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Take Me to the Moon 3.1: A New Era of Green

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Take Me to the Moon 3.1: A New Era of Green

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Beatrice continued to spend a lot of time, apparently in regret, for the way she had treated her mom, Maddi.  

Cacey was in the last few days of her childhood and enjoying it thoroughly.

Brad was a bit wistful to see his little girl grow up.

She took a deep breath, then blew out her candles.

There was no way around it.  It was just a hard adjustment for her dad.  And if he knew how being a social butterfly was going to morph into being a serial romantic, he would have been having a nervous breakdown.

Cassandra’s friend, Cedric (in the green shirt) was there at the party.

After eating cake, Cacey fixed her hair and make-up more to suit herself.

And enjoyed the rest of her party, flirting with a guy she had invited.

Meanwhile, third generation heir Cassandra was also thinking about what she wanted, as she became a young adult.

A few days later… if her wishes were romantic, they seemed to be coming true.

She proposed and Cedric accepted.

Cedric would like to be fabulously wealthy, and has the traits Romantic, Loves Outdoors, and Family Oriented.  He helps the family out with his digging and fishing in his free time.

He quickly got a job in the tech guru career, following in the footsteps of his future father-in-law.

Cedric’s money, combined with Beatrice and Brad both reaching the top of their careers, gave the family enough money to bulldoze the old house and build a new one.
A bigger one.  A better one.

It was a mansion.  But for now, it was minimally decorated on the inside.  The entryway displayed the fossils Cedric had been finding.
Most of the downstairs reflected Cassandra’s love of plants in some way, from her bedroom suite

To the  color of the library

to the decorations and colors in the living and dining area.

Although Beatrice still had her favorite Pollack-like  painting in the dining room.  Which also contained Beatrice’s bar and was a dream for throwing parties.

Cassandra loved the view into the back garden.

There were lots of flowers around the kitchen porch and garden gate.

And a beautiful pathway to her grandmother’s grave.

But the best thing about the new house, as far as Cassandra was concerned, was her kitchen garden.  Her life work and all her hopes were tied up in her botanist hobby, from shaping bonsai to planting, fertilizing, splicing, and grafting herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

The kitchen was Beatrice’s domain

Since she had a reward trait that allowed her to never sleep, she spent the dark hours coming up with all kinds of concoctions.  With asparagus.

Beatrice and Brad had a suite upstairs, as did Cacey, though for now it only contained a bed and bedside table.
Cacey was pursuing her own type of fun.  She had her first boyfriend and was out all hours of the night at the Rattlesnake Bar in Oasis Springs, and she had never been happier.  Even her Aunt Hermione showing up in her pjs to check on her, didn’t embarrass her.
And in spite of these exploits, she was bringing home A’s.
Of course, being around a lot of drinks was nothing special to anyone who grew up with Beatrice for a mom.  Cacey often did her homework at Beatrice’s dining room bar.  

Maybe all the late nights out helped Cacey forget about the stress of living with an evil mom.

Cassandra went to bed every night exhausted from her gardening, but at last she got a Super Green Thumb and reached the third level of her Freelance Botanist aspiration after grafting 10 plants.  Now she would plan her wedding.


I finally realized why my sims weren’t getting promoted quickly.  They were not doing their “daily task,” and weren’t necessarily going to work in the right mood.  Thanks to Carls Sims 4 they are now doing much better in their careers; Cedric is already an Engineer after only a week in the Tech Guru career.
Another adjustment I made that has helped my sims be a lot more successful is spending more time fulfilling whims, so they can get more reward traits with the points earned.  Brad has entrepreneurial, which helps him get promoted,  and frugal trait, which lowers bills, Beatrice has never weary and shameless (which helps her not get distracted by bad moods when she does inappropriate things.
The fossils allow sims to get into a focused mood that stays when they leave the house, ideal for school and for the Tech Guru career.  Beatrice has to go to work inspired, because she is in Culinary.
Cacey has the Beguiling reward trait; she can put anyone in a flirty mood with one look.
The animation when you “Evolve” a plant to a higher quality is so pretty:

Ground Floor Plan;  Heir Suite and Library to left of entryway; Dining and Living Area to the right.  On the back hallway is the kitchen, and a nursery suite which opens onto the semi-circular porch.

