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Take Me To The Moon 2.4: Changing of the Guard

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Take Me To The Moon 2.4: Changing of the Guard

Maddi was getting older, and just didn’t have the energy she used to, but her granddaughter Cassandra kept her active.

Cassandra had her dad’s bright blue eyes, her father and grandfather’s small eye size, and maybe her dad’s nose.  She also inherited her mother’s evil trait.  

 However, she was closest to her Grandma Maddi, who was always patient and kind, and always fun.

 Cassandra and Maddi even shared Barnaby’s old room; Barnaby was staying in Beatrice’s old room, and Beatrice and Brad were in the master suite.

 Having a grandma who was a comedian and a gourmet cook was really fun!

It helped make up for having a mom who unpredictably made people feel like dirt.

Even Hermione, even-tempered and quiet, couldn’t avoid Beatrice’s wrath.

 Beatrice and Brad somehow continued to be, for the most part, happy together.

Beatrice seemed downright sweet most of the time when she was with Brad.

And so, for  a long time, it seemed like everyone was going to continue to be happy at the Tesla house.  Then, one day as Maddi was cooking, she suddenly stopped and grabbed the kitchen counter.

She fell to the floor. 
And finally, collapsed.
Beatrice came over to see if her mother had finally died.

 Barnaby began crying huge tears.

Soon it became obvious that they were in the presence of death.

Beatrice, thinking that now she would have to do a lot more work around the house, told the Grim Reaper he was making a mistake.

When that approach seemed fruitless, she tried turning on the charm. 

But very quickly got put in her place, as a mere mortal.

But she quickly regained her composure.  While everyone else seemed beside themselves with shock and grief, Beatrice calmly smiled at death, waiting to see if he had the nerve to cross her.

Even though Hermione had known Maddi the least, she was still sad to see her go.  Everyone who knew Maddi, loved her.

 Cassandra was at school, and the family had not told her yet, so Barnaby was the most heart-broken.

That afternoon, Maddi’s best friend, Reagan, called and asked if she could come over, after she heard the news.

Beatrice gave her a thumbs down for being such a goody-goody.  
Reagan had come to pay her respects to Maddi, though, and she walked straight out to the grave and began to mourn her friend. 

Later that afternoon, Cassandra returned from school and was happily playing on the monkey bars.

But when she realized her grandma was gone, she was also very sad, and stood at her grave for over an hour, remembering Maddi. 

Brad came home from work and went straight to bed.

He was very saddened by his mother-in-law’s death.

Maddi Tesla, “She spent her life bringing smiles to others, especially Micah”


Sims 4 allows the player to write an epitaph on the gravestone of the deceased.
Barnaby grieved for 2 days.  He called the sadness hotline, cried in out in his bed, moped at work, and was completely heartbroken, but nothing stopped the sorrow for him.
Cassandra was at school when Maddi died.  In the future, I would use the option to bring sim children home from school so they wouldn’t miss the event.  No one was able to give Cassandra the news (it wasn’t an interaction; I thought it would be), but when she went to the tombstone, then she knew.
Hermione and Brad, who had not known Maddi long, grieved for 11 hours.
Beatrice did not grieve; in fact, the sadness of others made her giddy.  She talked with the grim reaper, called him on the phone later, and also chatted with him online.  I wondered if Barnaby had pleaded for Maddi’s life, if she would have been spared.


12 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Aw, RIP Maddi! That's kind of cool how sims who haven't known the deceased as long don't grieve for as long either. It's a shame they didn't add a "break the news" interaction for witnesses to the death to use on other sims. Actually, I think that's something TS2 and TS3 are sort of missing as well. When you think about it, it's quite strange how sims just automatically know their relatives have died (or got married or engaged or had a baby for that matter)!

    • Thanks, Carla, True, the sims just seem to magically know about these life events (or not know, as it happened with my Jackson Endeavor). I guess it is like when you are writing a story, and you don't include all the details, we are meant to put it together that they were told. But an interaction would be nice.

  2. retromaisie says:

    Well darn, I'm super disappointed that Beatrice didn't care about her Mom's death, I thought it might be the one thing to make her sasd. Break the news interaction would be nice, one that could go for engagement, baby, death, divorce, because then each sim could react individually too. Poor Barnaby, he does look quite heartbroken. And how cute is Cassandra! Total doll.

    • Maisie, thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it! It was interesting that Beatrice had much more "complicated grief" in that she wasn't sad at first when everyone else was grieving (evil sims are happy at others' misery), but when they were done, she got (it seemed) constant buffs where she would go out and mourn Maddi at her grave. Barnaby hasn't gotten but one of those, but Beatrice has had probably 15. She's constantly dropping what she's doing and going out to the grave, even a week after the death. I was wondering if that is related to her not mourning at the beginning, probably not, but it makes sense in my mind as a counselor.

  3. Cathy Thwing says:

    What a great founder Maddi was! I really like the screenshot tribute to her at the end of the chapter.

    I've noticed that my evil Sim loved to auto-mourn. It seemed to be her favorite activity. Gloomy and good Sims also do that a lot.

    • Yes, Maddi was awesome. When I picked Cheerful I didn't realize what an advantage it is in The Sims 4– because it always boosts happy, which boosts any positive emotion. I hadn't noticed that the auto-mourning happens more with certain traits, although now that you point that out, Beatrice certainly did do it a lot, and she's evil. I'll have to pay attention to my gloomy and good ones, too. Thanks for commenting!

  4. lovesstorms says:

    🙁 Maddie’s death is a sad one. I really enjoyed her. She worked hard to keep her family going and took crap from her daughter who didn’t seem to appreciate her at all.

    Poor Barnaby! He really felt the loss of his mom. I shouldn’t laugh, but I found it quite funny that Beatrice tried to talk to the Reaper. I definitely see her doing all of that. I could see her even having an affair with him. Lol!

    • Maddi did work hard, and she was so persistent in her love for her family! I agree about Beatrice, I really missed an opportunity there by not having her seduce the Grim Reaper further. But I usually play a lot by whims and I was pretty preoccupied with losing Maddi. I appreciate hearing your reaction!

  5. moondansr says:

    You know, I was scanning back to refresh my memory, and noticed this post again. I just wanted to mention that I had a sim die on her wedding day after the wedding and her new husband begged the Reaper to not take her. He had no mercy. They were soulmates at that point, so the closeness of the relationship doesn’t seem to matter when trying to influence the Reaper. I hadn’t known a Sim could die of laughter yet back then.

    • That is so sad, to die of laughter on her wedding day, even after her new husband pleaded for her life. I still thought that a deeper relationship would help, so I’m glad you told me this. And thanks for all your comments, it means a lot to know someone is reading and hear their reaction.

  6. ivanasims says:

    I’m sorry Maddie went, but she had a full and happy life with Micah and two wonderful children. Hem, hem, at least one of them! Beatrice is truly evil. Not so great that Cassandra is taking after her!

    • I have to agree with you there– about not being too enthusiastic to see Cassandra take after Beatrice’s evil trait. It made me feel like I’d picked evil as an exemplar trait!

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