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Take Me to the Moon 4.1: Old Wounds

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It was the morning of Delaney’s wedding, but she was outside, looking at Uncle Barnaby’s old trailer, and missing him.

And Delaney was staring at the spot where her launchpad and rocket, Earhart, had sat for so long.  Earhart had practically been her best friend through high school.  Many, many days and nights they had spent together, and then shared that amazing, 93 minute low earth orbit.
Cacey and Delaney had decided to sell the rocket to help Delaney and Alexander start their life together after their marriage.  And Delaney was now a Low Orbit Specialist at the Space Agency, so she got to participate in the launching of rockets several times a year.  It just wasn’t the same, though.

Delaney’s phone rang.  It was Bella, her soon to be mother-in-law, making sure they were on their way to the church in Willow Creek.

But before leaving the house, Delaney gave Cacey a big hug.  There weren’t really words to express her gratitude to her aunt Cacey for making a happy life for her after the death of the rest of her family in her childhood.
Cacey, a newlywed herself, was Delaney’s matron of honor.   And just a few moments earlier, Cacey had found out she was expecting a baby!

Still, they arrived at the church on time.  
As Cacey’s best friend, Bella Goth had not made any disparaging comments about Cacey’s informal patio wedding just months before.  
But as Delaney’s future mother-in-law, Bella put her foot down and insisted on a proper church wedding and reception.  Cacey had warned Bella that so many of the elements of a formal wedding would be difficult for Delaney, an orphan.  Fortunately for Bella, Delaney had never shied away from a challenge and she wasn’t going to avoid this one.
Bella was relieved.  It just wouldn’t do to have dust blowing across the lawn, or people lounging around in swimsuits, at her son’s wedding.

With the morning sickness and all the excitement of her first pregnancy, Cacey was finding it challenging to concentrate on organizing the bridesmaids, Ryleigh and Cassandra.
She was very relieved when Alexander came in looking, for the most part, calm, since he tended to be reticent at parties and social events.  Or downright panicked.

The time came, and Ryleigh and Cassandra entered the church on cue.  As an orphan, Delaney had decided to get around the whole “give the bride away” dilemma, by starting at the altar standing with Alexander.

Alexander, with his usual serious intensity, promised to love and cherish Delaney,

Which almost made Delaney cry.  She had only a few memories of being part of a big family, and had only Aunt Cacey for so long, to love her.
Delaney promised to love and cherish Alexander, till death parted them.

Ryleigh’s fiance, Dante, was practically beside himself with excitement.  He tended to be that way about romantic occasions.

Alexander kissed Delaney, and they were declared husband and wife.  Mr. and Mrs. Tesla-Goth.

As soon as the official ceremony was over, Delaney gave Alexander a big, big hug.  They had both made it through the first part of a pretty scary event, together.

The families and friends were waiting to take group pictures before moving into the ballroom for the reception.

First, Delaney’s tiny family:  Aunt Cacey and her new husband, Gavin, posed with Alexander and Delaney.
Alexander and his sister, Cassandra.

Delaney’s two best friends, and bridesmaids, Cassandra Goth and Ryleigh Arias.  Now Delaney would have a sister!

Delaney with her aunt Cacey, and new mother-in-law, Bella Goth.

It was time for the reception.  Delaney made a toast to the guests.  “Thank you for being part of this beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  You’ve welcomed me into your families and hearts, and Alexander and I love you.”

Alexander walked over, took her in his arms, and gave her a big kiss.  It was so unlike him, to be so emotional, and especially in public.

“You’ve made me so happy, Laney,” he said, and snapped a picture of them on this big day.

“For posterity,” he laughed.

To avoid the awkwardness of no “father-daughter” dance, all the bridesmaids joined Delaney in a first dance.

Delaney went over to Ryleigh and gave her a big hug.

And yours is next!” she and Ryleigh practically jumped up and down with excitement about Ryleigh’s upcoming wedding.

