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Take Me to the Moon 1.4: Beatrice & Barnaby

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Take Me to the Moon 1.4: Beatrice & Barnaby

The Tesla Family, Generations 1 & 2
Micah, Maddi (Founder), Barnaby, and Beatrice (Heir)
The Tesla Family Home
Floor Plan

When we last saw Beatrice, she had begun her reign of terror abroad, at the local park.
But she didn’t stop there.  Although she wanted Barnaby, her big brother, to be her ally and minion, that did not protect him from her evil plans.
Even though she was directed to complete her homework in her own room, she came in to sit on Barnaby’s bed and taunt him while doing her homework.  Yay for multi-tasking.
Then she took her dad’s book he was looking for

Her mom came in and gave her a lecture

She made faces at her mom while her dad gave her a lecture
She had plans for her dad, too.
Beatrice implied that her dad’s clothes were only good enough to throw away.

Micah realized how diabolical she could be

And moved down to the other end of the bar to finish eating

She was quite proud of her handiwork.

Maddi became a full adult today.  Micah’s thinking he loves her more than ever.

But all is not well.  
Maddi cried in the shower because no one remembered her birthday.  Micah also aged to elder on this day.
Meanwhile, Beatrice formed a plan.
“I shall impishly pester the male child.”

She was rewarded by seeing Barnaby stomp off to his room angrily.

Like any truly legendary villain, Beatrice is not evil all the time though.
She and Barnaby are friends.
But there’s no question.  Beatrice is evil.

I hated the first house I built in Sims 4 (the yellow walled one with rooms too big.)
Since I didn’t know what I was doing in build mode, I built this house in another ‘hood, bulldozed their old lot, imported this one, and then moved them back in.  They kept their personal belongings.

13 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Well, this new house looks pretty cool! I like the curved deck. 🙂

    Does Beatrice do all this stuff autonomously or is she rolling wants (forget what they're called in TS4) and you're directing her? Either way – what a little nightmare she is, lol! Poor Maddi, everyone forgetting her birthday. 🙁 Can sims wish each other a happy birthday in TS4, or give gifts or something?

  2. Thanks, Carla. I like this house a lot better too. And I read as long as the family can afford it, you can import stuff. I had thought I had to build it on lot, but no.

    Beatrice is doing all this autonomously, that is why it is so hilarious/sometimes disturbing. You'll tell her to do something (like homework) and then you'll see these little actions with the evil icon queuing up on their own. She wanted to yell at her mom when her mom was upset and I had her mom go ask her dad on a date so they could get away from her! But she also autonomously hugged her mom.

    It was so sad to see Maddi so sad about her birthday. I got a notification saying she was going to have a birthday, and there was so much going on I didn't throw her a party. It costs $100 and you need to bake a cake. Then she just started crying later, at the end of the day, and that was the reason. She started doing something else for a while, but the sad emotion took over again later in the shower.

    I'll have to see if they can give gifts and wish happy birthday.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, it is fun letting you know what's going on in the game!

  3. retromaisie says:

    Very nice house, the curved deck is really nice, I like that feature. Beatrice is a total riot, and too funny about you having to protect her parents from her. Sad about Maddi though crying in the shower, poor lady.

    Man, Beatrice is my favorite, I hope she has lots of evil children and it continues for generations to come. 😉

    • You wouldn't believe how heartbreaking that shower-crying was. I vowed to never miss another birthday!

      Maybe evil will become an Exemplar trait! (I doubt it, but you never know!)

      Beatrice is really fun to play 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, Maisie.

    • Cathy Thwing says:

      This happened to me with my founder, too! I was so sad! Now I stress over birthdays to make sure to get that party in!

      And Beatrice makes me laugh so much! She looks a lot like JordanNicoleJJ's Fey when Fey was a child–and her facial expressions remind me so much of my crazy Manzanita when she was little! I love reading about evil Sims SO much more than playing them!

    • Hi Cathy Thwing! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

      Beatrice was fun to play, as an evil sim, although pretty stressful because I didn't want the sims around her to suffer. But her daughter, who was also evil, just grated on me. Beatrice was evil in a fun way that Cassandra wasn't. It reminds me of what MegaMind said about the difference between a villain and a supervillain– I think the difference was presentation!

  4. lovesstorms says:

    In that top photo, Beatrice just look so sweet and innocent. Who knew such a deep, seated evil lay below.

    Yeah, I saw her brother being part of her plans. I love how her dad moved down to the end of the counter instead of punishing her or leaving the kitchen. haha!

  5. ivanasims says:

    The house you’ve built looks very nice! Beatrice has a lucky start towards her future as a heir. Lucky and evil, though! I’m curious to see what trouble she manages to get herself into!

  6. Ariadne2001 says:

    Poor baby, I’m sure that deep in their hearts they did remember.

  7. Yes, they just didn’t throw a party for her 🙁

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