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Take Me to the Moon 2.1: Emergence of the Hulk

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Take Me to the Moon 2.1: Emergence of the Hulk

With a substantial raise and her eldest about to become an adult, Maddi felt more together than she had in years.  She decided to make a gourmet black & white cake for Barnaby’s birthday.
 As Barnaby thought about what he wanted to wish for, Maddi felt quite proud of her son. 

The Tesla family had never had more fun at a party.
Micah had plenty of energy for dancing.

Barnaby blew out the candles and said goodbye to his teen years.
The next morning, for no apparent reason, Barnaby woke up feeling infuriated.  He felt practically green.

And decided to take out his anger in some heavy lifting.

And by uncharacteristically mocking his mom.
Soon it was Maddi’s birthday.  Micah made her a vanilla cake and the kids invited Brad Pitt and Hermione Granger.  Maddi invited her best friend, Reagan.

Micah even broke out his old sombrero for the occasion. 
  Now they would be old together.

But still pretty goofy.

In a whirlwind of parties, it was also time for Beatrice to become an adult.
Maddi sang “Happy Birthday” as everyone else began to gather for Beatrice to blow out her candles.
Hermione came, because she was invited, but she was not happy to see Beatrice, who had been friendly lately but had really embarrassed and insulted Hermione when they were teens.

Barnaby was still trying to get Hermione to see him as more than “Just Friends.”

Now that she was an adult, Beatrice wasted no time and proposed to Brad
He said “yes” of course.  For some reason, Beatrice and Brad really put aside the harsher parts of their personality when they were together.
Soon after Beatrice’s engagement, Micah died in the night.  (Please see notes at the end).

The next few days passed without major events, as everyone worked on their jobs and skills.  Barnaby spent a lot of time at the gym, of course.
He met and went out with a girl he met there, Faith, who wanted a large family.  He asked her to be his girlfriend, and she said yes.
Maddi continued to keep the household running.  When things broke, she missed Micah’s handiness around the house.
Beatrice prepared for her wedding, got a makeover, and pretty much did whatever she wanted, since no one liked to confront her.
She and Brad were planning their wedding to be held in their own garden.  As they were planning the wedding, Brad started to pick up on Beatrice’s evil trait.
Maddi got to know Brad better.  His attitude about things in the house not being good enough sometimes took her by surprise, but overall, they seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

Beatrice would make people feel so low, and then smoothly apologize, and expect everything to be ok again.
The day before the wedding, Barnaby and Maddi were both at work, so Beatrice and Brad had to get their privileged hands dirty and do some repairs and cleaning, if they wanted the house nice for the wedding.
Maddi came home that night completely exhausted, to find Hermione was still there, dancing by herself in the living room.
Barnaby soon woke up and came out to see Hermione.  He started explaining his conspiracy theory to her.
Early the morning of the wedding, Maddi started working on the cake and Brad and Barnaby were keeping her company.
As Brad put the topper on the cake for the wedding, Barnaby made a joke about the old ball and chain.  Brad looked uncharacteristically meek for a moment.


The aging in this game is amazing!  When Maddi was close to becoming an elder, her jawline had sagged a little and she had lines around her mouth.  When she first became an elder, her hair was gray, but not a lot of other sudden changes.  As you’ll see in later posts, as she lived more days as an elder, she developed more wrinkles and I think her skin tone became more mottled.
I am so upset.  I missed Micah’s death.  There has been some talk about sims disappearing in the game, which will hopefully be patched soon (and this is why I’m playing a legacy for now!)  I had gotten the pop-up message that Micah didn’t have long to live, and I should get his affairs in order.  I saved, and went to (real-life) work.  When I started up the game the next time, I thought, before playing Micah’s death (which I was sort of dreading) I’d get some other sims from the gallery set up in another household, which is actually against legacy rules but I don’t look at their traits (to give myself an advantage) so I do it anyway.  Anyway, I saved the other household and went to click on this household, and Micah was gone!  I can only assume that in the time I had the other household open (less than a couple of sim hours), the game engine “culled” him from the neighborhood.  Now I know never to start up another household when someone’s about to die until I get a mod or EA patches it.  What made me so sad is that I know everyone, especially Maddi, would have grieved but now it is like it never happened, which is also probably a glitch or at least should be fixed in updates because it makes no sense.  I think it could also be fixed by having aging off in the non-current households, but I hope there will be a fix for this in general.


11 Comments so far:

  1. retromaisie says:

    Aww Maddi might not be able to grieve, but I am super sad! The sombrero… ah they were so adorable together, and I knew he was like eons older than her in EA terms, but man, still super sad. How are you playing your legacy, which one will be the heir? Or are you keeping both of the kids to have kids? Brad Pitt is pretty yummy, and I do think Hermione does resemble the actress too. And wowza on Barnaby! He is buff beyond measure! I wish I could use my anger into muscle!

  2. I know, I had already used the once-per-generation potion to turn back the clock, and I was so dreading his death.

    So I am playing random heir, so I roll for heir. That's how Beatrice was chosen, so once she has more than one child I'll roll again for Gen 3. However, I am breaking the rule and having Barnaby's spouse (won't say who before you read it) move in at least until they have a kid or two so the families will be close even after they move out.

    I used potion with aspiration points to slim down Maddi after childbirth, but Barnaby's muscle mass is all his own hard work, and having the benefit of a fast metabolism due to his aspiration, Body Builder.

    Hermione reminds me of Belle, the Disney princess, sometimes, but overall I think she has a good resemblance to Emma Watson.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Maisie!

  3. Carla says:

    Whoa, Barnaby is huge! Can't believe it! I'm glad he has Faith now. It didn't seem like Hermione was ever going to see him as more than a friend. I'd be keeping her in mind for future legacies, in your position though, because she's super-pretty!

    RIP Micah! That's a real shame that you missed it and that the game doesn't seem to be handling deaths properly. 🙁 Hopefully, that is indeed a glitch and that they'll fix it in a patch. Or it could be a one-off thing and you were just unlucky.

    Can't wait to see Beatrice's wedding!

  4. Hi Carla! Thanks for reading!

    My aging settings are all on, so Hermione will be gone before another sim could marry her. I am really curious about the workings of the game with attraction, though, because she's been rejecting Barnaby since they were young teens, in spite of their friendship.

  5. lovesstorms says:

    Well, Maddie and her family may not be able to grieve, but we all do. I’m so sad. I’m glad I didn’t play much in the early stages of Sims 4. I would have been sooooo annoyed at the stupid glitches and such. Of course, I bought it, but didn’t really spend time in it.

    I could easily see Beatrice and Brad having marital issues later. Hopefully, they won’t, though. Wow! Barnaby is absolutely ginormous! He’s been working hard! Looking forward to more of your story! 🙂

  6. moondansr says:

    How sad that you lost Micah that way. I will remember to be careful about that sort of thing. You must have been upset to find him gone with no sign of his death. 🙁

    • Yes, it is my biggest problem with Sims 4 and sadly I haven’t resolved it completely. I kept hoping the programmers would patch it satisfactorily but it looks like I’m going to have to consider a mod to protect my simmies. Thanks so much for reading!

  7. ivanasims says:

    I’ m sorry for Micah’s sudden disappearance, especially after you’ve put so much effort into keeping him alive as long as possible!

  8. Ariadne2001 says:

    Maybe he was abducted by zombies?

  9. Maybe, abducted by zombies is not a situation I considered… 🙂

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