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Take Me To The Moon 2.2: Beatrice’s Wedding

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Take Me To The Moon 2.2: Beatrice’s Wedding

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Beatrice and Brad were having a modest but formal event at the Tesla home, overlooking Willow Creek.

They rehearsed their vows before the ceremony.

Beatrice, a romance sim, was feeling pretty flirty by the time the guests arrived and she was ready for the ceremony.

Maddi and her best friend, Reagan, Hermione, Barnaby’s girlfriend, Faith, Ron, and some random guy who was walking by all attended.

After the ceremony, Beatrice went and served the cake.

Meanwhile, Barnaby, who was still in love with Hermione, decided to break it off with Faith.

She did not appreciate his timing or his lack of ability to stick with a decision.

Although he went over to talk to Hermione, he was surprisingly sad about the break-up and found it impossible to flirt or be light-hearted with her.

And she wasn’t very appreciative of him talking to her when he had just broken up with Faith.

Embarrassed, he asked her for advice.

She seemed really embarrassed by the whole situation.
Her daughter’s wedding made Maddi miss Micah even more.  How she wished he could have been here.

It was a big comfort to her, though, to have Maureen and Barnaby there.
Until Barnaby, still upset about the way the break-up with Faith went, complained about his problems.
Eventually, he went and cried it out in his bed.
Even before the last guests left, Beatrice went to find Brad and begin the honeymoon.  They were taking over the master suite that had been Micah and Maddi’s for all those years.


In Sims 4, when you click on the wedding arch, the sims don’t automatically change into formalwear.  So be sure to do that before!!  
I was sure I took pictures of the cake-eating, but can’t find them.  
Maddi wasn’t really thinking of Micah in that one picture, but even though I’m sticking with gameplay for the most part, I’m still so upset about missing his death that I wrote it in.


7 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Aw, poor Faith! Kind of an unclassy move by Barnaby there and I don't blame Hermione for not being impressed.

    At least it was a nice wedding! That's a lovely pic you got of Maddi thinking about Micah, even if she wasn't really! I don't know what TS4 is like in that regard but if I only stuck to things my sims were actually thinking about, my updates would all be about A+ report cards and sunshine!

    So do you have to change everyone else to formalwear as well, not just the couple? I think that, of all the new things I've read about TS4 since its release, would annoy me so much! You know how I am about weddings. 😉

    • I was quite happy with the game there, both for not letting Barnaby just start flirting with Hermione right away, and for Hermione's reaction to him talking to her about the break-up.

      I think I would need to change everyone else to formalwear at the beginning of a wedding, which I'm thinking is an oversight they'll change in an update, but could be intentional. Yes, your weddings are always just right! And I don't have a tool yet like inSim to make sure everyone's in the right clothes.

  2. retromaisie says:

    I didn't realize my comment didn't post on this one. Darn mac and blogger with their hate relationship. This was a nice wedding, but sad that Micah had to miss it. Barnaby pretty much deserved what came for him, he's had a flame for Hermione for sometime now. The wedding was very nice. Barnaby is SO buff, he always cracks me up.

    • Maisie, I saw your comments about Blogger on N99….it is a pain, I still think about moving to WordPress sometimes, maybe one day when I'm on vacation again. I am sorry about it eating your comments. I don't even have apple and it eats mine so many times!

      Barnaby cracks me up too, he's so goofy (even though he doesn't have the trait, maybe because of his self-assured and insane traits), and so huge.

  3. lovesstorms says:

    Ugh! Barnaby, what is wrong with you!? Hermione doesn’t seem to want you, but I guess if your heart is that in love, then I suppose you don’t want to lead Faith on. Hopefully, he can figure out what he wants. I can’t believe he fits on that tiny bed. He should really be crying on a bigger one. Hehe….

    Yay! Beatrice and Brad are finally married. They are going to have some adorable kids. I’m looking forward to it!

  4. ivanasims says:

    It’s nice to see the next generation taking over, but a little bit sad that Maddi and Micah are slowly going out of the picture. I hope Beatrice and Brad will have pretty babies 🙂

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