Delaney went and joined Cacey and Dante for a while.  She didn’t feel like she’d really had a chance to get to know him yet.   He had was working as a caterer, trying to get the money to start his own restaurant.

“Ryleigh and Dante really did look happy together,” Delaney thought.

Eventually, Alexander and Delaney had talked with everyone, and hugged most everyone, and it was time for them to leave.  Ryleigh gave her another hug.
Alexander telling Ryleigh about how Gavin is a writer.  Of course, he has been unemployed most of his life, just got his first point in writing skill this month, and never had anything published.  I eventually changed his aspiration after Outdoor Retreat came out, to fishing, and he and Cacey live off her salary.
Cacey spent most of the reception going around telling everyone her big news, that she’s pregnant:

Here’s Delaney’s initial reaction:

And Bella’s reaction was pretty funny:

Not sure what emotion this is, but not really positive:

And finally, sharing her friend’s excitement:

Cacey is very excited about this baby, she constantly had thoughts of the baby on her mind.

Just a sweet picture of Delaney and Alexander:

And then the Grim Reaper crashed the wedding, but fortunately no one died.  (At first I was closely watching Mortimer Goth, afraid he was about to die!)  I did think, with Delaney and Cacey’s tragic past, maybe it was symbolic of all their dead family members being there in spirit, but decided not to include it in the post.  Something about it is just more comic than sadly evocative.


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  1. Carla says:

    Whoa, what was the Grim Reaper doing there?! That's pretty weird but yeah, sort of fitting for this family!

    I'm glad Delaney had such a nice wedding though. I can see her and Alexander being very happy together! Cacey's obvious excitement about her pregnancy is really sweet. Pity Bella couldn't be quite as excited for her, lol!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Carla! I couldn't really figure out any reason for Bella to react that way to Cacey's pregnancy, maybe it is a random reaction? Bella's traits in game are Family Oriented, Romantic, and Good, so it was certainly not the reaction I expected! Maybe she had a premonition about the triplets, 🙂

    Cacey's excitement about the pregnancy was really fun. She's been such an awesome sim, being a super cool spy, but also always such a good aunt to Delaney, and with her hot-headedness she has just enough passion for life.

    As for the Grim Reaper, yes, "that happened." (inexplicable). If it isn't fixed/changed, I'll probably get a mod eventually to cut down on the Grim Reaper roaming community lots. They fixed the number of senior citizens on community lots, which is nice (they used to be full of them, as the neighborhood aged) but now he's always there, even if no one is dying. It's just the reality of playing through the early days of a game, and I think since I used to test software for my dad's company it kind of balances out for me the annoyance of the glitches to see what kinds of things have to be fixed or adjusted in the game. And then there's just EA's often bizarre sense of humor, which I don't mind a lot of the time, but after a while gets old. I was nervous for Mortimer though!

  3. retromaisie says:

    That is really odd that the Grim Reaper was there, looks funny sitting and watching the ceremony. I'm excited for Cacey, she's adorable and looks like she is quite excited about motherhood. How peculiar of Bella! Her expression is pretty funny, and crazed especially for that last photo!

    The wedding was quite lovely, and I'm happy that this family has survived their rough times, and both starting their own families with spouses and now a baby for Cacey. I like that she kept think of the baby, that's really sweet. I hope that Delaney and Cacey stay close, and aww Barnaby. He was such a cool guy.

    • Crazed is a good word for Bella's bizarre reaction, Maisie!

      Thanks for the nice comments on the wedding. It was fun, but I really wished I hadn't killed off Delaney's parents when they weren't there for it. The cheats in the this game are so laborious, though, I really didn't want to add all their skills and relationships back by hand, after I lost the family and had to recreate them from a generation back!

  4. Echo Weaver says:

    I am SUCH a wedding geek. I've hopefully had the only wedding I'll ever have. The Sims is how I get to design the perfect wedding over and over :).

    I love how you had bridesmaids and dressed them in the same dress! Did you do it with a cheat, or did you switch households to do it?

    And is there now more than one reaction to a pregnancy announcement? That is awesome.

