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Stealth Sabotage

December 31, 2016      In Take Me to the Moon 14 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.3

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Grayson needed to get a message to Everett Lofton, his crew’s heavy, so he slipped out and took the subway to the Arts Quarter, one evening after his parents had gone to sleep.

“When you need to get instructions to me, just drop by the Asian food booth at the Arts Quarter plaza,” Everett had told him.  “You can grab a bite and no one will be the wiser.”

Grayson was ordering a dish and trying to look nondescript, when he noticed a kind looking older woman smiling at him from a picnic table.

Just as he was getting ready to give the guy instructions for the next heist, the woman came over.

“I know you,” she said.

“What are the odds?” Grayson thought to himself.

 “I”m CT, an old friend of your grandparents, and great grandparents.”

Realizing that a trip down memory lane was unavoidable, Grayson pleasantly smiled and waved, and listened to CT describe his Great Aunt Elise trying to teach Death a thing or two.

CT told Grayson all about the parties she used to cater at his grandfather Ewan’s house when he was a boy, and later, when Fearghus was very young.

“My son, Francis, is about your age,” she said.  “You all might like to hang out sometime.”

Just as she left, Aunt Felicity and her new astronaut husband arrived.

“What a surprise to see you here,” Josh Swanson said to Grayson.

“More surprising than you’d know,” Grayson thought to himself.

Grayson asked how his cousin, Laurie, was doing, and Josh said she wasn’t crazy about the social scene in high school, but she was planning a student exchange trip to France to sample various types of cheese.  Apparently, she’d developed quite a penchant for grilled cheese in her adolescence.

His step-uncle looked at Grayson.  “You might want to hang out with Laurie sometime,” he said.

Grayson started towards the vendor again, trying to look nonchalant and deliver his message, but he was stopped in his tracks, right at the booth,  by his least favorite cousin, Misa.

Ever since Misa had snubbed Fox’s puppet show, Grayson had disliked him.  He pulled out his voodoo doll and quickly bound it to Misa, but before he could play a trick on him, Misa had left the area.

Thinking he might finally be able to deliver his message, Grayson turned around, to find himself staring a giant, upright racoon in the face.

Stealth was not in the cards for tonight.

“Bet you know someone who would like to hang out with me sometime,” he said to the raccoon.

Gameplay Notes:

I love Laurie Tesla’s teen look!  She is Felicity’s older daughter, from before she married Josh.  She’s a Grilled Cheese Sim, still a loner, and a glutton.  She has also become partners in crime with her cousin, Grayson.   Laurie aged up to teen  at Fox’s young adult party, where she and Fox had a blast singing karaoke.  (See pics on Tumblr, here.)

This post came about because I noticed that Everett Lofton, the muscle for Grayson’s crew, was working at this food booth, and thought I’d show Grayson chatting with him.  But people he knew kept coming up to him!  Everett and his wife have just had a baby, so I guess he needs some extra income.

I’m amazed that CT is still alive!  Something must have happened with her along the way, with aging, but her son is in this save, so I know I saved them as they were when I rebooted the Tesla’s world in August.  Perhaps she’s just incredibly long-lived!


14 Comments so far:

  1. This was so funny! Poor Grayson, can’t catch a break 😛 I loved seeing all the familiar faces 🙂

  2. cathytea says:

    Hard to be under cover when family and friends keep showing up !

  3. maisie says:

    I was surprised to see CT! We haven’t heard from her in such a long time! Too funny on all the sims popping up on the lot just as he was trying to be mischievous. This would be my issue if I were to ever try to be bad, not the mini reunion, but things not going as planned! <3

  4. Ha, that’s funny that you figure people would pop up on you if you were trying to be mischievous, Maisie! It seems whatever my idea of what is going to happen next in the legacy is being re-routed by the game quite a lot lately.

  5. Carla says:

    Laurie is very cute!

    Grayson is really having to work out in the open, isn’t he? I’m sure he’d prefer a few more opportunities for some stealth!

    That raccoon was really something, lol! What is that, a sim in a costume or some strange EA thing I’m not aware of? I do really like that pop art style painting of the chili peppers in the background though. 😉

    • I really like Laurie’s look a lot. It’s funny, yesterday when I was playing Grayson I was wishing there was a sneak control, like in Skyrim. And as far as the raccoon is concerned, it must be some kind of EA inside joke; they’ve made them appear in San Myshuno and you can also dress your sim up as a raccoon. Sims 4 has a lot of really cool paintings, that’s for sure!

  6. Ha ha, it might be hard for Grayson to get away with his criminal endeavors if half the world knows him and wants to chat every five minutes. 😉

    • Laura, that’s what I was thinking; between no one caring when he does shady stuff, and running into friends and relatives everywhere he goes, it feels really bizarre making sense of what’s going on! It’s great hearing all your feedback, thanks.

  7. Echo Weaver says:

    This was hilarious, and so Sims.

  8. Ha, glad you enjoyed it! It was really funny that sims that knew him KEPT coming while he was trying to conduct shady business! And then the raccoon.

  9. Bahaha, I know a way to keep stealing and be able to know and talk to almost everyone: be a politician!! 😋 kidding, but poor Grayson can’t seem to catch a break! (At first I thought maybe the old lady was his contact, that would have been…weird!)

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