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Talk about Princesses

Take Me to the Moon 7.16

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Alyse was tired all the time.  Somehow she’d forgotten how much energy it takes to keep up with a toddler.  It was almost as if Grayson had gone straight from cuddly baby to independent child.

Grayson and Fearghus were both at work, and it was just Alyse and Hedy at home.  Grayson was vague about his work, and he was gone most nights.

Soaked from Hedy’s splashing, but charmed by her antics, Alyse scooped Hedy up to dry her and put her in her pjs.

Just as she was giving Hedy a bedtime snack, Fearghus returned from work at the hospital.

“How did it go today?” Alyse asked, seeing the wear on Fearghus’ creased face.

Fearghus began to tell her about his day.

“It started out as usual,” he told her.  “I was making rounds, checking on patients.”

Management at the hospital was not doing a very good job though, Fearghus said.  The orderly wasn’t doing her job, and no one seemed to care.  The medical techs weren’t doing their jobs, and no one cared.

One of the med techs, who was always yelling, had been on his case, fussing at him again.

The med techs were supposed to take swab samples and analyze them, freeing Fearghus for consultation, pre-op, and hopefully, deliveries and surgeries.  But Fearghus was doing the med techs’ jobs.  Today he had dropped a swab sample, and the glass had shattered and skittered over the hard floor, going everywhere.

Fearghus wondered if there was any good reason to keep working at this point.  After all, he made as much in investments as he did in salary, and they could afford to take the cut in pay.  But he was still holding out hope that he’d get promoted to specialist one more time before retiring, if they would ever give him a chance to deliver a baby.  Instead he logged sample results.

Fearghus and Alyse put Hedy down for the night, and then gratefully snuggled into their own bed, to rest.

Later that night, Grayson returned from work.   Not long after he had fallen asleep, Hedy woke with a nightmare.

Grayson comforted her, and got her back to sleep.  He wondered what caused her frequent nightmares.

The next morning, Fearghus had a day off, and he slept in.

The butler was sleeping in, too, so Alyse made breakfast.

When Hedy threw her cereal, Alyse and Fearghus tried not to laugh, because they didn’t want to reinforce the behavior.  But she was so incredibly adorable, it was hard to keep a straight face.

After breakfast, Alyse got Hedy dressed and then gave her a big hug.

The little girl was learning so quickly!  She had a lot of new words, like “eat,” “art,” (her daddy showed her his stolen art and talked about it a lot!)  and “duck.” She also said “buh”, meaning “book.”  Reading was her favorite pastime, and she would often toddle over to the bookshelf and pick out her own book to “read.”

Hedy’s favorite book was about a little princess who lived in a castle, and her favorite topic for conversation, currently, was “Pwincess.”

At lunchtime, Alyse needed to take a nap, so she put Hedy in the high chair next to her granddad and left him to feed her lunch.

“After she eats, you can put her down for a nap,” she reminded him.

Hedy solemnly looked at Fearghus.  Fearghus looked at her, unsure what to do or say.

Then she started to fuss.

Fearghus was feeling tired too, so he carried her into the parlor, which Alyse had turned into a playroom, and laid down on the sofa to watch her play.

After a few minutes, Hedy started to fuss again.

“Buh,Buh,” she said.  Fearghus looked at her with confusion.  Hedy looked like she was trying to communicate telepathically, but Fearghus wasn’t getting it.

“Pwincess!” she said, scooting off the sofa and heading to her doll house.

Fearghus finally got it, and joined her at the doll house.

Meanwhile, Grayson had finally awoken and had answered an invitation to go talk to Billie Yang across the hall.

“There was a very strange, thin man hanging around in the hall yesterday night.  We wanted to ask him who he was, or what his business was, but we felt too freaked out,” Billie said.

That night, Grayson was at work again, and Alyse put Hedy to bed.

As Alyse carried her, Hedy’s eyes tracked the big picture of the Count over the mantle.

