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Take Me to the Moon 3.3: Taming of the Snob

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Take Me to the Moon 3.3: Taming of the Snob

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Cassandra Tesla couldn’t even wait for the guests to leave, or to take her wedding dress off.  She had to get back to her beloved plants.  
Her new husband, Cedric, decided he’d rather help out in the garden than go wait in the bedroom alone.  He tended to Grandma Maddi’s apple tree.

By the time Cassandra came in that night, she was exhausted.  Or at least said she was.  
So the next day, Cedric started a “hit and run,” campaign designed to distract her from her garden, hopefully sooner rather than later.
When Cassandra was forced to venture inside to eat her dinner, he literally swept her off her feet.
But very soon that evening, she was back outside, this time fishing and thrilled to catch a huge piece of Spanish Moss.
Cedric was feeling pretty disheartened.  And alone.  Going to bed alone was not what he had pictured as “happy ever after.”
But, being Cedric, he kept trying.  He presented Cassandra with a beautiful red rose the next morning before heading to work.  She was really pleased.  She decided to come look through the new telescope with him, and he decided he would go into work a little late.
Nothing like a huge Galilean telescope to get a girl excited.

It wasn’t long till Cassandra caught Cedric coming out of the shower and told him she was pregnant.
Cedric was so happy.  He was ready to start a family. 
Beatrice seemed sort of taken aback by the news that she was about to become a grandmother.
But she started warming up to the idea pretty quickly.
She wasn’t so crazy about Cassandra’s hormonal mood swings, though.
Her bad moods were especially hard for Cedric to take.
Cassandra didn’t realize how lucky she was.  Everyone started pitching in with the weeding and watering so she could focus on her exotics.
Both Brad and Cedric were working in product development, and getting raises and extra projects all the time. 
Cassandra was so pleased with her garden.  She had death flower plants, rare orchids, pomegranates, cherries, and all the standard  kitchen garden plants.  She even had beautiful tulips and a Bird of Paradise plant.
In her garden she felt very happy.
Cacey had been trying to make amends.  She really wanted to provide a happy family for the baby.
Cacey realized on her mother’s birthday, that if someone was going to care for everyone, it was going to be Cacey.  Cassandra didn’t even make a cake for Beatrice’s birthday, and she didn’t seem unhappy at all that Beatrice felt no one cared about her.
Right away, Cacey, who was still in high school, set about making a cake for her dad’s birthday.
Cedric and Beatrice were at work, so Cacey sang to him.  He had always been such a great dad, Cacey felt badly that Cassandra didn’t show her appreciation.
Cassandra was actually in labor, but she hadn’t mentioned it to anyone yet.  She talked to her plants as she took deep breaths.
She was not ready to leave her plants, even to deliver the baby.  There were still a few that needed something from her.
Right there in the garden, Cassandra gave birth to a little girl.  Delaney Tesla, the first child of the fourth generation of Teslas, was conceived in the observatory and born in the garden.

Cedric came home from work to find that he had a daughter.
The epicenter of the house moved to the never-before-used nursery suite.   Delaney was a happy, outgoing baby, and since her mom was always in the garden, the rest of the family tended to Delaney.  Beatrice, who had not cared for Cedric, seemed to soften towards him, and her granddaughter.
Brad was thrilled to be a granddad.  He’d always enjoyed being a dad, and this was even better. 

Brad had taken up making pictures with the observatory, and decorated Delaney’s nursery wall with them.

He remembered Maddi talking about how much she wanted one of the Teslas to be an astronaut, and he talked to little Delaney about her destiny.


Beatrice’s birthday cake was another cake disaster!  I had Cassandra make it, but halfway through, she put it down and wouldn’t finish it.  
Brad found the Forgotten Grotto.  He finally maxed out his handiness skill (I think every item in the house is now upgraded) and is trying to find all the elements for Delaney’s collection he has started.  They are missing about 5.
Speaking of upgrades, I am so happy because one of the new stations on the radio is “retro,” which is all Sims 1 and Sims 2 music.  I love it!


