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Take Me to the Moon 1.5: And So It Begins

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Take Me to the Moon 1.5: And So It Begins

As Barnaby’s teen birthday approached, all was not happy at the usually merry Tesla home.  Maddi and Micah had their first ever fight, and said things they both regretted.  Maddi even tore into Micah’s woohoo technique.
Although both of them tried to turn the conversation more positive at times, they ended up seething in separate rooms.
It was time for Barnaby’s birthday, and despite fatigue and hectic work schedules, Maddi and Micah prepared to throw a party.  The fridge broke down, fortunately AFTER the cake and the salad were made.  Even breaking out his sombrero failed to lift Micah’s mood.
Finally, though, the house and cake were ready.

Maddi had to leave for work and missed the big event.  The electric and water bill were due in two days, with no means to pay it in sight, so skipping work wasn’t an option.
Barnaby grew up, and definitely had his dad’s eyes and coloring, but his mom’s nose and cheekbones.

Barnaby is such a great protective big brother.
The rest of the time, Barnaby chatted with his dad.
But when the party was over, Barnaby had his first big chore as a teen.  His dad, exhausted from the day, went to lay down.  Since he was getting older, but still had to work, he often came home dangerously tired.
Barnaby fixed the refrigerator pretty quickly, and fortunately, did not shock himself.

Beatrice, quite giddy with joy over the recent bad feelings in the house, happily helped out by putting away the birthday cake.

In four days,it would be her birthday.   
Barnaby seemed almost happier, definitely more energetic, as a teen than he had as a child.  He finally had the chance to fulfill his own wants, instead of so many being dependent on his overwhelmed parents.
He was also a lot more confident in himself, especially when he was working out.

His dad sat him down for the “woohoo talk,” which was pretty embarrassing for both of them.
More and more, his dad was dangerously tired, so the day before Beatrice’s birthday, he finally retired.

Maddi was so busy with work, even though she had more cooking skill, Micah made the chocolate cake for Beatrice’s birthday party.

Beatrice grew up to be still evil, very interested in romance.   She wants to be a bartender when she grows up, 

And she  already started pressuring her parents for bar tending stuff.  She is 13 going on 35.
Her mom just doesn’t seem equipped to handle Beatrice’s wrath. 

She looks to Micah, bewildered, who looks back at her blankly. 
The end result, Beatrice gets her wish and starts learning to mix drinks at the age of 13, leaving everyone else to clean up behind her.


I wouldn’t give a thirteen year old the aspiration to be a mixologist, but I’m playing by the legacy rules.  One nice thing about the game I can’t do in a legacy, is change aspirations whenever you want.  I’d probably do that some to suit my sims’ stage of life.
For Maddi to finish the level of her aspiration (Soulmate) that she was on, she had to apologize to soulmate when angry.  It turned out to be very difficult to fulfill since their relationship was completely positive.  I would make her say mean things to Micah, and he’d autonomously say nice things back, or she’d autonomously apologize and do nice things.  After two attempts, and significant damage to their relationship, I finally got them angry enough but they weren’t soulmates anymore.  So after rebuilding their relationship and having them both remember an angry memory, I finally fulfilled the want and she moved on to the next aspiration level.  She will get the reward trait of Companion when she fulfills this level, which is going to take some time– 3 gold dates and 200 romantic interactions with soulmate.
They desperately needed Micah’s income to pay the expensive weekly bills, but he was “dangerously tired.”  I got too worried about him dying early and breaking Maddi’s heart, so I retired him.  They had to sell off some reward objects, and so far, have been able to avoid having utilities cut off.
Maddi is so attached to Micah, I feared him dying and her having a broken heart, so I had her buy potion with aspiration points, so he could turn back the clock on his current age, elder.


16 Comments so far:

  1. retromaisie says:

    Oh my goodness, Beatrice, what a handful! I really like Barnaby's look as a teen, very smooth! I love the look that Maddi gave to Micah when she was demanding her mixology equipment. The broken fridge really got me excited, look how realistic that is!! And the birthday cakes.. ahh I hope someone converts those to TS2 someday cause they are freaking awesome. I want Barnaby's cake, yum!

    • Yes, the actual interaction that gave Beatrice that expression and bewildered her mom was called "Demand Independence."

      There are two different types of cooking skill, regular cooking skill, and gourmet cooking skill. I think that Black & White cake is unlocked with gourmet cooking skill, and I think she originally had the option to try gourmet cooking when inspired. I bet someone will convert some of the meshes!

      Thanks for reading, Maisie!

  2. MC Lyte says:

    Im enjoying your blog so much! I dont have S4 yet, but its so nice to see someone's gameplay in motion..and learn about what the game is like to play. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Carla says:

    I think if any 13-year-old was going to be able to convince her parents to let her learn to mix drinks, it'd be Beatrice! I mean, I'd be kind of terrified to say no to her, lol!

    Is it just me or is the adult-to-elder transition a little more subtle in TS4? Micah doesn't seem to look very, very different.

  4. I am really liking the elders in this game. They have a slight hunch (Micah is hunching a lot in that one pic because he is so exhausted), and their features all age but still look like themselves. The programmers/designers added wrinkles and I think the noses get a bit longer as the adults get older but I'm not sure.

    I sure appreciate your comments!

  5. Cathy Thwing says:

    I used to run into that exact same roadblock with Soul-mate. Have you tried it after the December patch? I'm pretty sure it's no longer a requirement–I don't think I had to do it with my last Soulmate aspiration guy–which is a huge relief!

    • About the apologize when angry roadblock for Soulmate aspiration, I haven't played that aspiration again since the December patch. I can see where they were going with that requirement– to really earn that reward trait, Companion, you need to have proven you can weather the downs of a committed relationship as well as the ups. Using an angry memory worked like a charm; if I had to do it again, that's how I would do it. But it was a pain in the neck to get through, and felt like hoop-jumping, so it is just as well if they've changed the requirements.

  6. lovesstorms says:

    Whew! I love Barnaby as a teen! He looks amazing! I laughed when you mentioned he was a great protective brother. Maybe, but who was going to protect him from her. o_O

    Poor Micah, though. Dangerously tired. I’m so glad you were able to get him to turn back the time. He deserves it! We wouldn’t want Maddie to be heartbroken. She’s got enough on her plate.

    Beatrice pushing her parents to let her be a mixologist. She’s got some definite courage. Hopefully, that helps her down the line.

    • Good question, who would protect Barnaby from Beatrice? She rarely targeted him though; more often it was her mom and dad that needed protection.

      Yes, Micah didn’t have an easy life. I remember playing this part of the legacy. They were still so broke and constantly stuff was breaking, it was really hard accomplishing anything other than getting everyone to work and fed.

      I’m glad you see Beatrice’s pluck. It’s one of her strengths.

  7. ivanasims says:

    Beatrice looks great! I hope she is the heir, but I won’t peek ahead to find out! With the evil trait added to her personality, she’s going to have an interesting life to follow!

  8. Ariadne2001 says:

    Beatrice is looking good!

  9. I always enjoyed Beatrice’s look, too, Sophia

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