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Take Me to the Moon 2.6: Baby Boom

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Take Me to the Moon 2.6: Baby Boom

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In the days after Barnaby’s wedding, Beatrice found herself pulled to her mother’s grave more often.  She was uncharacteristically saddened by the loss.

The loss they shared seemed to bring Beatrice and Barnaby together, like they hadn’t been since they were teens and went everywhere together.
They went out to Maddi’s grave together sometimes, and Barnaby was trying to keep up the tree Maddi had planted.
Barnaby helped take over a lot of caring for Cassandra, who was also still grieving for Maddi.

Brad came home from work one afternoon to find Cassandra out by the grave, again.

And tried to console her.

Cassandra had been very helpful around the house lately, possibly out of respect for how her grandmother had cared for everyone with such a cheerful attitude.

Barnaby tried his hand at baking, and made some of the flirty heart cookies Maddi used to make sometimes.

You know the saying, “It must be in the water,” well, it might be in the cookies.
Both Beatrice and Hermione were expecting babies, at the same time.  Barnaby was extremely happy when Hermione gave him the news.

Just as during her first pregnancy, Beatrice started mixing drinks a lot more often again.

And Hermione, who had just gotten a job with an artist, cleaning palettes,  found it difficult to paint with morning sickness.

Barnaby and Hermione had decided to name their child Caeden, for a boy, or Claire, for a girl.
Cassandra had been helping out around the house, but she still knew how to get a reaction from a grown-up.   

Usually she wanted to be nice to Hermione, but every once in a while she didn’t.

Brad was spending some of his free time modding the Sims game, which helped him with his programming skills for work as well.

Barnaby had been on a pretty even keel since the wedding, but he did talk to people who weren’t there sometimes.  Beatrice completely ignored him.
 Beatrice and Cassandra had an, uh, interesting relationship.  One minute Beatrice would say something mean to Cassandra
The next they’d be peacefully getting along…
And then, the next, Cassandra would be dishing it out as well as Beatrice ever did.

Brad just tried to stay out of the drama. 
Oddly enough, late in her pregnancy, Hermione came home from work one day so energized, she wanted to lift weights.

Hermione was busy working on her cooking skills, as well as her art skills for work.  With Maddi gone, the only family member who could really cook, was Beatrice, and she would just as soon cook only for herself as cook a family meal for everyone.

Even though Beatrice had more skill, Hermione was the one who baked a birthday cake for Barnaby.

Hermione also loved to sneak in a moment with a book whenever she could.
While Beatrice continued to mix “fruit” drinks

Beatrice could always count on Barnaby to be there for her
But she couldn’t count on Barnaby being rational

Finally, it was time for Beatrice and Brad’s baby to be born.  Once again, they had a girl.  Beatrice named her Cacey, Celtic for Vigorous, which suited her better than she knew at the time.  They were soon to find out that Cacey was hot-headed.

But for the meantime, Beatrice just seemed pleased to have a second child to carry on the family name, if needed.  Cassandra, having the same evil trait as Beatrice, would be her first choice for a successor.

Brad was once again, happy to be a father.

Although, he found that trying to make a baby take a bottle when she isn’t hungry is futile

And causes said baby to not be too happy with you!

Just hours later, Hermione and Barnaby’s baby, Claire Tesla, joined the family.  Claire  was a very calm and quiet baby compared to either of her cousins, Cassandra or Cacey.

Hermione was a really gentle and attentive mom.

Barnaby is a very sweet dad, too
Beatrice just had bigger things on her mind than diapers and breastfeeding… ruling the world through mixology, for one!
(This is Beatrice watching a culinary video)

Brad tried to bottle feed Cacey and she turned her head away, they had negative relationship headers.  I thought that was really cool, I think she may not have been hungry because Beatrice just fed her.
It is free in Sims 4 to change the color of buy mode items (but not wall coverings), so I gave the house a makeover to make it less cheerful and bright, as it had been for Maddi and Micah.
I got the following traits for Cacey from rolling 5 dice and using the Sims 4 handbook from the EA site to number the traits and aspirations:    Hot-headed, Foodie (teen trait), Family-oriented (Adult Trait); Social Butterfly Child Aspiration, and Serial Romantic Adult Aspiration (which conflicts with family-oriented, so we’ll see if that is possible to choose.)

