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Take Me to the Moon 3.4: Cassandra Saves the Legacy

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Take Me to the Moon 3.4: Cassandra Saves the Legacy

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Delaney Tesla was a woman on a mission.  She believed her granddad, that it was her destiny to fulfill her great-grandmother’s dream of one of the Tesla’s becoming a space explorer, and she worked every day on her science skills.

After she finished her homework, she was either on the nursery porch working on chemistry, or in the small observatory with her granddad, charting the stars.

One day Uncle Barnaby stopped by during his afternoon run.

He started explaining to her one of conspiracy theories, but Delaney knew to take Uncle Barnaby’s stories with a chunk of rock salt.

Night and day, Delaney’s mom was in her garden, which was pretty immense.

Delaney was frustrated.  She figured her mom’s wealth of botany knowledge was important for her to learn, to carry into her space missions.  Delaney knew that astronauts often worked on botanical experiments in space.  

For a while, Delaney tried to follow Cassandra around to learn about the plants, and get to know her mom.

But Cassandra barely acknowledged Delaney’s existence and certainly didn’t share any knowledge with her.

If it weren’t for her grandparents, and especially her dad, Delaney would be very sad and lonely.

 Her dad was always there for her, though.  She knew to him, she was the most important person in the world.

One night, when the house was dark, Delaney woke to screams.

She ran out of the nursery and into the dining room.  Her grandmother looked angry, and the bar was on fire!

Delaney was panicked at first, but she followed grandma’s determined walk out to the front lawn, and safety.

Soon, the rest of the household woke up and Delaney broke away from her grandma, and ran back in to get her granddad.

Just as they left the house, Cassandra woke up and came into the dining room with a determined look and a fire extinguisher.

Don’t mess with a sleepy, evil snob with a fire extinguisher!  Especially one in the first trimester of pregnancy, as Cassandra was!

Sometime soon after Delaney started going to school, her aunt Cacey became an adult, and her grandma Beatrice threw a party.

Everyone was acting pretty happy, even a bit silly.

It was fun watching the grown-ups act like kids.

Aunt Cacey was the coolest person Delaney had ever seen.  She worked for a secret spy agency and she always looked so glamorous!  But she always had time for Delaney, too.

Aunt Cacey would come out to Delaney’s lab and see what she was working on.

Then, one day at dinner, Delaney found out things were going to change soon.  Aunt Cacey was moving out, to Oasis Springs.  And mom was having a baby, so Delaney was going to be a big sister.

At least her dad was still there for her.

Her grandma threw a big dinner party when it was almost time for the baby to come.

Great-Aunt Hermione came.  Aunt Cacey told her that she and grandma used to be enemies, but Delaney thought they seemed like they had been friends forever.

Aunt Hermione was happy about the new baby.  Delaney wondered if her mom was going to love this new baby more than her.

Delaney felt like her grandma was more a mom to her than her real mom.  People said Grandma was evil, but Delaney didn’t think so.  Grandma was very funny and liked to laugh.

The time came for Delaney’s little sister to be born.  Mom had already decided to name her “Deirdre.”


The fire was unexpected and scary… when I realized I had not put sprinklers, only alarms.  There is no fire rescue in Sims 4.  Luckily, Cassandra had reached the top level of the Freelance Botanist aspiration and was able to easily and safely extinguish the fire, once she woke up!
There is a menu option during a fire, “route to safety” or something like that, and it did make the sims run outside.  But Delaney ran back in once.
Well, that’s all for now–  wanted to get this update done but I don’t have any more pictures of the main household after this one because after Deirdre was born I switched to playing Cacey for a while.  


11 Comments so far:

  1. An end to the reign of Evil (snobs) is finally in sight!
    I am also looking forward to seeing space explorations in the future!

    • My favorite reader 🙂 Yes, A New Hope: the reign of terror will end. Perhaps I should throw a Star Wars costume party at the legacy house to celebrate this and the beginning of space exploration!

      Thanks for reading!!

  2. pinehollow says:

    Wow, that's lucky that Cassandra was able to put the fire out before anyone got hurt or things were too damaged! Poor Delaney though. I can understand how lonely she feels with her mom not paying attention to her. At least she does have other family members who are happy to spend time with her!

  3. Carla says:

    Wow, how cute is Delaney! It's a little sad that she doesn't have much of a bond with Cassandra (Cassandra being so single-minded) but it was sweet to see the rest of the family really steps up to fill that void for her. She'll make an awesome astronaut one day!

  4. She's a cutie, Shannon..breaks my heart that little Delaney has all these feelings of loneliness, and wondering if the new baby is going to gain more love and attention from their mother, than she does. But Im glad she has the support of her father, aunt, and grandparents. Looking forward to reading about Cacey!

    • by Shannon says:

      When a Sims 4 sim is sad, it really does break your heart, and Delaney is such a sweet and smart girl! There will actually be a lot more about Cacey to come, due to unforeseen circumstances which I'm getting ready to update about. Thanks for reading!

  5. retromaisie says:

    Delaney is adorable, excited to see what Deidre looks like. I'm glad that she had another little girl, maybe they will be close and bond over the fact that their Mom stinks! I'm glad she has her Mom, but I'm sure Cacey moving out was a blow. I'm glad that the fire was able to be put out, I didn't realize there wasn't any fire rescue in TS4! That really makes fire a hazard!

  6. moondansr says:

    I’ve found that even when I have sprinklers I end up putting the fires out with an extinguisher. The sprinklers seem to take forever to activate. I’m looking forward to more Delaney!

  7. Ariadne2001 says:

    Deidre, that’s the name of my Geography teacher

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