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Take Me to the Moon 4.2: Come Whatever (Friends Forever)

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Take Me to the Moon 4.2: Come Whatever (Friends Forever)

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Friends Forever (Graduation Song) is by Vitamin C

After the wedding, Delaney and Alexander settled in to their new home and new life together.


Even though everything had changed, sometimes it seemed to Delaney nothing had changed.  Ryleigh was still right across the street, just like when they were little girls and would run down to the creek to play after school.


But things were more complex now.  Alexander and Dante were tentative about being friends.  Alexander didn’t make friends quickly, or easily, and Dante, being such a people person, realized that and didn’t want to push himself on Alexander.




Dante had thrown a dinner party when Ryleigh and he announced their engagement, and invited Alexander’s whole family.




He was glad to see that Alexander had Cassandra, his sister, to chat with while the crowd moved inside.


The party was a huge success; lots of Dante and Ryleigh’s friends got to know the Goths, Delaney’s new family.


Day to day, Delaney and Ryleigh were still together all the time, Delaney sharing ideas, Ryleigh listening,



And Ryleigh telling Delaney about “normal people” lives…  like hers.


One day, she told Delaney, she came home from work after being really embarrassed in front of her co-workers.  She had gone a little overboard on trying to impress her boss, trying to get that VP promotion.
Dante helped smooth it out for her, in the end.
And they talked about Ryleigh’s wedding, of course.
The day finally came.  Delaney had spent the night at Ryleigh’s to help with last minute arrangements.  Alexander arrived bright and early and found them ready and chatting in the kitchen, waiting for guests.


He excused himself quickly when he realized Delaney was reassuring Ryleigh that everything was taken care of.  He didn’t want to get stressed out too!


Ryleigh had chosen red bridesmaid’s dresses, and a classic dress for herself.  They were throwing the wedding themselves, on the back patio at Ryleigh’s house.



It was a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony.



The relief of her part being mostly done, and the romantic ceremony, made Delaney start thinking about Alexander, and she stole away afterwards for a kiss.


Back at the reception, after sharing their cake, Dante looked into Ryleigh’s eyes and took his new wife in his arms.


Cacey had changed out of her formalwear, and agreed to help out with the reception, since the hired bartender wasn’t working out.
It was a good thing she did, because Dante, usually a perfect host, was a little too enamored with Ryleigh to tend to guests.



Finally, Ryleigh’s mother stole her away from her new son-in-law.


Bella was also helping Cacey entertain guests.  Malcolm seemed a bit scandalized.




The big day had to come to an end eventually.  Delaney and Alexander went back across the street.  But after Dante changed out of his tux, he got an idea to carry his new wife over the threshold.
Next morning they were right back to work.  But very happy.  A vacation could come later, when they had achieved a few goals, like opening Dante’s restaurant.


Delaney and Alexander, however, took vacations every chance they got, which was just about every weekend.


Alexander would fish while Delaney explored.


One time while she was hiking, she came across a hermit’s house and struck up a conversation with him.  Before she knew it, he was sharing his favorite potion recipe with her.

Delaney was getting very interested in growing herbs she collected in Granite Falls.  Sometimes she wouldn’t even change out of her work clothes before she’d be tending to her plants.
Maybe she did take a little bit after her mother, Cassandra, after all.


Gardening did make her feel close to her mom, in a way she never really had.


Alexander was moving up in the Tech Guru career, and honing his programming skills most evenings.
Delaney would often eat her supper while chatting with Alexander as he worked.

If anything mechanical ever needed to be fixed on the computer, though, Delaney was the one who took care of it.

One evening as Alexander was finishing up his dinner, Delaney started flirting with him.

He couldn’t take his eyes of her, as she sauntered away.

And he followed her, and flirted back.


It was a nice evening.

Delaney and Alexander visited with Cacey and Gavin quite often in the evenings.  During her pregnancy, Cacey was often more comfortable in the pool and they would hang out there and chat.

Early on, Cacey had found out that she was expecting triplets!  As the pregnancy progressed, she continued to work out daily, but towards the end of the second trimester, her runs eventually became walks instead.

Meanwhile, Alexander, Delaney, Ryleigh, and Dante were becoming quite a group of friends.  Dante told Alexander about his dream of owning his own restaurant, as a chef.



They talked about going camping together on the weekend, but that was where Ryleigh drew the line with her friendship with Delaney.  Ryleigh was not a fan of camping, or the outdoors.  Plus, she always had paperwork to catch up on, during the weekend.




One morning, Cacey called and told Delaney that she was in labor.  Delaney rushed to see her aunt.  As soon as she entered the living room, she saw three bassinets lined up.


