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Swan Song

Take Me to the Moon 6.8

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Ewan and Zoe were lost in their memories, transported through the years to younger days.

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“You saved my life, all those years ago,” Ewan said.  He couldn’t imagine what his life would have been, without Zoe’s buoyancy, without her love.

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“Do you remember our first kiss?” she asked.  “I do.”

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In reply, Ewan took her in his arms again, not lost in the distant past, but savoring this moment.  This fleeting, bittersweet moment.

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“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said, and led her inside to the gallery where they had first ventured to show their feelings towards each other all those years ago.

He had secretly stashed his guitar there, in an alcove, and he played “My Kind of Day,” again, for Zoe.

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“This is my kind of day, one spent with you,” he said.

After all these years, he still made her weak in the knees sometimes, she thought.  Zoe’s heart overflowed with gratitude for the days they had together and the love they’d grown together.

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When they arrived home, Fearghus was enjoying a funny pink drink that someone had left on the bar.  They went straight to the bedroom, where they had plans.

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After a while, Ewan came into the kitchen wearing his pajamas, wanting to chat, but fell to the floor.

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Hearing the commotion from the bedroom, Zoe was not far behind.

She gasped when she saw him, lying unconscious on the floor.

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Fearghus seemed disoriented, in shock, not willing to believe this was actually happening, while Zoe wept.

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Late that afternoon, Elsa invited Fearghus over.  He told Zoe he didn’t need to leave, he’d just stay there with her.  But Zoe encouraged him to go.

Elsa, who had heard the news, met him on the street as soon as he arrived.

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She took one look at his face, and his pain spread to her.

Elsa braced him.  She knew there were no words.  She held him, and this strong man, melted into her arms.

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After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled away and looked into his eyes.

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Fearghus looked at her shyly.  In this moment, each look, each sensation, each experience of “other,” seemed so monumental and miraculous.  Not being alone in this fleeting existence.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 15-39-30-92

He kissed Elsa.

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Neither knew what to do or say.  Elsa led him inside, where he began to fix food.  She kept him company, quietly.

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After they ate, he was tired, and needed to be alone.  She showed him to a guest bedroom, where he hid under the covers and cried.   The pain of the day had eased just enough to let some of it flow.

Eventually, he fell into a dreamless sleep.

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During the middle of the night, he woke suddenly as the realization that his father was dead flooded back into his consciousness.

Looking for distraction, he quietly went to the kitchen to clean.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 15-49-20-24

As the sun spread its cheery rays over Elsa’s house, he crept quietly out and headed home.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 15-51-03-85

It was his first time returning home without his dad being there to greet him.

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Upstairs, Zoe felt overwhelmed by floods of memories of her own, and the loss of Ewan was sharply painful but too large to comprehend.  She visited the different spots in the house that held memories, wanting to relive them, needing to lock in their significance in her heart.

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Ewan heard sobs coming from the closet, and knocked softly.

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“I didn’t realize you were home,” Zoe said, rubbing her eyes.

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As his mom had done so many times for him, Fearghus consoled her.

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Then he texted Fiona, and Felicity.

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Rest In Peace, Ewan Tesla.

Husband, Father, Artist.  Son, Brother, Friend.

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22 Comments so far:

  1. meowfaze says:

    So sad. I hope he doesn’t regret kissing Elsa, I like her.

    • Hi Meowfaze, yes, it was hard saying goodbye to Ewan, and then Elsa was really flirting with Ewan and he wanted to kiss her, so I had them go ahead. Hopefully he won’t regret it; I don’t really think he would be fair to himself to hold it against himself, even if he still hopes things work out with Alyse one day. Thanks for commenting,

  2. Anonymous says:

    R.I.P Ewan, I’m so shocked and overwhelmed! I started reading this blog in gen, 4 watching Ewan grow up and deal with a mean sister and now he’s gone! I also realised in the wedding picture there are seven people, and only three alive…

    • Anon, so sorry that this was sort of sudden and overwhelming! It is so hard to say goodbye to a sim after all this time, and especially since you’ve been reading about him since he was a child. And yes, you are correct, only Elise, Eric, and Zoe are still alive, from the wedding picture. Dashle and Darryl have also passed on, but Dennis is still alive.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are Dashle, Dennis and Darryl (Cacey’s kids.) dead too?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can twins or triplets in the family be genetic because there are six sets of twins in my 5 gen family.

