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Take Me to the Moon 2.5: Barnaby’s Wedding

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Take Me to the Moon 2.5: Barnaby’s Wedding

Barnaby grieved hard for two long days.  Nothing seemed to console him after his mother’s death.  The family was forced to postpone the wedding until Barnaby could think of life going on.

Hermione, who had moved in to help plan the wedding, especially tried to help Barnaby by being patient and cheerful, but no matter what she said, it didn’t help.
She continued to ask him how he was, and listen to his sorrows.  Eventually, he started to be more like his (not) normal self.

The morning of the wedding Maddi’s death seemed to suddenly hit Beatrice.  Perhaps it was because in Maddi’s absence, Beatrice was left to prepare the wedding cake, and keep the family going.

The wedding was held at the Willow Creek Museum Gardens.

Hermione invited Harry, Ron, and Maisie, and Barnaby’s family invited Maddi’s old friend, Reagan, as well as the whole household.

Everyone oohed and aahed over the sheer romance…strong, troubled Barnaby, finally winning sweet and smart Hermione’s heart.

 Hermione and Barnaby fed each other the vanilla cake that Beatrice had made them.

Cassandra was still sad over her grandmother’s death, and the loss of her best friend and parent.  Hermione took her cake to sit with Cassandra and cheer her up.

It wasn’t long before Barnaby came over and started flirting with Hermione, before going to thank guests for coming.

Beatrice had agreed to be the mixologist for the wedding, and was doing a fabulous job (except she wasn’t keeping the area very clean!).  But when Hermione went over to thank her, Beatrice began insulting her.
Except for that, Hermione and Barnaby’s day was as perfect as it could be, without Maddi there.

Everyone showed up for the wedding in their formal clothes, except Ron.  Or maybe that plaid shirt *is* his formalwear!
I got a few pictures from FRAPS using the F10 key as a hot key, and then it stopped working again!!  And I had checked the folder twice to make sure the pictures were there, so then I stopped checking.  So the only pictures I was left with were ones I snapped in-game for memories.  I need to figure out which key will work as a hotkey for Sims 4 FRAPS.
Grief in this game is painful!  Poor Cassandra.  I researched a little bit on the internet after this play session because even though the initial sadness of Maddi’s death has passed, Beatrice and Cassandra keep dropping what they are doing and running out to Maddi’s grave to mourn.  There is an option “Release Spirit to the Netherworld” on the tombstone, so I checked Pinstar’s rules and it doesn’t seem to be against the rules to do that.  I also read there are no ghosts (at this time) in the Sims 4, and that other legacies in their 4th generation are having a bad time with sims constantly dropping their cooking or whatever to go mourn at graves of sims they did not know.  So this is probably something that needs to be tuned in the game.  After a couple more days of play, I’ll probably release Maddi so everyone can get back to life with the living!
The wedding was rated “gold” and they got some “gifts” from the guests because of it– a tea maker, a nice microwave, and a decorative towel holder.  The gifts add up to about twice what the wedding cost ($1000).  Anyway, the only goal they didn’t reach in the wedding mini-game was “Have three guests become dazed at the same time,” which I assume is the effect of some drinks but since Maddi made lots of her best drinks and no one got dazed, I think she is not able to make those particular drinks yet.  I think she is at Mixology level 4.
I have added my first mods to the game:

MasterDinadan’s Smaller Censor  because the game censor even interferes with their face while showering, etc.  I am very happy with this one!
Weirder Walkstyles Disabled by Shimrod101 because that pee walk is just too silly, and so is the angry stomp.  The pee walk is replaced with a quick walk, which makes sense, and the angry walk, with tough guy walk.
Also by Shimrod101, I added No Fade Sims and Objects V3 because clipping was keeping me from getting better shots.

If I had a sim who fishes, I’d add the fish freshness fix, but we’ll see if EA fixes that before I need it.  And instead of adding one of the indoor light fixes, I added more overhead lights, like WindChime did in her Harley Legacy.  My theory is that the Maxis lighting in this game is more like the GunMod Lighting for Sims 2 that had darker nights and better physics.  Which reminds me, my community lots need more lights!