It was hard to believe her family’s size had doubled overnight!  She had three cousins now!  Dashle, Dennis, and Darryl were all little redheaded boys.  Dashle seemed to be the most particular; Dennis was the most outgoing, and Darryl was the most active.
Delaney spent a lot of time over the next few months, helping Cacey care for the little ones.


Ryleigh was so happy to see Delaney enjoying being part of a growing family.




Graduation by Vitamin C
Cause we’re moving on and we can’t slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn’t know much of love, but it came too soon
And there was me and you, and then we got real glued
Stay at home talking on the telephone with me
We’d get so excited, and we’d get so scared
Laughing at ourselves thinking life’s not fair
And this is how it feels
As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, come whatever
We will still be friends forever
So if we get the big jobs and we make the big money
When we look back now will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule?


Dante had to lay down the law to get this uninvited wedding guest to leave.



I couldn’t believe Ryleigh and Delaney were in the bathroom together. with Delaney using the toilet, without being embarrassed.  I haven’t seen any sims 4 sims, but spouses, act like that before; usually they all want to go hide from everyone or tell a self-deprecating joke after walking in on someone.
As I said before, with Micah and Maddi, I love the way sims autonomously flirt and show affection in this game!  Delaney came out to the porch one night and started doing “Sexy Pose” at Alexander, and then his jaw autonomously dropped. 🙂  They are always seeking each other out, like at the wedding, and being affectionate.
I love this interaction:  When a sim is confident, they can “Show off Muscles.”  Delaney’s queue read “Examine Alexander’s muscles.”  So funny!



Here’s the original, raw footage of the triplets’ birth.  I was in shock, and then I remembered there was some talk of a multiple births glitch …



Delaney is tough on tomatoes!


And got a little of her Grandma Beatrice’s flair for throwing knives!



11 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Oh my gosh, and three boys! Wow! Cacey and Gavin will be busy!

    Alexander and Delaney look like they're settling into married life very happily. I love their couples' nights with Dante and Ryleigh too. Are you going to be able to run a restaurant with that next expansion? That would be awesome for Dante!

    • Cacey and Gavin do have their hands full, Dashle, the oldest, is the most fastidious and quiet but can be moody; but Dennis and Darryl are outgoing and busy, always into everything. I changed their dad's traits and aspiration to be centered around being outdoors and fishing, and it is a great outlet for Dennis and Darryl. I am a little relieved they aren't in the main house so I can just pop in and play them a little at a time! But it is easy to move sims between houses, for the day or weekend, so they spend a lot of time at Delaney's.

      About Dante's restaurant: I know the EP will have the capacity to have a bakery, it is unknown if there will be true restaurants. He will at least have a bakery or "catering business." In the official stuff it said anything that can be made can be sold in a business, so I figure he could sell food even if he can't run a restaurant. I would love to be able to have a restaurant, though!

      I love getting them all together, too. This time I didn't get a chance for them to visit Ryleigh's after they were married because when I tried, they weren't home, but that will be fun, too.

  2. retromaisie says:

    Wow, triplet sons! That sounds intense! I like how you are intending to play them though, and that its easy to move sims between houses too, it makes everything seem very dynamic in your hood. Ryleigh looks lovely on her wedding, great backdrop for it. I'll be interested in seeing what happens with Dante and the EP/restaurant. Delaney is super cute, and I love her checking out Alexander's muscles, they seem like a really well-paired, lovey couple.

    • Triplets are much easier without toddlers, although I'd gladly "suffer" through that stage! (I miss them so much!!) The Sims 4 kids are really easy, as far as needs, but meeting their school and aspiration goals is challenging.

      Delaney and Alexander seemed really cute to me since they were teens, and nerds together. I've been really happy with that match. And they both have some darkness in their past.

      Thanks for commenting, Maisie!

  3. moondansr says:

    I’m really enjoying peaking into the other houses. When I realized the legacy rules I’m playing by didn’t allow for that it made me sad. So many kids raised and then never played with again. Because of it I have a plan to make my own town, which I’ve begun, filling it with a wide variety of people and challenge based situations, then blogging from house to house. First, however, I’m making myself finish with the Malfoys. Thanks for the fun to read blog! Also the babies, so cute. I can’t wait to see them as children.

    • All your comments have been so much fun to read! You’ll get to see a lot of Cacey’s kids and these kids (as they grow up) through the next few dozen chapters 🙂 The whole story slows down quite a bit from this point.

      Rotational is SO much fun; that is how I’ve played Sims for the most part.

  4. ivanasims says:

    Wow, triplets! And boys! Cacey surely catching up for the time she didn’t have any children of her own. I hope they manage! 🙂

  5. There wedding ceremony was so cute! Ryleigh is such a BABE! I never noticed before. Wow. Dante has it Good 😉

  6. Ariadne2001 says:

    I can’t. Delaney and Alexander are just too cute together 🙂

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