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Summer Camp, Ahoy!

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Summer Camp, Ahoy!

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Felicity & Fiona have arrived at CathyTea’s Animal Hat Summer Camp!

Click on the link above to head on over to camp, and meet this session’s simkids.    I’ve just included a couple of pictures to orient my readers who don’t know the counselors and other sim kids, but there’s so much more summer camp fun, at CathyTea’s blog.

Felicity got to know Camp Counselor Joel a little, (and his sister, Amelia, is also a camper!)  Camp Counselor Joel is a simself of the author of Summerfall Stories, and he is an awesome camp counselor who has a fabulous secret cupcake recipe.

Felicity and Joel

and Fiona learned from fellow camper Violet, that her skin color is hex code A48cc5!

Usually, it’s Fiona that gets herself into awkward situations, with her goofball trait, but Camp Counselor CT found Felicity making fun of adults with Dillan.    CT didn’t fuss at them, though, realizing they need to cut loose sometimes.   Dillan and Violet are siblings, and their simmer’s blog is Life on Canvas.

I look forward to Felicity and Fiona getting to know Lola, too, who is very special to her simmer, Anne, but not part of a story.  Anne’s blog is here.


Lola is one super special sim kid. I think Felicity will really like her.

You can find the main page for Animal Hat Summer Camp Session 4, here.

Their adventures at camp will be the only updates for the Teslas, for the next two to three weeks.   In the meantime, the girls will share campfire stories, and probably write a letter home or journal entry.  All the updates from CathyTea’s blog will be linked here, at the Tesla Family Story.

With Delaney and Alexander having received their “make the most of the days” warning in the game, which means they could have as little as a couple days or at most, a couple weeks left to live, I will wait to play the Teslas again, until after Felicity and Fiona return home.  (Technically, Felicity and Fiona are also still at home, since other instances of them are at camp, but I want them to enjoy camp without worrying about their grandparents’ health, so everything is on hold.)


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  1. keva1986 says:

    I have to say that is really cool how you and CathyTea are working together to create some fantastic chapters and adventures! I can’t believe Delaney and Alexander’s time is almost up! Their younger days feel like only yesterday! Hope their remaining days are memorable.

  2. Echo Weaver says:

    The summer camp is so adorable. These group activities are so much fun.

    Unrelatedly, I have a huge number (e.g. six) of reports of people being unable to comment on my Blogspot blogs. After saying I wouldn’t, now I’m seriously considering moving to WordPress. You’re doing a self-hosted WordPress site, but it appears you can’t install multiple blogs that way. We have a self-hosted WordPress travel blog that’s on hiatus, but it doesn’t seem that I could expand that to include my Sims blogs. I am also looking at, which ought to be fine but doesn’t have some of the awesome widgets I’ve been using on my Blogger blogs.

    So many different options how did you navigate all this?

    • You are awesome with your operationalization of “a huge number.” As far as moving to a self-hosted blog, I made the decision pretty quickly after reading a number of blogs about WordPress, did a little bit of research on vs and I already had a, too, so I knew where some of the limitations were (at least things I thought were limitations.) It’s funny, I do miss some of my blogger widgets, although I’m sure most of them are available somewhere on WordPress, I just haven’t spent much time looking through what’s available. On of the main reasons I went with self-hosted was so I would have more control over my blog and have basically limitless storage on my site for my pictures. But my decision making process may not have been as objective as you might want to be. I hadn’t really decided which to go with, and my husband said, you’re not going to suddenly quit playing and blogging three years from now, so you should get your own domain.” So I did.

      • Echo Weaver says:

        Heh. Well, I was being a little ironic there. Approximately six people, but griffindork alone reports the loss of over a dozen comments she attempted to make. This makes me see red. She went to all the trouble to give me feedback, and it was LOST??

        We already own a domain and self-host a WordPress travel blog that is currently on hiatus but that we don’t want to get rid of. I’ve been intimidated by the idea of installing a fresh copy of WordPress for every blog I want, and I’m also not excited about combining my stories into one blog. OTOH, we have the domain, and I’ve spent two afternoons trying to get a free theme working the way I want. Good Heavens, free themes are horrible. Blogger has like 10 themes, but they were reliable, professional, and fully customizable. Good grief.

        I’ve sunk enough time into being frustrated at that I’m revisiting the self-host thing.

        • That was one of the aspects I didn’t like about after being used to Blogger- the limited and unprofessional looking themes. So you’re already experimenting with setting it up but it’s not working out on

          • Echo Weaver says:

            Actually, after beating my head against themes for a couple of evenings, I opted to go for installing WordPress another three times on our service provider. I even found an old dynamic Blogroll widget that mostly worked, and I was able to debug it. I’m considering figuring out how you put widgets up for download so that other people might be able to use it.

            I’ve been experimenting on my Nothing Is Free Challenge, which has been on hiatus for over a year. Here’s the mostly-complete new site:

            Oh, and my husband works for Google, albeit a totally unrelated department. I got Gryffindork to describe to me exactly what she did, and he submitted it as an internal bug report. They’re looking into it. If we manage to actually get the team to fix the comment problem, I’ll be pretty excited. But I think it’s too late for me. Losing comments is about the worst thing that could happen to a blog in a little community like ours.

  3. maisie says:

    Summer camp, so fun! And little Lola is a doll! Oh man, I adore her too, I can see why she is special to her blogger.

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