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Take Me to the Moon 4.9: Please Stand By

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After returning from the Willow Creek Archive with Mortimer, Delaney was not ready to retire.  Declan Hammond had put a recording program on Alexander’s computer, and  she was using Alexander’s recent hacking to access the greater World Wide Web outside of the Program Files/Origin Games/The Sims 4.  She voraciously started reading about the Goth Family, the Sims games, and the world of Simmers.

Although the extensive and varied Goth family history was fascinating, her main concern was Cacey’s whereabouts.  She quickly found Cacey.  With a simple Google search of her name, a Tumblr account came up, with a link to the Wolff Legacy.

Open Letter to “Shannon Simsfan,”
Delaney Tesla and Alexander Goth here.  At least, the Delaney Tesla and Alexander Goth that have become “game aware” and hacked their way into your simming blogger account.  Which, by the way, was easier than getting into a flirty mood when there’s a bottle of champagne on the dresser and Alexander’s in his heart boxers.  Not a feat that requires update after update of story development, as you have made it out to be.  
We see from reading the blog that you obviously care a lot about the Tesla family, although you were criminally negligent with our save files. As figments of your imagination without any jurisdiction over you, all we can say about that is, it looks like you are taking more precautions now, for which we’re grateful, and deeply hope you’ve learned from your mistakes.  What has passed, has passed, and nurturing bitterness doesn’t make anyone a better person, so we will continue to work towards letting it go, and move on.  We both agree that the only thing we can do about it is treasure the time we do have with everyone we know and love.  It was good to see how happy Cacey and her family are in the Wolff Legacy, and we would like for you to bring Cacey, Gavin, Dashle, Dennis, and Darryl back to our game as soon as she finishes her work there.
You also wrote in your About this Blog page that you consider yourself a Sim Watcher.  At the risk of angering you, we would comment that your writing, and the lives of everyone we care about, were more enjoyable and fuller when you were playing to your strengths. Obviously, the Simposium for Game Aware Sims (S-GAS) event impressed you a lot, and I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when will enough be enough?  
(This is Delaney talking):

Let’s review some of the amazing things that have happened while you’ve been off on this Game Aware Sims, wild goose chase tangent.  Alexander completed a whole aspiration, Computer Whiz.  Completed.  An Aspiration.  But you show him moping about, taking pictures of those glitch-induced, but rare times when he goes out to mourn Sims he never knew, and write about how his sadness is due to a conversation on a rooftop, which he never actually had.  A conversation which you simply constructed out of a slew of pictures in which he happily chatted with his dad and his dad told him an Unbelievable Story over and over.  As for crying in the shower, that was a passing sad mood, just a natural result of the same glitch, and not characteristic of his ongoing mood in the slightest.  In fact, I see that you totally left out what he was doing during that time more frequently, stealing autonomous kisses and flirting with me.


I guess that didn’t fit into your little story arc.  (Still working on the bitterness bit).
Ewan has also finished the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, and Elise is well on her way to completing the Social Butterfly aspiration, in spite of her mean trait.  They are both amazing kids, and so is Desmond. I did like the little joke you made about Alexander being the review board for Elise’s experimentation on her brother and cousin.  Not true, but funny.  It looks like you are considering her for the Get to Work Science career.  I concur with that.
I maxed out my gardening skills.  And I may not have memories of my space flights, but I sure am Very Happy when I’m waving goodbye, getting in the rocket and looking at the cool space rocks and space slugs I bring back.  And I read that very soon I will be able to fly to a new planet and actually experience it.

Speaking for the Delaney in your head who has become “Game Aware,” I am asking to bow out, and let the true Sim Delaney shine again. While I’ve been on your web, I’ve noticed that your world is obviously almost infinitely bigger, more laden with possibilities, and more real than mine.  I have also noticed that it has a commensurate share of problems and sorrows.  

My family and I, in fact, everyone Sim Delaney knows and loves, are part of a game, but we know our place in the world, and we just want to live our virtual lives.  We are not able to read the user interface, we don’t actually have whims to hack into your hard drive, and we definitely don’t want to be a used as a sounding board for existential forays into the meaning of simming!  Let other simmers take care of that angle, please.  We are asking you to do what you said you would, and just represent our rather idyllic lives for what they are.

The Delaney and Alexander Characters who have grappled with GAS  (pun intended)


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  1. Well, I see I've been hacked. I went in to continue work on my draft, and found this. Since it was written by figments of my own imagination, I suppose there's no one to complain to, and I'll just have to listen to it, and take it into consideration.

  2. Carla says:

    LOL, this was too funny, Shannon! Looks like Delaney and Alexander are hoping for a more accurate representation of their lives in the future. 😉

    • 🙂 They've got better things to do, things to achieve, virtual life to enjoy!

      I thought about this story arc ending point for about a week, while I was writing the prior post, and couldn't figure out any other satisfying ways for them to resolve things. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

  3. retromaisie says:

    This was hilarious, I loved the link to tumblr and the other bits and bobs of what they have been up to that you have erroneously excluded!

    • I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to write, after struggling for a while with the Delaney and Alexander characters in my head over this whole GAS thing, ha. Thank you for reading!

  4. moondansr says:

    That was unexpected, which made it great. I just want to say in your defense though, that the arc was a lot of fun. Delaney simply can’t understand how fun it was to read. 😉

  5. ivanasims says:

    Wow! This was so funny! 🙂 I loved it! I loved how you integrated the idea of game awareness and how your sims “reacted” to their sim reality being distorted! Great idea!

  6. WHOAA.. you were right. I am shocked of how it ended. Wow haha. I’m sitting over here cracking up. They don’t sound too happy.But I love what you did with this. This was VERY unique seriously. Good Job.

  7. hahaha I really loved this “game-aware” arc 😀

  8. Ariadne2001 says:

    Although it was funny it did make my brain hurt, it’s just so much to take in haha

  9. Yeah, thanks for reading, and commenting!

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