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Standard Etiquette

Take Me to the Moon 6.13

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Fearghus and Alyse decided to hold a late afternoon, intimate wedding ceremony on the patio of their home, and invited their families.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-40-18-47

Alyse looked at Fearghus, as she prepared to say her vows, first

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-53-18-31

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-49-32-17

“I, Alyse, take thee, Fearghus, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish,

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-50-24-97

’til death do we part.”

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-50-39-89

“Now it’s your turn, Nooboo,” she said.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-50-50-39

“I, Fearghus, take you, Alyse, to be my wife,

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-51-10-05

to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death.  This is my solemn vow.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-51-32-84

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-58-11-44

As CT played the recessional, family members gave their best wishes to the married couple.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 11-56-29-93

Zoe left the ceremony as soon as it ended, to put the finishing touches on the buffet

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-03-25-06

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-03-04-22

Alyse found her mom, Echo, when the formal ceremony was over, and took a deep breath.  Her mom and she had been each other’s best friends, through everything, including Echo’s years as a single mom, when it was just them, and her recent marriage to a much younger woman, Elodie.

 Through it all, Alyse and Echo had each other, and now, Alyse would be part of another family too.  Echo had Elodie, and she had their daughter, Aubree, and Alyse would always be there for her too, but not in the same way it had been, when it was just the two of them all those years.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-04-42-85

She turned, and looked across the dance floor, at her best friend, soul mate, and husband.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-07-17-09

Alyse sat with Felicity, her new sister-in-law, to listen to the toasts.  She could see Fearghus looking at her, and she knew he was not content, because they were separated by more than an arms’ length.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-09-58-73

Fearghus was, indeed, explaining to his cousin Elizabeth, and also to Echo’s new partner, Elodie, that getting married does not remove those deep down insecurities he always had to wrestle with.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-11-10-45

“It just makes them even more salient,” he told Elodie.  Elodie, looking at Alyse, was thinking that this could be a hard road for her, keeping marriage vows with a husband with such demons.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-11-14-21

Before she looked around again, Fearghus had pulled Alyse under the wedding arch and was kissing her.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-12-58-04Echo was chatting with Felicity about the publishing business
TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-13-51-51

And whether self-publishing to web-store devices was a good way to go

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-14-10-95

Fiona arrived, fashionably late

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-15-41-96

Her partner, Yuki, was downstairs, seeing if she could offer any help to Fearghus’ mom, Zoe.  Alyse and Fearghus had tried to talk Zoe into hiring a caterer for the occasion, but she insisted on doing it herself, saying that was the only way to make sure it was done right.TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-18-19-16

Alyse left Fearghus by the piano, being played by CT, to get some food.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-18-50-97

He migrated over to eavesdrop on his cousin Fiona’s conversation.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-19-04-73

Alyse looked at the chocolate fountain dubiously.  “Mauve strands of goo,” Alyse said.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-21-40-50

She and Felicity were laughing about it when Fearghus joined them.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-22-20-76

Which left Tesla cousins Fiona and Elizabeth to chat, while Elodie went to find Echo.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-23-47-10TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-37-40-89

Alyse’s dad, Bjorn TuRok, arrived very late.  He was still wearing his signature pink, but thank goodness, had decided that his favorite pink terry boxers with a heart on the cheek didn’t fit the category of formalwear for an event of this elegance.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-39-09-88

And he brought Aubree Weaver, Alyse’s very young half-sister, with him, and dutifully turned her over to her mother, Echo.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-41-21-59

“I’m so glad you got to come, Aubree,” Alyse said.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-41-27-54

“I told Bjorn that I must be here for you on this day,” Aubree assured Alyse.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-41-33-38

Alyse looked at her father.  He had made regular appearances, sure, but he had never taken an interest in her.  Not as a child, not when she desperately wanted him to, as a teen, and not now.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-42-04-50

Bjorn took a seat, and the family chatted about the wedding preparations, Alyse’s new home, and what had been going on at work and school.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-43-06-62

Fearghus had slipped inside, to the gym, and out of his tux

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-44-18-37

But when the dancing started, Fiona was able to get him to suit up again, and to come back outside

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-48-16-90

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-49-19-90

“Everyone’s busy here,” he whispered to Alyse.  “I’ve got an idea.”

