That’s how my gloomy Sims have been when they’ve been with someone who loves them fully!

    I know he felt accepted by his family–but that’s different. To be accepted by someone outside the family can let him know that it’s not just his family making allowances for him (because he’s family) but that someone CHOOSES to be with him and to appreciate him!

    • Thanks, Cathy! It was a lot of fun having the pool party! Zoe only has ten days till she’s supposed to be an elder, so I’ll definitely be using youth potion, at least once for her. Ewan has 14 days until he’s even a full adult. Did Zoe in your game have so many romantic interests? I thought about how you said all the friends Salix had seemed to be guys, but the difference is, with Salix being playable and not having whims to flirt so much, those relationships stayed platonic. Have you ever noticed townies autonomously flirting or other romantic interactions? I am not sure I have seen townies doing that. So it may just be that the game engine occasionally has townies’ relationship bars raised with some other sims as a type of story progression.

      I agree, totally about Ewan feeling so accepted and appreciated, by someone outside his family.

  2. Echo Weaver says:

    I really love watching Sims doing their own thing.

    I had no idea that Zoe was in an older life state than Ewan. Even on the closeup, I don’t see lines on her face. Sims 4 ages really aren’t as clear as Sims 3. Then again, maybe if I played it myself, I’d notice the differences more.

    Youth potions are a big game mechanic in Sims 4! I’m so glad you have one for Zoe. She’s clearly a perfect match for Ewan. It’s so exciting to find a difficult sim’s true love.

    I’ve never seen the name Vicente. I assumed you were misspelling Vincent at first. He might not be the cutest Pancake, but if Elise likes him, that’s enough :).

  3. She doesn’t look older, does she? Sims I’ve played longer, I have noticed in mid adult stage their face seems to thicken up/jaw sags a bit, I think. It could just be weight gain.

    Yes, my game did name him “Vicente,” even though that’s a weird spelling. Elise was definitely enjoying his company, but no romantic interest yet.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Carla says:

    Ewan’s gallery is going to be amazing! The family must be pretty rich to afford a building like that. I guess most legacy families are at this point but it hadn’t ever occurred to me until now!

    Anyway, yay for Zoe and Ewan! The other romantic interests may or not be a worry, depending on how TS4 works (and I have no idea). In TS2, I wouldn’t worry, because pink/red hearts take so long to go away that they could be really old relationships. I have my fingers crossed that Zoe is done with her other guys and is going to focus on Ewan now. I really think they complement each other well.

    Any chance of romance with Elise and Vicente? I noticed you said they’d be good friends. Or does Elise already have someone I’m missing?

    • Hi Carla, thanks for commenting! I really love Ewan’s gallery! In game, I’ve already had the opening, and it was great.

      Besides the fact that they could buy a business, I hadn’t really thought about it, because they never buy stuff and bills are so high, but they are pretty wealthy now. That lot that they bought for Ewan, is a starter lot that costs $18,409, and after the remodel I did, it was worth about $25,000. The basement cost about $6000 with the kitchen and rooms it has. Most of the building is “gutted out” and is like a large room on the inside. Now, with Ewan’s paintings, the game says the building is worth $50,000.

      Altogether, Delaney, Alexander, and Bella make a total of about $20,000 a week, but with their current standard of living, bills cost about $16,000 a week. Delaney was making $6000 more a week when she was a space ranger, for quite a while. They put most of her space ranger money bonuses and pay into the bunker, though. They also grow a lot of perfect produce: One orb fruit from Sixam yield $2180 on the market, and they sell dozens every week. Then just the regular earth produce, like huckleberries, run $240 each. They also have microscope and satellite paintings like crazy, which run about $220 each. Delaney and Alexander can call into work to ask for a bonus every few days, which is around $500, and Delaney has chance cards on space missions that yield a profit sometimes. I guess they are making quite a bit of money these days!

      And really, they are either going to have to sell off a lot of stuff (like rockets and science equipment) to keep their standard of living in line with the high bills when the current breadwinners retire, unless Elise and Ewan can start bringing in a lot of money. I hadn’t sent Ewan off to work in the painting career yet, because I wanted him to have the gallery; it will probably be financially best to have him juggle the career and the business to make the most money. Also, all the current generation will need to get the frugal aspiration reward to help keep the bills down. For now, I’m trying to build up a savings before the older generation retires, and is eventually, gone. Bills in this game are very high so it is difficult to maintain a big lot without quite a bit of income. It turned out really “cheatey” to move Bella in as a Colonel making $1640 a day, but it wasn’t my expectation that she would live so long!

      I’m hopeful about Elise and Vicente romantically, since like I said, it would be fun to keep the Pancakes line going, especially as part of the legacy family story. Elise has never had a romantic whim, through her whole teen life, that I’ve noticed (and I probably would have jumped on it, had she, for story-telling purposes). In my game, she just aged up to young adult. She is a gloomy mean sim, so probably just as tricky as her brother to find romance. But oh, what a mother-in-law Eliza would be, with her neat perfectionism!

  5. moondansr says:

    Very fun swim party! I think I would have found it a bit overwhelming to keep track of everyone and you did a great job. The neatest part, I think, was the little blurbs about various sims and the way it all tied together to feel like a real extended friends and family get together.

    The random generator you found during this update is the one I used recently to randomly generate my final group of sims for my new blog. I really like the way it works.

    • Thanks, Moondansr! I use pause A LOT! Otherwise I would miss so much. They are a pretty cohesive family, and I was trying to have them reconnect with friends in this, as well. As for the generator, it seems to be less skewed than the legacy one, but that may just be me.

  6. This chapter was so fun and light hearted. I love seeing all of the family together. I hope Bella can put her feelings aside for Ewan. Him and Zoe are so cute together. That’s an amazing pool that I may have to invest in lol. The whole commercial area looks wonderful. I wonder how Ewan’s Gallery will look like.

    • Thanks again for commenting, I’m really glad you enjoyed the swim party. I think I wrote this one right around Memorial Day so I was really looking forward to summer vacation in real life! I thought Ktejj’s lot was really amazing– I’ve seen several copies of it on the Gallery, people claiming it and re-uploading it.

  7. Ariadne2001 says:

    I really hope Ewan and Zoe work out, I would love to see them fall in love with each other even more

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