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Take Me to the Moon 1.1 … The Beginning

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Take Me to the Moon 1.1 … The Beginning

This is the beginning! / Next Chapter

Meet Maddi Tesla.  She’s a cheerful goofball who loves the outdoors.  Her driving purpose is to find and love her soulmate.  
As soon as she has bought a toilet, a bed and a shower, Maddi heads to the park to meet said soulmate.  She is confident that this person exists, and she will find, and woo them.

“Are you single?”  
“Are you single?”
“Are you straight?”
“Are you employed?”
Maddi finds that Mr. Jung is a gloomy snob, but he is single.  Not ruling him out, yet.
Mr. Married and Mr. Gloomy Snob begin to have more fun conversing together than with Maddi.
She is not daunted.
“Are you single?”
“Are you straight?”
“Are you employed?”
Maddi begins chatting with Abraham Lincoln’s pudgy descendant.  He seems like another distinctly possible soul mate.  
Argyle Sweater Guy, however, is noncommittal.  Definitely not Soul Mate Material.
Then, Maddi sees him.  It is a beautiful, strong, hunk of a man.  Could it be, is he her heart’s other half?  

Nope.  This guy is also noncommittal.  
 Maddi is so disheartened, she goes in the bathroom to take care of her needs and clean herself up.   As a benefit of her soul mate aspiration, she is also alluring (Can not you see she is sexy??).

And makes herself some veggie burgers on the grill.
That night she is grateful to fall into a comfy bed on a lush lawn, and forget her cares for a while.
Breakfast is cold veggie burger left over from her pocket.  But as a cheerful sim, Maddi always wakes up happy.
Then she’s off to another park in town to continue her quest.  She gives herself a pep talk.
She meets sombrero boy at the park and asks him on a date when she learns he is a lazy art and music lover.  His name is Micah.  His only apparent genetic flaw is that his eyes are too close together, but to Maddi, it is what is on the inside that counts.
There’s an awkward moment when for some reason Maddi doesn’t understand, Micah is embarrassed, but they have a “gold” date.
They have a second date at the Blues Club, since Micah loves music, and (sorry I don’t know where all the pictures went) have their first kiss.
When Micah comes over the next morning, Maddi proposes, and Micah says yes.
Sombrero Boy got flair!!

They celebrate by enjoying pizza and a show on the penguin TV, in the luxury of the living chairs under a dreamy sky.  This is the life.
Maddi and Micah decide to elope right here and now (after checking the price of booking a wedding; Weddings cost $1000 and Maddi only has $11 with no hope of earning much anytime soon).  Oh, I forgot to tell you, she is a clerk at the Sim CIA.  

Hey, don’t judge.  This is true love.
For their honeymoon, Micah and Maddi magically stop time while a small house is built on their property using Micah’s wealth ($20,000).   Please excuse the building; I was trying to conserve money and haven’t touched build mode in this game ever before.
Maddi and Micah live it up for about 18 hours

And then crash, barely able to tear themselves apart to sleep.  By the way, the autonomous romance in this base game makes me very happy.  More on that later.

The next morning before getting down to business, Micah indulges in his second third favorite past-time (after napping and woohooing); watching TV while eating.
Then he’s off to the library to begin to fulfill his lifelong aspiration of being a best-selling author.   Laziness is NOT a helpful trait for achieving this goal… and he only has 15 days before becoming an elder.

Meanwhile, Maddi gets a new job as a comedian, takes her mike outside, and practices her jokes on the lawn.  She missed the lawn.  As much as she loves being with Micah, being inside makes her feel cooped up.
Thinking of starting a family soon, Maddi decides she needs to make sure she’s in shape.  She goes for a jog before Micah gets home from work.
He drags in, so tired.  
The next morning, in a scene of domestic bliss, Maddi says she wants to start trying for a baby.  After the first time they try, they autonomously try again.  A Giant Step for EA.  And an adorable step for Maddi and Micah.
It’s off to work.  Maddi swings by the lounge to see if she can get some time in at the mike, but no luck.
That evening, she’s feeling tired and not even gummy pancakes lift her spirits.  Trying to earn enough money to pay the bills leaves Micah and Maddi with no time for her hopes of having two more incredible dates with Micah.
But the next morning, Maddi takes the pregnancy test she’s been holding on to, and it’s positive!  Along with a feeling of nausea, she is excited about the new life growing in her.
She is so excited she plants the apple seeds she’s been carrying around.

And hopes that both this new life and her little tree will flourish.
When Micah wakes up, she gives him the big news.
They celebrate the moment with a picture of them, pre-kids.
That day while Maddi is at work, Micah decides if he’s going to support a family, he’s going to need more energy.  And of course, the way to solve that is to dig up an energizing crystal.
Being pregnant and poor is rough, but they’ve got each other.   Oh, did I mention?  Pregnant sims can wear any outfit.  Another good step for EA.

As Maddi starts to show, her back bothers her sometimes.

And Micah has a fabulous attitude when fixing the shower, the sink, the toilet, no matter how tired he is.  He knows they’ve got to have things ready and Maddi is too tired just going to work.
The time for the baby to come is drawing near, and Maddi is nesting.  She makes Cheeseburger Cake.