Gameplay Notes:

  • The toddler communication skill develops in a really cool way!  New toddlers can only babble.  As they learn basic needs words, they can do things like say “help food,” “help potty,” etc.  Hedy can say “help book,”‘ to ask an adult to read to her.  As their imagination skill develops (from being read to or playing), they get new topics of conversation.  Hedy’s favorite book is the one about the castle and she has the following topics of conversation available to her now:  Talk about princesses,  or talk about art.
  • Alyse was dangerously tired a couple of times since Grayson came home, and that’s why I had Fearghus watch Hedy, but he was so funny, he just looked at her like he was clueless.  She also is wary of people she doesn’t know as well.  Aubree, Alyse’s sister came over, and she looked at her the same way at first.  To make the story flow how I wanted, I used pictures from two different incidences when Fearghus watched Hedy, so if you notice, it’s sunset outside at “lunchtime” when Fearghus is feeding her.
  • Grayson is now in the criminal career, at “petty thief” level.  I imagine him trying to prove himself in a crime organization (because the top job in one track is like being a mob boss).  I can just picture him being aggravated though, that they consider him “petty,” but having enough maturity at this point to realize the long term gains are worth it.
  • Fearghus’ job in the medical career continues to be glitched and the med tech has the mean trait and yells at him.  The nurse and the med tech don’t do anything helpful and Fearghus even had to clean up some trash this time.  He really did drop the swab sample, actually 3 times, and I felt so badly for him.  But when the prompt comes up to send him to work, I just keep hoping that with the latest game update or repair, maybe it will work this time.
  • I wanted Grayson to invite the Count in, or meet him somewhere to talk, but he only showed up while Grayson was gone and I was worried if I invited him somewhere in the daytime, while Grayson was off work, that he would get stuck outside like Caleb and burn up.

15 Comments so far:

  1. Hedy is so adorable 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    The toddler looks a little like a vampire with those eyes ! I wonder if she will be! It was fun to watch her grandparents with her !

    • Anonymous says:

      Oops ! This is me, CathyTea. For some reason , your blog doesn’t recognize me on comments when I visit through the Reader .

      • Hi Cathytea, thanks for commenting and for letting me know the blog isn’t recognizing you. I’ll try to figure out what’s going on with it.

        I think her eyes look a little vampiric too!

      • Hi Cathytea, I looked at all my settings for discussion and can’t see anything that would block anyone. Maybe it’s an issue with my reader because I can’t get my WP reader to load at all.

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    I love Hedy’s little face! And I’m very curious about who she grows up to be. I hadn’t heard that about toddler learning in Sims 4. I love it. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to playing Sims 4. I seem to be on course to be done with Sims 3 in time for Sims 5. But this is the kind of stuff that really pulls me in.

    Also, woo — the boob sag on those Sims 4 Elders! Feargus looks so distinguished in his medical uniform, but gravity has not been kind to Alyse.

  4. Yes, I think they did a great job with the aging programming, with the wrinkles, body shape, and it even impacts how sims age if they exercise regularly. Elderhood has not been easy for Alyse and yeah, I noticed that boob droop too, which is probably emphasized by her dressing gown’s cut.

    Right now I’m working through a lot of frustration with the game though- just about the time my Simdale Valley got to be really fun, with all the families set up and relationships going, sims aging and showing it, and history developing, the game became almost unplayable with lag. I read about it, and it seems to be a Sims 4 engine issue. I’m in the process of moving them all over to a new, cc-free game file and considering how I want to try to keep the game going longer. I may need to use more aggressive culling and cleaning settings in MC Command Center, and sacrifice some relationships in the interest of maintaining the game longer. I’m really starting to wonder if rotational play is even possible, the way I want to do it. So I’m also hoping Sims 5 is going to take better advantage of the processors we have now and be a game that can have more depth and complexity than Sims 4.

