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Summer Camp: Art Show!

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Summer Camp: Art Show!

Summer Camp Day One / Next Summer Camp Update:

The simkids at CathyTea and Joel’s Animal Hat Summer Camp have decided to put on a kids’ art show, and invite simselves!  Read all about it at Summer Camp:  Best Ever Exhibition!

It is Dillan’s idea, and he recruited Felicity to curate.  All the kids are getting their artwork ready.  It is going to be awesome.


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  1. maisie says:

    Man this summer camp is too cute! How cute are the kids with their talk of what they’d like to be, Fiona is adorable with wanting to be like her Mom. TS4 is just so bright and colorful, and it’s perfect for summer camp with a bunch of cute kids.

    • Definitely, Sims 4 is very bright and cheery, with very cute kids. I’m enjoying the summer camp because I am taking a break from the legacy and getting my Simdale Valley families made and set up . So far I’ve made the Declan& Simone, Chloe and Jackson McElveen/George Endeavor/Naomi & Laney Redbird extended family, Dr. Ono’s family, and Julia Jones’ family. It’s probably going to be a couple more weeks till the kids come home from camp and this family’s story picks up again (I will finish it!), so maybe I’ll finish making the Brights, Petites, and Julien Cooke & Chelsea Finnbar (and Senator Phillips with his philandering self). But there’s no political career for her to go into! The new world, Windenburg, that comes out in November, is set in the mountains and has lakes, and I think it might work well for Simdale Valley, which is surrounded by mountains and on the bay and the lake. Thanks again for reading, Maisie!

      • maisie says:

        Ah so many Simdale names I recognize! I’m excited that you are rebuilding it, I didn’t know if you would as the legacy is quite fun to play (I assume) and definitely to read. The new world sounds like it will be amazing. I definitely am interested in getting TS4 someday, but not to replace TS2, my most beloved sim-child-game. 🙂 I just don’t know when I’d play it!

        • TS2 is incredible. I still have so much nostalgia for it; if I didn’t enjoy Sims 4 as much as I do I would definitely return to Sims 2. And the toddlers and kids in Sims 2 are fantastic.

          I am going to finish the legacy (chants mantra). It is fun to play and blog; I figure I may have to alternate weeks between the legacy and Simdale Valley when life is busy, but it will be nice to have the variety. The kids being at summer camp has been my opportunity to take a little break from the Teslas and work on Simdale Valley. Thanks so much for commenting, Maisie!

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