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Take Me to the Moon 4.05: Never Too Late

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Take Me to the Moon 4.05: Never Too Late

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The morning of Cacey and Gavin’s wedding dawned clear and cool.   It was the perfect day for a wedding on the patio at the Tesla home, as long as the wind didn’t pick up too much.

Before the guests were due to arrive, everything was set in its place, ready.

Ryleigh had come over to help, and then changed into her bridesmaid’s dress with Delaney.  While they waited, she showed Cacey a recent picture of Dante, her fiance. 

“Dante is an amazing chef, you wouldn’t believe his cooking skills,” she told Cacey.  Somehow, she felt like Cacey disapproved, that Ryleigh was rushing in to this  too fast.
When Alexander got there, Delaney had to give him a pep talk.  He wasn’t as gloomy as Cassandra, his sister, but he seemed really shy in big social situations.

Delaney listened to him vent a bit about his anxiety.
But after a few moments, she started thinking about  all the things she needed to be taking care of; people she needed to greet.

Eventually, Alexander’s mom came over and freed Delaney to look after the guests, who were arriving in larger numbers now.
Cacey, meanwhile, was having a similar issue with Gavin.  After waiting for him to appear for quite a while, she found him hiding in Delaney’s bedroom with Malcolm Landgraab and Alexander’s dad, Mortimer Goth.  

Cacey could see pretty quickly what was going on.  Gavin, who had been a life-long “bro,” was having cold feet.   It didn’t take long for Cacey to sort him out.  After all, she was a highly independent, successful spy, and it’s not like this was an easy step for her, either.

Although when they stood in front of the guests to make their vows, Cacey thought that Gavin did look a little like a deer in the headlights.

For a moment, Cacey thought he would either freeze or run.

Until he suavely kissed her hands.

He began to say his vows.

Cacey got through her vows without a hitch.

But when he slid the gold band on her finger, Cacey thought she might run, for a moment.  

Even if she was already 45, “till death do us part,” seemed like a long time.

But to the guests, the whole ceremony seemed like a storybook wedding.

As everyone threw confetti and cheered, Cacey took a piece of cake to share with Gavin.

Once that last bit of ceremony was over, Cacey started to feel a little more relaxed.
Delaney was doing a great job entertaining guests.
She, Cassandra, and Mortimer had Alexander calmed down and enjoying the party.

And now that the ceremony was over, Cacey and Gavin stole a more passionate kiss.

And then went for a swim.

None of the guests seemed to mind that the bride and groom went for a swim during the reception.  Cacey came over to chat with her old friend, Bella, after a while.  To Alexander’s chagrin, Bella asked Cacey when she thought Delaney and Alexander would start having children!
Alexander and Delaney’s wedding was coming up soon, but to have his mother and practically his mother-in-law to be plotting right in front of him, was way too embarrassing.
Ryleigh, meanwhile, had a few drinks and was explaining to Delaney just how amorous Dante made her feel.
Alexander had gotten free of his mother and Cacey, but when Ryleigh came in and started talking to him about Dante, he was once again on the verge of being mortified.

Eventually, most of the guests had gone, and only Ms Blount, and Eliza remained that weren’t family.  Ms Blount was practically family, ever since the time she had come to watch Delaney’s first launch of Earhart.  And Eliza Pancakes, who was normally very reserved and prim, had also put on a swimsuit and made herself at home.
The bride and groom were now where to be seen.



When Cacey found Gavin in the bedroom with Malcolm and Mortimer before the ceremony, she whipped out her handy cupid bow and used her superpower, “Beguile” on Gavin.

This was the first part of their passionate kiss after the ceremony.

And Gavin, a little off-balance here, due to Cacey’s strong-arm tactics, as well as literally being swept off his feet?

Cassandra looks confused, perhaps because people are getting in their swimsuits during the reception??  I am sure Bella Goth wouldn’t approve of such a low-brow wedding reception.


Cacey had the whim to both get engaged to Gavin, and to marry him.  She’s in her second romance aspiration, Soulmate.  The first was Serial Romantic, so maybe old habits die hard and she’s ambivalent about settling down.  But I think that getting married after living independently so long would be difficult for many people.
Gavin is a Bro and an Outdoorsman.


12 Comments so far:

  1. retromaisie says:

    Very interesting how their personalities went into play for this, Gavin really did look a bit like a deer in the headlight, but they are a pretty cute couple. I'm glad that they wedding went without a hitch, and think they are pretty good companions, both independent, and neither very needy. I agree that the older the bachelor, the harder it is to settle down. My sister married an older bachelor, and they've had some rocky moments. I don't see Gavin and Cacey having too many issues, I think they'll get each other better because they are both older and strong spirited.

    • Cacey and Gavin were the first Sims 4 bride and groom I've had that didn't just gaze into each other's eyes (except maybe Cassandra, aka evil snob, ha). Definitely a different demeanor– but I've played about a week in-game in their house after the wedding and they are, in fact, doing well as a couple. You hit the nail on the head, they are independent and not needy but get along well.

      Thanks for reading & take the time to comment, Maisie!

  2. Carla says:

    Wow. Well, I'm glad both Cacey and Gavin were able to move past their issues and relax a little at their wedding. Let's hope those cold feet don't come up again, lol! I have my fingers crossed for these two. They've both had their fun (or I imagine Gavin has, anyway) and are hopefully ready to settle down.

    Interesting that they added those sorts of reactions to getting married in the game though. In TS2 and I'm pretty sure TS3 as well, they either get married happily or they do a runner!

    • Carla, I guess blogger at this reply, because I remember making it… but thanks (late) for commenting! I am interested to see, also, how they play out. Gavin is used to being on his own and do whatever he wants. Cacey's always had to moderate what she wants.

      Their expressions were different, that's for sure. I haven't had anyone run yet, though!

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    Cacey gets married at 45 and then has triplets after they've been married a while? Ah, Sims fertility is just not like the real world :).

    I did love seeing the two players manage to tie the knot. A random swimming reception seems to perfectly Sims :).

  4. Aw, Susan, you don't think that Cacey's fertility at 46 was realistic?! Me either. But it was fun.

    Yes, the propensity of everyone to swim at wedding receptions seems like one of those gameplay things that needs a little tweaking– maybe more playful sims could do it, but for some traits, it should be right out.

    So when prim Ryleigh had her wedding, I blocked off the pool so no one could swim. I must admit, it was not nearly as enjoyable for all as Cacey's wedding reception!

    • Echo Weaver says:

      Haha! That gets to something kind of fundamental about SIms parties, doesn't it? Other than a few extra interactions added for some parties (I'm think of things like fizzy nectar at Bachelor(ette) parties), sim autonomy is pretty much the same for all kinds of parties, isn't it?

      I guess this would lead me to avoid any wedding venue with a pool, or block it off as you did.

  5. Cathy Thwing says:

    I love that shot of Cassandra!

  6. moondansr says:

    I was expecting a different wedding here, but I think it’s neat that Aunt Cacey got married before Delaney. The couple is super cute together and I look forward to seeing their children. I hope I get to, anyhow.

  7. Ariadne2001 says:

    Haha, Gavin looked like he wanted to hide under a rock

  8. Ha, Sophia, he did! He’d been a bachelor a long time. But he ended up being a great husband. Thanks for commenting!

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