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Take Me To The Moon 2.3: The Cassandra Complex

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Take Me To The Moon 2.3: The Cassandra Complex

After Micah’s death, Maddi once again planted a little apple tree, and started to tend it daily.  The one she planted when Beatrice was a baby had died from neglect in the long years of hard work and struggle to make ends meet.
Maddi seemed to be aging quickly these days, but she had reason to be happy.

Beatrice and Brad were expecting their first child!  They had decided, if the baby was a girl, to name her Cassandra.  If the baby was a boy, they would name him Cage.
Beatrice was not working, but she found ways to entertain herself.  Such as reading obituaries, which brought her a ridiculous amount of glee

And mixing drinks, so just not right while pregnant, made her cackle with mirth.
Or, she could always fall back on her old past-time of tormenting her long-suffering mother.  One day, Beatrice told her mother that she was a criminal mastermind. After that, she would periodically notice Maddi fretting about it.
Brad was excited about the baby.

But not so happy with Beatrice’s sudden mood swings while pregnant.  She had never yelled at him in the past!

And although he had seen her insult or yell at others, he probably figured she was too enamored with him to treat him this way.
One evening after Brad had gone to bed, Beatrice went into labor.

When he woke, Beatrice was sleeping soundly and little Cassandra was cooing in her bassinet. 

It was love at first sight for Barnaby, when he held his niece for the first time.  

 After Cassandra’s birth, Beatrice continued to periodically yell at Maddi for no good reason.

And then try to make up with her.

But maybe having a grandchild brought out some more toughness in Maddi, because she wasn’t as willing to just let Beatrice walk all over her anymore.   When it came to Cassandra, she told Beatrice exactly what she thought of her actions.

Meanwhile, Barnaby had finally convinced Hermione to go on a date with him to the art museum.
And they had shared a kiss.

In fact, Barnaby was suddenly sweeping Hermione off her feet.

While she was obviously infatuated with him and things were going well, he made the most of the moment and proposed to her.

It was one of the happiest moments of his life.


Beatrice is not actually a “Criminal Mastermind” but one of her evil interactions is to state that she is to others.  For several days after she said it, Maddi would periodically stop what she was doing and start to fret about it.  The caption on her Tense moodlet said something along the lines of, “Is this sim really a criminal mastermind?  What should I do about it?”
With a larger household, Beatrice did not need to feed and attend to Cassandra much, and she did not do it autonomously.  Brad got a lot of whims to care for her, but Beatrice did not.


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  1. Carla says:

    Barnaby finally gets his girl, huh? Wonder what made her change her mind!

    Poor Brad. He might have just realised the kind of woman he's married, lol! I can't wait to see what Cassandra turns out like.

    • I don't know what made Hermione change her mind, I was so surprised when she accepted his advances. I had decided I didn't want Faith's genes and was going to just have to deal with Barnaby being single if necessary, but this made me really happy, for the legacy line, and to see Barnaby finally win her heart.

      It's crazy, but Beatrice is still really nice to Brad most of the time, and they are really happy together. Maybe because she has the "romance" trait, so she is motivated to keep that relationship smooth. She autonomously yelled at him there, but she doesn't get whims to be mean to him, unlike everyone else.

      Which makes me think, Barnaby's the only sim I"ve played trying to woo someone without that romance trait or aspiration, and those are supposed to make sims more successful at romance. So maybe Barnaby's luck with Hermione was just standard for non-romance sims.

  2. retromaisie says:

    Oh my goodness, I am totally laughing about the Criminal Mastermind… "are they, what should I do" HAH! Super funny! Poor Maddi, that daughter of hers is more than she can handle! And Brad's look of shock and Beatrice's lifted eyebrow when she's shouting at him are my favorite, super funny facial expressions.

    I'm not surprised that Beatrice isn't much for the Mom role, I didn't expect her to be really, but fitting that Brad is. And I'm glad for Barnaby that Hermione finally accepted his advances.

    • Maisie, thanks for reading and commenting!! Yes, Beatrice lives up to her character in my mind well. Except that I thought she'd be a lot more malicious towards Brad after marriage and she hasn't been. I really expected her to boot him out. Maybe she has too much use for him, salary, repairing things, caring for kids.

  3. lovesstorms says:

    Go Maddie, go Maddie! You tell her what for! Of course she’s going to wonder if her daughter is a Criminal Mastermind. Bwahaha! The whole thing is hilarious!

    Awe! Cassandra is adorable. Of course, aren’t all Sims 4 babies adorable since they look exactly alike? 😉

    I knew Brad would eventually receive the brunt end of Beatrice’s wrath. Better he learn early on, I suppose.

    Yay! Barnaby and Hermione finally together! Glad that he finally could get her to go on a date and then say yes to his proposal! <3

    • True, that Claim to be Criminal Mastermind interaction is hilarious. I was so happy for Barnaby that Hermione finally accepted his advances. I was pretty determined for her to be part of the family. Thanks for commenting!

  4. moondansr says:

    I was super happy to see Barnaby get his girl. I’ve been wondering if he would or not for a while.

  5. ivanasims says:

    I think that planting a tree to mark a major event is a wonderful idea! I actually find it brilliant! And about Beatrice, oh, well, I’ve never expected her to be a really good mother 🙂

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