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Take Me to the Moon 1.2: Barnaby’s Birth

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Take Me to the Moon 1.2: Barnaby’s Birth

Maddi holds her first child, Barnaby Tesla.

Micah is so gentle with Barnaby!

Four Years Later

Maddi and Micah are expecting their second child.

Maddi is enjoying cutting loose a little.

Barnaby has become a very sweet, smart child.  His childhood aspiration is to be a whiz kid, and his trait is outgoing.

Barnaby is excited to be an older brother.

Barnaby Tesla got his mom’s cheekbones, nose, and mouth.  He got his dad’s eye color and hair color, but the shape around his eyes is from his mom.


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  1. Carla says:

    Barnaby turned out pretty cute! He has a really sweet face.

  2. Thanks, Carla. I think so too.

  3. ashland sims says:

    And then there were three! And baby #2 on the way! Barnaby is very cute. I'm excited to see the next baby.

  4. Thanks, Ashland. I am really happy with Barnaby. Especially with no toddlers, it does move fast! The children age up to teen after 12 days so the time scale is still pretty much the same, just longer as children. They did such a great job with the kids, I hope they do great with the toddlers when (and if?) they add them.

  5. retromaisie says:

    Barnaby is a cutie, but the baby stage not so much. And such a bummer to not have toddlers, I just can't wrap my brain around that decision. Looks like genetics might be better this time around too.

    • i know–I'm not sure, Maisie, but I think all the babies might be identical to each other. The interactions are really nice, but not the babies themselves. And of course, them being tied to the bassinet is weird. To me, the genetics does seem better than Sims 3, it was so disappointing in that aspect. I've always liked toddlers, but not missing them too much right now…if they never add them, I'll be surprised and disappointed. The kids' animations and available interactions are SO much more than in Sims 2, it is sort of making up for it right now, for me.

  6. lovesstorms says:

    Barnaby looks adorable, but his grumpy face at the end made me laugh. Haha!

  7. Awe. Barnaby’s grumpy face is really adorable. lol

  8. ivanasims says:

    Barnaby looks cute. I sense he’ll be a handsome lad someday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ariadne2001 says:

    Ahwww, Barnaby is so pretty and cute <3

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