The reason I used the dice/handbook instead of the randomizer is, I was getting sick of it giving me the same traits every time (evil, insane, snob, always art lover).   However, since Claire has different parents, I gave it a whirl for her, and did use those results.

I got the following traits for Claire from the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge randomizer:  Loner, Loves the Outdoors (Teen Trait), Good (Adult Trait), Artistic Prodigy Child Aspiration, and Freelance Botanist Adult Aspiration.
It will be very interesting to see how Cacey and Cassandra get along with quieter (and later, good) Claire.  I am very excited about Claire’s traits and aspiration, especially as an adult.
With my daughter as a witness, I rolled a die to determine whether Cassandra or Cacey are heir.  (Cassandra, odd; Cacey, even).  The verdict:  Cassandra!  


14 Comments so far:

  1. retromaisie says:

    Oh my stars, I can't believe that Cassandra won for next heir! She is super adorable, but it would have been nice to see what Cacey got up to. Claire sounds like she will be a real peach to have in the family, and is totally fitting for their family. You rolling makes me want to do that again, I did it so briefly for newborns, then sort of forgot about it entirely. But it sure is fun to see it in action!

    I noticed how dark the house was, definitely gone are the days of sweet Maddi and Micah. I wonder if the apple tree is still going strong or if they let it die with neglect.

    • Maisie, I have been a little disappointed that Cacey wasn't the heir, but that's ok, rolling definitely keeps me on my toes more.

      Now that Cassandra has aged to teen in the game, she has the aspiration of "Freelance Botanist," so she's even been able to "evolve" her grandmother's tree once. But it was in danger of dying before that!

      I think Cassandra's nose goes well with her being a snob, ha. It is turned up a little too much, and she got Beatrice's arched eyebrows.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Carla says:

    Aw, two little girls! How exciting!

    Oh man, with Cacey's hot-headed trait, I'm kind of feeling for poor Brad with all those angry women in the house! Could get messy but it should be fun for us to watch what they all get up to.

    I like the addition of that little interaction for babies – nice little touch!

    • Two little girls, my daughter was so jealous because her sims have been having a hard time getting pregnant and then having boys. About all the angry women, I've been working so hard the last few sim days to get everyone's skills and promotions, or aspirations fulfilled, they haven't had much time for socializing and the blow-ups have been minimal. I was thinking last time I played, I've got to get some pics of those interactions though!

      Thanks for commenting, Carla!

  3. lovesstorms says:

    Cassandra as heir! Hmm…well, I was also hoping for Cacey, but hopefully you won’t have to move Cacey out right away.

    Lots of babies and it seems girls are around to stay. Hopefully, boys will come at some point, but maybe not until the next gen. I guess I’ll see soon enough. 😀

    • Me too, I was hoping for Cacey! Cacey has a really huge part in the legacy though, so don’t despair. Boys, however, are in short supply for quite a long time.

      • lovesstorms says:

        Well, now watermelons and whatever else they patched at back in play to help determine boy/girl. Of course, I never really did it before either. I like the element of surprise. o_O

        • Ha! I love Steve Carrell and Maxwell Smart, as well as surprise gender in births. In Sims 2 I had silent pregnancy, which was fun. But Generation 6 will be the first generation with the possibility of determining gender. It’s hard to imagine me using that, though.

  4. moondansr says:

    Another evil one in charge. Randomness is an interesting thing. I liked that you showed Beatrice mourning. She can be so evil. Like that picture of her watching the culinary channel. Wow! She looks like she’s about to pull someone apart.

    Cassandra, much like her Mom, looks so cute and innocent as a child. It’s so difficult for me to remember she’s evil.

  5. ivanasims says:

    So many babies! I don’t know why, but I was hoping for Cacey to be the heir, possibly to get rid of the evil trait. And it was funny how Cassandra and Beatrice got along. They are so similar! 🙂

    • Me too, I was hoping for Cacey but I rolled. I should have just picked! Cassandra, to me, was so much more difficult to appreciate than Beatrice ever was. But she was an amazing gardener.

  6. Lacie- Rainy says:

    I’m finally getting caught up on your legacy. That last pic of Beatrice is hilarious!

  7. Ariadne2001 says:

    Dayuum, Barnaby is getting buff O_O

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