    • I hear you– me too, probably won't be planning another wedding for me either (I've been married to the same person for 25 years!). I am hoping to be planning a wedding for my oldest daughter within the next decade or so (she's 20, so not too soon!) . But I LOVE sims weddings!

      I switched households in order to coordinate everyone's clothing for the wedding, including the bridesmaids. You can type in "testingcheats on" and then "cas.fulleditmode" on any lot with a dresser, and change anyone's look on the spot. Or with testing cheats on, you can click on the sim directly and change their clothes etc. However, I found that was changing the active household and I didn't want to risk glitchiness because that just seemed a little sketchy. So I just change households for a bit.

      There are different reactions to the pregnancy announcement, which is awesome. I think it may have to do with emotions and relationships, possibly traits although I've seen no evidence of that. Thanks for commenting!

    • Echo Weaver says:

      Heh. I've been married for 12, and our daughter is 4, so I hope I won't be planning a wedding for a VERY long time ;-).

      Is there a "Dislikes Children" equivalent in Sims 4? Seems like that sort of sim should always have a negative reaction to a pregnancy announcement. I've always thought there should be separate, "I'm pregnant!" and "I'm having YOUR baby!" interactions. The Sims 3 thumbs-up seems kind of lame if you're going to be a daddy.

    • There's a "hates children," trait. But I haven't played one yet so I don't know if it affects the pregnancy announcement reaction, but I bet it does, because these sims become tense after try for baby, according to Carl's Sims 4. I'll have to watch out for the Sims 3 thumbs up– I don't remember seeing it. I agree, I'm having YOUR baby would be a good one to add to the game.

      Actually, since I installed Outdoor Retreat, Alexander (who has the Family Oriented Trait) has periodically gotten a glitchy tense moodlet for being noncommittal. Of course, he is not non-committal; that conflicts with Family-Oriented. And when I was playing today and Delaney was sharing the big news with him his first reaction was negative, but then he changed to excited/happy. So I think those sims with the noncommittal trait probably react negatively to the announcement.

  5. Im finally back Shannon, and catching up! Oh wow have things changed since I last read your blog! I last read "Cassandra Saves the Legacy" and was sad to see that Delaney's whole family had died..Cassandra and Cedric, and lil sister Dierdre! Along with everyone else.

    But you really served this legacy well with moving Delaney in with her wonderful Aunt Cacey. 🙂 The story has really been a joy to read so far! Ive found your Tumblr and Pinterest pages also.

    Im still learning alot about Sims 4..not being able to play as much as Id like to. And your Tumblr and Pinterest pages keep me informed on other stories and crucial mods for the game. lol

    Im surprised no one said anything about Delaney's response to her Aunt Cacey's pregnancy news….she reminded me so much of her mother Cassandra in that picture, with her nose so high in the air. lol!

    • I'm so glad you are back!! I thought I may have driven you away by letting most of the family go to their early graves, lol. But it sounds like you've been really pushed for time, if you aren't getting to play much.

      You are right about Delaney's snobby reaction to her Aunt Cacey's pregnancy news! And no one else (including me) noticed it! I think since you were reading through without a week between posts, that Cassandra was still fresher in your mind. I couldn't figure out any good reason for Delaney to react that way, but that bit of her mom shining through is as good an explanation as any, and better than most!

      I'm glad you found the Tumblr and Pinterest, and it's informative. I got the idea of organizing CC on pinterest, from Carla of Sullivan Sims, and it is so easy compared to making long link lists!

  6. moondansr says:

    Aw, this was really a sweet way of doing things. I would have been really worried about the Grim Reaper showing up myself. Since I have a Mac I didn’t get to play in the truly early days of Sims 4. The idea of a church wedding was much neater than I expected and I now want to build a church. 😉

  7. ivanasims says:

    Wow, you even built a church for the ceremony! It looks very beautiful and it is a great idea! I think you managed to capture the important moment in Delaney’s and Alexander’s life very well! Great chapter! And the Reaper is funny. 🙂

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