    Hedy is so adorable!! I was just wondering yesterday while playing with genetics in CAS how they managed to program the genetics so that the first few children of any couple seem to be the most attractive possible combination of their parents. In order to have the extended family relationships in some of my Simdale sims intact, I re-combined households, which meant deleting the youngest two sims (with a back up in case I couldn’t remake them). The first roll or two of the genetics always seems to come out with the same features, and it seems to me like they are usually (if not always) the cutest. Since you are interested in genetics I wondered what you would make of that. Attractiveness is usually presumed to be at least somewhat subjective, but I think they may have set certain parameters on features for the first couple of rolls?

    • Echo Weaver says:

      Haha. It’s possible that they’re zeroing in on some facial feature dimensions that humans like to see when they roll genetics, but I HOPE not. That would drastically cut down on genetic variety if you play a multigenerational game. I kinda hope you just have some lucky rolls there. As much as I like getting a cute sim, I don’t want a town full of beautiful people ;-).

      I think that first shot of Alyse is also exacerbated by the fact that she’s in a gesture that rolls her shoulders up. As I look at her in other pictures, I think that her profile isn’t too far off for being post-menopausal and not wearing a bra. She’s always been a bit tall in the ribcage.

      I’m distressed to see that you’re having so much trouble playing a multigenerational, rotational game in Sims 4. Isn’t that a bit part of what the closed world was supposed to accomplish?? Do you play with Master Commander, or whatever the Sims 4 version of StoryProgression is? That could possibly add a bunch of overhead, but I imagine with that game you don’t want most of its features anyway.

      • Susan, I still hope they’ll eventually improve the programming that would allow the game to progress further without becoming so laggy. MC Command Center, for me, doesn’t get rid of the problem, at least not completely. It’s possible it would help more if I allowed more culling but that really interferes with the rotational relational aspect I’m going for.

        True, Alyse has always had a long midsection and that robe just doesn’t support her aging self 🙂

  5. Carla says:

    LOL at the opener! I wish we’d got to see Grayson as a toddler now. That would have been interesting. I can’t get over how cute Hedy is.

    But geez, she’s really keeping her grandparents busy, isn’t she? Poor Alyse is totally run off her feet.

    • HI Carla, thanks for commenting! I really feel for Alyse, but she is very happy, although tired. With his job and then sleeping, Grayson is unavailable for parenting a lot of the time. Fearghus has also still been working so it’s just mainly Alyse caring for her the bulk of the time. I am hoping Grayson’s schedule will get easier soon; right now he works till 2 AM and then is really tired. I couldn’t have been happier with how Hedy’s genetics turned out and I think she’s adorable!

  6. LOL, the line about Grayson going from baby to child! 😀

    Do they have a butler in this house? Seems like Alyse could use the help!

    Ah, the count came! I bet he came to check on Hedy, both in gameplay and in story. I wonder if he was marked as a caregiver to Hedy, since she was born in that house?

    • Yes- so far the Butler hasn’t had much of a chance to help Alyse because Alyse is so on it! I’ve seen the butler move to help Hedy and Alyse beats her to it, usually autonomously. But yes, if Alyse has to start sleeping or resting even more, at least the butler is there. Great question, Laura, I hadn’t even considered the Count may be marked as a caregiver since she was born there.

  7. maisie says:

    Alyse just stresses me out! I’m so worried for her, that I keep expecting her to pass away during an update. I’ll really miss her when she goes. Hedy is such a sweetheart. Poor Fearghus with his job being a glitch, that pack came out sometime ago that I would have thought they’d remedied it by now. Super curious what is going to happen with the count, and too funny on them being too afraid to approach him, I’d be in that boat too!

    • Me too, I’m worried for Alyse and I don’t know how much longer she will live. She didn’t get a lot of play time because of Fearghus’ active doctor career, and Grayson taking the limelight as a child, and I wish she could have done more during her life for herself. I will miss her too. Perhaps she will visit a lot as a ghost. As for the medical career glitch, the creator of MC Command Center for Sims 4 said he addressed that glitch in the latest MC Command Center update so I am still sending Fearghus to work, hoping he will be able to get that promotion now. Thanks for commenting; I saw on Tumblr that you are really busy and taking a break this month, just as I came back from my month away from simming.

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