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  1. Carla says:

    Oh wow, I really like that wedding kiss! Is that the default one or did you just have them do another kiss before/after the wedding? I like that they can get wedding gifts. I want to see if I can do something like that with my next wedding – have the family give gifts to Amar and Adrienne via the inventory.

    But anyway, this was a lovely wedding! Changing everyone manually would be a pain in the bum. I'm glad most everyone showed up in their formal clothes this time.

    So seeing this is a legacy and Beatrice is the heir, how often will we be seeing Barnaby? There's no story progression, so you'll have to play him and Hermione to have anything else happen with them, right? Oooh, I would so be using the TS2 style aging – it would drive me nuts to have everyone getting older without me, lol! But I'm a bit of a control freak and I play TS3 that way as well. πŸ™‚

    • That kiss, I am pretty sure, is the standard kiss (not part of the wedding). Thanks for the compliment on the wedding, I was excited to have it at the Art Museum gardens.

      I've decided, due to the disappearing sims problem, to have Barnaby and Hermione continue to live at the legacy house for an undetermined amount of time. I think playing everyone in Simdale Valley has spoiled me and I can't bear to let them go. Believe me, once I finish the legacy, aging will be off for the non-current family!

  2. retromaisie says:

    I love the wedding kiss too, how funny that Carla noted it too, Hermione is just curling herself right into him, love it! She made a stunning bride, and I'm very happy to see them settle down and have a baby. I'm still sad that Barnaby didn't get to be heir. Not that Beatrice isn't a riot, but he's such a sweetie, and he'll make a good Dad.

    Bummer on the grave, that would be frustrating, especially of sims that they didn't even know! What is with the disappearing sims, is it your actual household sims that just disappear in other households too? I thought you had to be playing the active household for the disappearing sim problem. I would keep them together too if that were the case!! Plus I heart Barnaby so I'm all for it!

    • It is a really romantic kiss. I think the romance options for a base game are really strong in this game.

      They say they've fixed the disappearing sims now. The problem was, I changed active households, which you aren't supposed to do in a legacy, but I was moving a lot of sims around in the 'hood so I could have more teens and kids. While I briefly had another house as the active house, the game "culled" Micah. So that may or may not technically be a disappearing sim. It could be that if you make another house active after the death warning, that the next time you go into the lot, that sim has died. But it was a glitch, or should be considered one, because there was no tombstone, no indication that he had ever been part of the household, and no one had "sad" or "mourning" buffs.

      In the past by this point in a legacy, I've had a pretty nice house and a lot of money, the bills in this game are SO high. Having Barnaby and Hermione's salary is a big help. But I'm also anticipating, how could I afford to move a spare out to another house, when they can't save up any money?? We'll see, eventually I expect the tide will turn, financially.

  3. lovesstorms says:

    bwahaha! The picture with Barnaby looking under his arm pit makes me think he was concerned about something there. That picture is hilarious!

    Hermione is gorgeous! I’m glad he finally got over his grief long enough to get married. Yeah, more glitchiness with people dropping everything to grieve. I’m not sure why they have to go to the urn/tombstone just to grieve. That’s kind of frustrating.

    Mods make me happy. πŸ˜€ So, I’m glad at this point, you found some that helped!

    • When Barnaby’s insane trait kicked in, it was pretty funny. I agree, the modders make some amazing additions/fixes. Currently, I’m not using any but eventually I’ll work out a system and adopt some.

      • lovesstorms says:

        Speaking of working out systems, it takes forever. lol I’m still working on mine. I did finally add a skin tone. It makes pictures look much better now. Can’t wait to show them off!

        Also, I love how they keep patching the game to add things modders have made. Such as, the mod to keep the testing cheats enabled all the time. Now, the most recent patch does the same thing after you enable the cheats. I love that! Anyway, ‘nuf talkin’. πŸ˜‰

  4. moondansr says:

    I have to admit I’m missing Maddi myself. I always have a difficult time letting go of Sims when they die. She seemed so happy all the time and it lightened things up a bit. I love that Barnaby ended up with Hermione and hope she’ll be able to deal with his insanity. πŸ™‚

  5. ivanasims says:

    I’m very glad that Barnaby finally married Hermione! And they had such a nice wedding at the museum gardens! Very good choice! πŸ™‚

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