 Maddi and Micah decide if it’s a boy, they’ll name him Barnaby.  Beatrice is the name they have chosen for a girl.

Maddi is happy with the children’s  room they’ve been able to prepare, and they have the baby’s bassinet in their room.  The baby will have her old bed, when he or she grows into it.

Micah can’t believe how huge Maddi is getting, and that soon he’ll meet his son or daughter.

Early Labor Prerequisite Paternal Panic

Maddi breathes deeply and prepares to give birth.
Half my pictures are gone :-(.  I haven’t been able to get FRAPS to work in game, so I’m depending on the in-game screen cap.

Legacy Rules:  

1.  Gender Equality
2.  Strict Traditional Bloodline
3.  Random Heir Determination

I am using the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator to determine the aspiration and traits of babies, and of course, following the Legacy Challenge Rules.


16 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Oh my God, that picture of Maddi asleep on the paving cracked me up! My mum has told me that was apparently my preferred sleeping position when I was a toddler!

    Maddi and Micah are a pretty cute couple (especially once Micah got rid of his sombrero, lol). Can't wait to see their baby, though seeing you have three more updates done, I guess I won't have to wait long. šŸ™‚

    Cool that they've built autonomous romance into the base game. I never understood why they didn't do that. Can you put them on birth control? I can see unhindered autonomous try for baby getting kind of scary!

    • I am replying on my tablet so a lot of the deleted comment was gibberish. I guess as a toddler you were not on the pavement at least. And boy was I glad there's no miscarriage.

      The babies' faces are a bit disappointing, but the animations, like rock, are really nice. I would be extremely happy with breastfeeding if they could sit and do it. But of the two babies in the game, I couldn't see a difference in their appearance.

      They only autonomously tried for baby after I had them do it once, so I don't think they will do it out of the blue, although sims who want a large family might. There's no birth control I know of.

      Thanks for commenting!

      I am trying to finish the legacy quick and get to my simdale sims! These updates are simple and quick.

  2. ashland sims says:

    I loved this! It's been a long time since I read a legacy! Things move so much quicker in a legacy than in a rotating gameplay hood. Look at her pregnant belly!! So excited šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks, Ashland! It is fast, it is a nice change of pace after playing rotating for so long.

    Appreciate your comments šŸ™‚

  4. retromaisie says:

    Looks really great, very pretty sims and backdrop. The sombrero is quite humorous. Like Ashland, I haven't read a legacy in a while, looking forward to discovering the game and watching your family grow through your legacy. That sleeping position outdoors is quite funny, and I really like her sitting on the edge of the bed too in the kid room, lots of little bits here and there that really make it more realistic.

    • Thanks for commenting, Maisie šŸ™‚ The sims do look pretty good, I agree. It's funny, I had just downloaded and started using the mod in Sims 2 for sitting on the bed. Sometimes Sims 4 makes me think the programmers were lurking in forums to see what people were modding and what the response was.

  5. Hello:)
    I just started this and it’s great (I hope I will be able to catch up soon). I love their little celebration with pizza and penguin TV. That picture sums up the life of a founder so perfectly!

    • Truly Curly, hi! You really don’t have to read all the posts if you don’t want to, you could read the synopsis. But thank you so much for commenting, and I hope you enjoy it! I’m glad to have found your blog, too!

  6. lovesstorms says:

    So, I finally made my way over here. Fantastic start to your story! I thought it was funny when you mentioned how close Micah’s eyes were, but I couldn’t see anything from his nose down.

    She was very persistent to find a man, eh? Well, she finally did and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have. I think Micah’s a great fit for her. šŸ˜€

    • What an incredible upper on a Monday morning, to see your comments in my email!! I’m so glad you commented. The first three generations of this story were, in my opinion, pretty shaky in writing and picture quality because I was just documenting playing the new game and I meant to just fly through it. Then I fell in love with it…

      Yes, with Maddi’s soulmate aspiration, I thought she needed to find the one quickly so they’d have lots of time to complete it, and that she’d be happier once she found him. Thanks for commenting!

      • lovesstorms says:

        Well, I’m glad I made your Monday better! šŸ™‚ I think that’s how I started out a little, too. Kind of just thought I’d fly through it. My main goal: share my silly story. Nothing more. lol

  7. ivanasims says:

    Maddi looks great! I really hope her baby will have her hair! (I dopped by pretty late I see, but I’ll just have more to read then šŸ™‚ )

  8. Ariadne2001 says:

    I saw your comments on Cathytea’s blog so I decided to check out Take Me To The Moon, haven’t regretted it so far :D. It’s really fun to read and the lay-out of your website is really pretty!

  9. Hi Ariadne! Thanks for all the comments and likes, glad you like it šŸ™‚

  10. Haha, that sombrero cracked me up! Maddi is a cutie šŸ™‚

    • Hi Sempreviva! Glad you got a laugh out of Micah’s sombrero. I hope you enjoy reading about the Teslas but if it gets long, there’s a synopsis for the first few generations and even if you don’t read the back posts, I think you’ll still be able to keep up with the current generation, especially if you start around 7.0 or 7.7. Thanks for commenting!

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