Second Floor Plan:  Left side is the spare suite; right side is the parents’ suite.


19 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    The "Evolve" animation almost reminds me of the light that shines on the lot when the Good Witch arrives in TS2. 🙂

    The house looks amazing, especially the garden! I'm really excited to see Cassandra's wedding and to see what she and Cedric get up to once they start their married life. I think it's going to be quite different than Brad and Beatrice, which should be interesting. 😀

  2. pinehollow says:

    The house looks great! I'm excited to see Cassandra's wedding too. And I loled at how sad Brad looked to see his little girl grow up. Aw, it's so tough on a dad to realize his little girl isn't so little anymore!

  3. You are so talented in building…that house looks wonderfully thought out and gorgeous in all the pictures! I love to see the bird's eye view, and how great you used the space of that lot. Cant wait to catch up on things, and see Cassandra's wedding!

  4. Thank you so much, for the kind comments, pinehollow and Greeneyed! You guys are so encouraging! It was so much fun building the house, luckily I have my other neighborhood to build from scratch, to satisfy my building cravings, since I won't be building more for this family for a while. Thanks for reading & commenting!

  5. retromaisie says:

    Wow, just a few generations in and they are living it up in a mansion, very nice! Their new house is amazing, totally beautiful and the garden again is quite lovely. I like the evolving plant animation too, very pretty. Brad is adorable watching Cacey grow up, and lol at what she grew up to be! Cassandra is super pretty too, so many lovely genes. And I'm totally excited about Cedric, yum! And he totally looks like a tech guru!

    • Yes, living it up, strapped for cash and in a somewhat empty house, but definitely a mansion! Actually, at the time I'm writing this comment they are starting to accumulate a lot of cash, around $33,000. But soon Brad and Beatrice will probably have to retire or will die of exhaustion, so the income will slow a lot. Thanks for commenting, Maisie!

  6. lovesstorms says:

    You built that house!? Well, I’m incredibly impressed! You did a marvelous job, dahling! Seriously, it’s amazing! My fav is the garden path to the grave and the garden outside. 😀

    Somehow, Beatrice working on plants fits her well. I enjoyed reading what everyone is up to! Cacey is gorgeous as is Cassandra! Love it!

    • Well, thank you very much 🙂 I LOVE the garden too! Big houses aren’t really my thing, but then my husband pointed out the other day when I said that, that all my sims house are decorated with nice stuff like they cost about half a million dollars.

  7. moondansr says:

    Beautiful house! My legacy home looks more like a scattering of random rooms attached to each other. Of course I’m still on the first generation. Still, this is a master crafted place. I love it! Also, I was beginning to feel a bit guilty about how much money my sims seemed to be making compared to your first generation. I’m so glad you figured out how to move up in the careers more quickly. When I first got the Sims 4 I had trouble with that too, even more so with the children. I had no idea how to get their grades up. I figured out both around the same time.

  8. ivanasims says:

    Great family, even with the evil trait thing trailing on from Beatrice to Cassandra. I love the house and especially the garden! Very beautiful!

  9. ninjapigsims says:

    Okay, if I thought the previous house was gorgeous, this mansion is spectacular! I love all the flowers around the porch and the pathway to the grave. It’s really beautiful.

    Beatrice’s evil laugh over the asparagus is so funny! Is she plotting revenge over the asparagus or something? Remind me never to hire her as a chef… xD

  10. I love the backyard and garden and the pathway to the Cemetery. It’s so beautiful!

  11. Ariadne2001 says:

    Aahh, the house is so pretty!! Heart eyes

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