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Take Me to the Moon 1.6: Takin’ Care of Business

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Take Me to the Moon 1.6: Takin’ Care of Business

After Beatrice’s teen birthday, Barnaby set out to make some friends his own age.  In the Garden District he met a guy named Harry Potter.
All the homes in this area were grand old houses situated along the creek, with willows shading the banks and little parks tucked in around the houses.

Barnaby and Harry went inside, where Harry lives with six other teens and a young adult by the name of Landgraab.  Barnaby met Ron, Hermione, Brad Pitt, Alice Cullen, and a few other people whose names weren’t quite as memorable.
After a while, Hermione agreed to walk to the park with Barnaby. 
She was definitely good company. 
Until he revealed he had a crush on her, and she left after an awkward moment. 
But the next day she came by the house and hung out for a long time.  Barnaby showed her some funny videos on his smart phone.
Meanwhile, Maddi was very worried about Micah’s health and gave him an expensive youth potion she had been able to save up points to obtain.
Maddi was working hard at getting her next promotion in the Comedian career.  The only thing standing between her and a substantial raise, was a lousy $25 in tips.  Five times she had worked at the Solar Lounge in Oasis Springs, but she was still $25 short. 

 The first couple times, most of the patrons ignored her and the last time, she left really disheartened when she ran out of material and some customers sneered at her.  She went home and spent the next two days off writing and refining new material.
Barnaby was also finding body building pretty tough…having stinky guys yell at you like a drill sergeant wasn’t what he was dreaming of when he set out on this path.
Beatrice tagged along with Barnaby sometimes when he went to the gym, to get in her aerobic workout.  She was able to complete endurance runs already.

One of the gym rats was a guy named Don Lothario.  Not the kind of guy Barnaby was looking for Beatrice to start hanging around, but Barnaby was usually there to watch out for Beatrice.

When they were at home, Barnaby was teaching Beatrice some self-defense moves.

And he took her along next time he went to visit Hermione.  That’s where she met Brad Pitt. 

And embarrassed herself somehow.   She found out Brad was a materialistic snob so who knows what offended him.

She and Hermione became enemies.
But before she left, quite pleased with her handiwork, she definitely caught Brad’s eye. 

Having survived the initial onslaught of parenting teens, Maddi and Micah were back to their usual happy, goofy selves.

And found more time to go on dates.
 With Barnaby nearly 18, and Beatrice obviously able to fend for herself, they didn’t feel they really needed to monitor the kids so much anymore.  And actually, Beatrice and Barnaby rarely argued.

 Beatrice went on a first date with Brad.  Without her parents’ permission, she went to the Rattlesnake Bar in Oasis Springs.  For some reason, Brad seemed to laugh easily around Beatrice, even though he normally felt pretty much above dignifying anyone’s antics or jokes with a smile.   

Maybe it was a challenge.  Beatrice could be just as proud and snobby as he.

 Both of them were feeling pretty mellow and flirty after dancing for a while.

 Neither of them looked as hot as they thought they did with their first kiss, which was pretty goofy.

Beatrice is definitely skilled at turning on the charm, though.
When she said goodbye, Brad was pretty unreserved that he had a good time.

The next day Brad came over to the house and  Beatrice embarrassed Micah in the kitchen.
After a while, he had a chance to get to know him a bit, though.
 When Barnaby came home that day, he gave his dad a big hug for some reason.

Beatrice found adequate reason to maniacally laugh over her fish tacos,

over music playing,
And over trolling the More Awesome than You forum.

Those unsuspecting peasants.  Next, Pescado himself.  (Evil Laughter)
Tune in next time when things really get moving, the Hulk emerges, Maddi grows old, and there is a high probability of a visit from the Grim Reaper.

Like I said before on Tumblr, there was some discussion that it is ok to add sims to the neighborhood from the gallery if you don’t know their traits, so I put the Harry Potter gang, Alice Cullen, and Brad Pitt in with Malcolm Landgraab in one of the big houses.  As long as the last one doesn’t marry in, they won’t bring money into the legacy so it is considered kosher.
Now that she’s a teen, Beatrice has started autonomously maniacally laughing periodically.
Barnaby autonomously went and gave his dad a big hug.


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  1. retromaisie says:

    Sweet to see Barnaby giving his Dad a hug, I'm concerned about him with his increased age. Hopefully he still has some more time, it's nice that Maddi is turning elder soon, then if/when he goes she won't be so young with all these young kids. But I always hated that elder sims die so quickly and rarely meet their grandchildren, it's just not realistic. Funny on all the celeb sims in your hood!

    I was curious what the white outline is around some sims at different times, is it like a glow of happiness?

    • Hi Maisie, the white outline is when I am hovering over a sim with the mouse and sometimes I get the snaps while doing that. If it was a glow of happiness, I guess they'd have it almost all the time, because this is such a happy household right now. Barnaby gave his dad several hugs in the past few times I've played.

      Micah was already close to elder when they got married, even though Maddi was only half way through the young adult stage. So he's quite a bit older than her. I hate that too, the elder stage in this is really too short.

      Thanks again for commenting!

  2. Carla says:

    LOL, Beatrice and her maniacal laughter is fantastic!

    That's a pretty good likeness of Brad Pitt, I have to say. I actually think he's cuter than the real one but perhaps that's because he's a teen. He and Beatrice make a cute couple – she seems to be behaving herself quite well lately.

    Poor Maddi – I've always felt like comedy would be such a hard career!

  3. I agree, "ArchieSims" did a great job on Brad Pitt. You are right about her behaving herself–she didn't lash out at Brad at all until a few play sessions after this one. Maddi has had a tough life but she's had an amazingly positive attitude, comedy is tough. Thanks for reading and commenting, Carla!

  4. Echo Weaver says:

    I came by to read about Beatrice trolling the MATY forums, but I have to say — I LOVE CELEBRITY SIMSELVES! They have great genes! I dump a lot of celebrity simselves into my towns. Sometimes I randomize their traits, and I always change their names to something reminiscent of, but not exactly, their celebrity names. I find that most Sims 3 celebrity simselves only have positive traits. Apparently that Bratt Pitt sim wasn't created by a simpering fangeek, though. Materialistic Snob :).

    • No, not a simpering fangeek! This Brad was a materialistic snob, and also active. He and evil Beatrice were quite the pair and with her romance trait they were always pretty passionate. As long as he got his run in every day, and an occasional new item he was pretty content. Plus, their daughter Cassandra was a snob, so hanging out with her also made him happy.

  5. lovesstorms says:

    Barnaby meets “Ron, Hermione, Brad Pitt, Alice Cullen, and a few other people whose names weren’t quite as memorable.” <– I laughed at many parts of this. Fun to add from the Gallery! Glad you were able to do that! 😀

    I love Beatrice’s look! She’s pretty sexy! Obviously, even more so if Brad Pitt noticed. 😉

    I’m glad Maddie and Micah were able to get some time alone. They’re so sweet!

    Beatrice laughing manically over her fish tacos and music was pretty funny. However, when I saw you had written “And over trolling the More Awesome than You forum.” I laughed out loud! My husband gave me a look. Hahaha! It’s probably something I shouldn’t admit to knowing, but I do and it was awesome!! <3

    • Sims 4 Gallery has so many great celebrity sims, I thought it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to add some in to the game. I agree about Beatrice’s look, I always thought she was gorgeous. And the maniacal laughter and trolling forums are very funny with the evil sims. Thanks for commenting, Lovesstorms!

  6. Ariadne2001 says:

    The Hulk? What has the Hulk has to do with Take Me To The Moon…? Raises eyebrow

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