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Take Me to the Moon 4.15: A Regular Day

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Take Me to the Moon 4.15: A Regular Day

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I decided to queue up a short update for this week; then I decided to ramble on for a couple paragraphs BEFORE the update, making it a little longer!  Maybe I have villain tendencies, addicted to soliloquies 🙂  (Deletes ramblings about how busy life is right now.)

But back to the Tesla Family!  Just before receiving word that Cacey was returning to my save file, this is what Delaney, Alexander, Ewan, Elise, and Eric were up to.



It was just a regular school day; Delaney had been away on her third mission to Sixam.  The kids were doing their homework together while Alexander fixed supper.



Delaney returned from a space mission feeling very confident, and kissing followed.  Of course.  I love how the kids just take it in stride.



Alexander was feeling confident as well, and suavely returned her amorous advances.



After dinner, Elise and Ewan were finishing up her extra credit on the sofa when Alexander autonomously decided that Eric needed a big hug.


Maybe his parents’ PDA did have an effect on Ewan.  Because the next morning, he uncharacteristically, (autonomously I might add) decided to accost the mail delivery person with questions about woohoo.
“Hey, I just deliver the mail.”


“Do I look like a biology teacher?”

Poor Ewan, now he’s embarrassed.


Meanwhile, Alexander and Delaney, who have been playing chess against each other since they were little kids, wanted to have a re-match.  It is always a cutthroat competition between them.
 “Oh, you’re going that route this time?”


“Yes, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


Hmmm.  Yes, it does look unbeatable.”



But, wait, here’s something you may not have noticed…”


“And, checkmate.”

On Delaney’s third trip to Sixam the day before, she had headed straight for the area where she had been unable to cross the liquid, that lay between her and the far-off lights.   She couldn’t see a way across, to what looked like a city.


But the scenery on Sixam is always mind-blowing.




And Ewan finally painted his first Excellent painting.







 Well, that’s all for now, folks.
But even though Delaney swore off the Game Awareness path, I think she still checks in on the blog and the Wolff Legacy sometimes to see how Cacey’s doing, so I’m sure she knows by now that the next update will be a very happy reunion with her aunt and her family, after a decade’s absence.



10 Comments so far:

  1. That’s a really cute mini update! I loved the chess match!

  2. Starwing says:

    I love your blog’s new home! It’s nice to be able to explore Sixam eh? I think I’lll play my alien scientist some this weekend!

    Did Alexander get a makeover? Or is that really how he grows up to look like, naturally?

    • Thanks, Starwing, I’m glad I took the leap to the new website. Sixam has been awesome to explore. I would say it is a little bigger than the hermit’s area in Granite Falls, but it may actually be about the same size. I hope that the scientists who go there via the wormhole (Delaney goes via the rocket) will be able to visit alien’s homes as SimGuru Romeo showed in one of the videos they released before Get to Work came out. I have not found the secret way (if it exists) for an astronaut to visit alien homes.

      That is Alexander, as the game generated him, except for the addition of the facial hair and a different hair style. As he reached middle age, I thought it helped him look more his age. Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. cathytea says:

    Your Alexander is so cool! For some reason, I’m so super excited for your Sims to be coming home from Wolffland! I don’t know why–I think it’s just because I love all things Wolff and so I love the cross-pollination!

    • Me too, although it was a tough choice, I voted for Wolff’s story at the EA forum for the Story of the Month Spring Edition. Thanks for the link to that on your blog, by the way, it reminded me to vote. I need to add one here.

      I like my Alexander too. He is an awesome dad and husband, and so down-to-earth but brainy.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. moondansr says:

    Ah ha ha, asking the mail carrier about woohoo. Aren’t sims great? I really enjoyed the tense chess game pics and description and am as eager as Cacey might have been for the reunion chapter!

    • Ha, yeah, sims are a riot. It’s so much fun to read your comments– with school starting I haven’t been reading or blogging much, but I see your comments in my inbox and it makes my day!

  5. I’m still in awe about how Sixam is so beautiful. Great shots again. I loved the whole thing about Ewan asking the mail woman about woohoo. “I don’t teach biology” haha that was funny. Delaney and Alexander are beyond cute I can’t wait for the reunion.

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