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Take Me to the Moon 1.3: Beatrice, The Early Years

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Take Me to the Moon 1.3: Beatrice, The Early Years

Beatrice Tesla was born into the family!  Her traits and aspirations were determined by the randomizer:  As a child, she is evil and has the aspiration to be an Artistic Prodigy.  As a teen, she rolled the Romantic Trait, and as an adult will continue her love of art and have the aspiration to be a mixologist.
The proud dad.  Of course, how evil can she truly be?

Barnaby says hello to his little sister.

He wants his dad to play chess with him or read him a book, but Micah has a deadline if he wants the next promotion.

Barnaby brings his toys out and starts playing with them at Micah’s desk.

Four Years Later…
Beatrice sets out to fulfill her first and best hope as an evil sim:  to declare an enemy.
While her mom socializes with other moms, she heads over to the playground.
She and Barnaby join the other children who are playing pirate

She begins to jeer at one of the little boys.
Then she waits for him later to confront her mortal enemy.

She picks a fight…

And declares him to be her enemy.

She is quite accomplished for a four-year-old.
Beatrice was also randomly chosen between Barnaby and her to be the heir for this generation.
Since he is a whiz kid who is going to be self-assured as a teen, and an insane bodybuilder as an adult,  Beatrice decided early on that he will be her minion and bodyguard. 


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  1. Carla says:

    To look at Beatrice, you'd never guess she was such a terror! Those kids are usually the most fun to watch though, as miserable as they make the poor sims around them.

    • Yes, she looks pretty sweet and it is really fun to watch her, except when my conscience really kicks in. Whoa. And the poor sims around her, I try to protect them without taking away her autonomy. With the romance trait as a teen, and still being evil, she's going to have new ways to terrorize others. She might not be so cute then!

      Oh- I meant to add on the other comment, that Beatrice did the other actions that were "evil" autonomously, but this "declare an enemy" was a "whim" that I had her fulfill.

      It seemed kind of like the way "woohoo with 3 sims" want in TS2 makes them want to continue on that pattern, (but a little different) because after declaring an enemy she autonomously did all the mean stuff to other people. But it could just be, this is one of the first things I had her do as a child, to fulfill that "whim."

      So the Sims 4 sims have "whims" they can get aspiration points for, but they also have aspiration related goals to move higher in their aspiration. The whims could be related to mood or aspiration, but the aspiration goals are of course, specific to their aspiration. Her aspiration is artistic prodigy (it will change as an adult, that's a child aspiration) and right now to move up in that aspiration she needs to tell 10 unbelievable stories, which is unlocked by getting to a certain creativity level, and 2 other goals for skills and creativity (I think drawings). Its hilarious when they tell unbelievable stories, looks just like the faces of my kids at school when they are spinning a tale.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. retromaisie says:

    Oh my! TOO funny! And she is seriously SOOO cute!! Oh my goodness! I'm excited that she is the heir, and yay for Barnaby to be her bodyguard, too funny. Interesting that there are childhood aspirations, makes me want to test the game out and do a legacy for kicks, I always enjoy a terror child!

    • Terror child she definitely was! (She's aged to teen so the next update will be the early part of her teen years.)

      So far, the aspirations are not easy to complete. I hope to be able to get further with the gen 3 kids' aspirations than I was able to with Beatrice and Barnaby's.

  3. lovesstorms says:

    Ok, I had to come down here to comment before I even finished the chapter. Beatrice does NOT sound like an evil person. Hehe…yeah, my mind will need to shift gears. 😉 Poor Barnaby. I’m almost afraid to continue.

    But, of course, I did. Minion, huh? Bwahaha! I can almost hear her evil little laugh. This is just too funny!

  4. Ariadne2001 says:

    Gosh, Beatrice is one evil girl

  5. Sophia, I agree, Beatrice most definitely was evil, enjoying the suffering of others and inflicting it.

  6. Poor Barnaby, to be an athletic self-assured whiz kid, only to find yourself being your younger sister’s errand boy…erm I mean bodyguard! 😂

  7. So true, Barnaby was a great guy. He ends up being around longer than Beatrice, though…

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