    • Wow, I don’t know about whether propensity for multiple births is genetic, it sure sounds like it!! A while back, there was a glitch that caused more multiples (that’s when Dashle, Darryl, and Dennis were born).

  5. Carla says:

    🙁 Ewan! I knew he would go soon but I’m still sad. And poor Zoe and Fearghus. I’m glad they have each other to turn to though.

    I’m glad to see Feargus and Elsa kiss though and I can only hope it leads to something more developing between them. I think they could be great together!

    • I thought of you when writing this post, because I knew you had a soft spot for Ewan. I agree, I think Fearghus and Elsa have potential. I think their kids would be cute, too. Elsa has very distinctive features which are pretty much opposite of Fearghus’, so it would be interesting to see which ones were dominant. So far the Goth-like features have been the most dominant.

  6. maisie says:

    Aww this was terribly sad. I was hoping he would see Misa’s first birthday at least, I didn’t realize it was literally knocking on his door. 🙁 I always loved him, and remember fondly his first paintings, and how quirky they were and how proud he was. Poor Zoe, crying in her closet.

    I’m glad that Fearghus had Elsa there to comfort him, and poor guy, crying in her guest bedroom. I wouldn’t want to go home ether. Sad update…

    • Maisie, so sorry about the sadness- it’s hard to know, once you get that message that they should get their affairs in order. I’ve had it be as little as a day and as much as 3 weeks before a sim dies. But for Ewan it was quick. He was never big for exercise, which I think lengthens it, and he didn’t complete any extra aspirations or have a ton of happiness points, but he was pretty happy for his gloomy self, most of the time. But I expected him to live a little longer. Micah was much more frail for much longer, for example.

      It will get better soon for Fearghus, I am sure, but this mourning is difficult!

  7. cathytea says:

    Was this a tough one for you, Shannon? My condolences to you and your Sims. I was happy to see that Fearghus and Elsa connected–at least there’s that!

    • Thanks, Cathytea, you know, I’ve been playing Ewan since February 2015, so about 14 months, and it was tough. I guess that’s a pretty long time for a legacy sim even though it would be really short for a rotational ‘hood, where some simmers have probably played sims for close to a decade. But even though you guys didn’t see him long as an elder in the blog since I’m trying to move it along a little quicker, playing it felt longer and I had adjusted to the idea he would be gone. I will really miss him!

      By the way, here’s Ewan’s birth post link: A lot’s happened since then!

      Elsa was so sweet to Fearghus when he came over after his dad died.

      • cathytea says:

        Elsa was so lovely! And SO much happened since Ewan’s birth! Amazing! I’m looking forward to Fearghus’s adult life! (Really shipping #Elsghus! Or is it #Fearsa ?)

  8. RIP Ewan. How sad for them to say goodbye. But I enjoyed seeing the flashbacks from his life. Lovely pictures.

  9. I’m late to this party, but what a touching tribute to Ewan. I’m glad he got his special moment with Zoe before he passed.

    I’m bummed that Feargus and Alys didn’t work out, but he and Elsa are adorable together.

    • Hi Susan, I’ve missed you so much, and the Samples! But anyway, keep reading. It’s still anyone’s guess who Fearghus is going to end up with. Even when I was playing this I had no idea.

  10. so sad to see Ewan go 🙁 I didn’t expect it quite so soon into this generation 🙁

    • Ewan’s death took everyone by surprise. He was not nearly as long-lived as his parents, even considering the change in age span I was using, he didn’t have the long-lived trait.

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