11 Comments so far:

  1. Aw, poor Cedric 🙁
    but at least the fourth generation is underway at last! And it looks like there's going to be an astronaut in the family!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Finally, an astronaut. I took matters into my own hands and am using the Randomizer as a suggestion, ha.

  3. Carla says:

    With all that time spent gardening, I'm almost surprised Cassandra and Cedric had enough time to get pregnant, lol! It seems very fitting that she ended up delivering right there in the garden though! I can't wait to see Delaney grow up…and maybe have a sibling or two?

    Ha, this family just has no luck with cakes, do they?!

    • Hi Carla, gardening is ALL Cassandra wants to do… I think getting her into the observatory was easier than the bedroom, lol. They have already had a second child, but I don't think I'll have Cassandra have more. Maybe the next generation will be bigger, I would love to have a big family sometime during this legacy, with some twins and maybe an adopted child as well.

  4. retromaisie says:

    retro music! How cute is that! I love that! All those gems are lovely looking, very mystical. Too funny on Cassandra and her crazed obsession with gardening, I wonder how Delaney will take it when she gets older, which I can't wait to see what she looks like! Super curious about the astronaut career! I'm not too sad that Beatrice didn't get a birthday cake, but I am sad that Brad is an elder. Glad Cacey is taking over though with caring for her family members.

    • Oh, the sims 1 and 2 music brings back such happy memories! I used to put the shopping channel on Sims 2 on a lot, because I loved Sims 1 music.

      With Cassandra's traits, all she really has in life is gardening and laughing maniacally, which she doesn't do hardly ever. Beatrice just seems like a happy evil sim, while Cassandra just seems hateful, except to her plants. Just to get Cassandra married I bought the "always welcome" reward trait, so she could hang out indefinitely at Cedric's house, because Cassandra's such a snob she doesn't get along with people well.

      Cacey is a favorite of mine. I'm going to do a side update on her because she got caught up in a whirlwind romance with this really hunky guy and her story after she moved out took on a life of its own (plus my own cheat-i-ness once she moved out!). Then I'll have to come back to the legacy, but Delaney will be fun to concentrate on. I love the rocket pictures I've seen in other people's games and can't wait for her to get started on it.

  5. I might be slow on keeping up, but I havent forgotten about this story! Happy holidays, Shannon…This legacy is so good. 🙂 Im excited about Delaney becoming an astronaut, and that Maddi's dream has a chance of coming to fruition…Love her name, too.

    Again, Im so blown away by your beautiful picture-taking. The one that really made me feel all 'mushy' inside was of the ghost of Grandma Maddi looking over Cedric as he tended her apple tree, it really touched me on a personal level. So beautiful and so sentimental.

    Ive been wanting to see more of Cacey..she was the one I faved, too..So Im glad to see youre going to do a story on her..cant wait to read ahead and catch up on the goings on in your world. 🙂

    I have to shake my head at Cassandra and her leaving Cedric immediately alone after their 'I do's'…not surprised. But how appropriate that he knows just what to do, to divert her attention and that he never gave up. And I think its so fitting that Delaney was conceived in the observatory. Great touch. It must mean she's going to be a great success..hopefully. lol I cant wait to see what she looks like, either…I better get to reading! — Green

    • Thanks so much, Green, and Happy Holidays to you, too! You are pretty much caught up, there's only one more post you haven't read. For me to catch up to gameplay, I just have to do Cacey's update. Between building Simdale Valley lots in Sims 4 and the holidays, I haven't progressed any more on the legacy for now.

      But eventually, we'll get that rocket built and see it lift off! Thanks so much for reading!

  6. ivanasims says:

    Welcome Delaney! I hope you are not as evil as your mother and grandmother! Please take after your dad!

    • Thanks, Ivana, for your welcome to little Delaney. I am positive she will not disappoint you, as a sim. She is truly awesome. But there are some big changes coming and I hope they aren’t too upsetting.

  7. Ariadne2001 says:

    Ahwww, Delaney is so cute, she’s turning me into mush. Welcome to this world little one 🙂

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