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-50-28-92

They snuck gleefully into their bedroom, and headed for the one private spot in the house.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-52-37-96

When Alyse emerged, cautiously, she thought she heard snoring.  It was coming from hers and Fearghus’ bed.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-54-31-83

For a moment, they watched Bjorn sleep, wondering what to do.  A prank? Ignore it? Jump on him and wake him?

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-56-40-73

Suddenly he woke and jumped out of bed.  He’d ditched the suit already, and was back in his favorite outfit.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-57-05-35

Wordlessly, he turned and left the bedroom, as if sleeping in the bride and groom’s bed in your cowboy hat and pink boxers was standard etiquette.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-57-18-79

He made a beeline for his old flame, Echo, and gave her a toast.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-58-46-76

“Echo, you never demanded what I couldn’t give,” he said, loudly to the gathered crowd.  Elodie looked to see if Echo was ok, and seeing she was happy, she relaxed.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-59-06-63

“I have to admit, those rock hard abs bulging from those pink boxers was close to his best feature,” she confided in Elodie, and they got a private chuckle out of it.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 13-00-04-39

Grandma Maddi made an appearance as the guests started to leave.  She told Yuki she would like to meet Misa and Sakura.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 13-09-13-35

But she and Yuki got to know each other a bit, and Elizabeth listened in.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 13-08-52-90

Family Pictures:

(left to right)

Elizabeth Schwartz (Cacey’s granddaughter), Echo Weaver, Fiona Tesla Behr, Fearghus Tesla, Felicity Tesla, Alyse Weaver Tesla, Yuki Behr Tesla, and Elodie Weaver

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-29-12-83

Fearghus with his sister, Felicity, his cousin, Fiona, and her partner, Yuki

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-32-56-95

The Bride’s Family

Echo Weaver, Elodie Weaver, and Alyse Weaver Tesla

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-37-10-11

Alyse and her dad

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 12-39-32-43

Gameplay Notes:

  • I thought this dress was very becoming with Alyse’s curvy figure.
  • On this lot, the routing means that it took the guests a long time to make their way to the ceremony, and they trickled in AFTER the vows, for the most part.
  • The cakes were broken!  They weren’t able to take first slice.
  • Echo and Bjorn and Elodie are all quite amicable with each other.  I originally downloaded Elodie from the Gallery and added her with a full house of teens when Fearghus became a teen, as possible romantic interests for Fearghus.  But he never had eyes for anyone but Alyse, and MC Command Center matched her up with Echo Weaver, and they had a daughter, Aubree.
  • If I were playing this session now, I’d use MC Command Center summon to bring the rest of the family in, but at this point I was still relying on the host to invite who they knew, and then having family members (Fearghus, Alyse, and Zoe) invite others as they could by phone.  So Sakura and Misa weren’t able to come.  Fox, Zoe & Ewan’s baby, was still in the bassinet and slept through most of the event, so I didn’t get any pictures of him with the family.

19 Comments so far:

  1. chealsycat says:

    Beautiful ceremony! And this cowboy is just awesome! And sleeping in bride and groom’s bed during the wedding is definitely standard etiquette for the Sims 4. 😀

  2. Thanks, Chealsycat! That cowboy is really funny, that’s why I downloaded him and he has not disappointed!

  3. meowfaze says:

    Too bad about the wedding cakes! The cowboy is funny!

    • The wedding cakes have been one of the few glitchy things in my game, off and on. The “cowboy” is Alyse’s dad, MC Command Center matched him up with Alyse’s mom but they never married. He’s one of the Malpractice doctors from the EA video.

  4. What a lovely wedding! The sunset was perfect timing. Alyse looked great in that dress.

    OMG, how like a sim to change and have a little workout in the middle of his wedding, lol! And also so like a sim to have a guest fall asleep in the couple’s bed! This was fun! Congrats to Fearghus and Alyse! May they have many happy years together.

    • Thanks, Laura, I tried to start the wedding at a time to capture the really pretty late afternoon and sunset light. Thanks for the congrats, too. I’ll pass them along next time I’m in the game 😉

  5. Wedding!!

    Mauve goo indeed! That was one heck of an unappetizing chocolate fountain! Is that what it always looks like? Is that an interactive item?

    OMG, the closet woohoo animation is HOT.

    And speaking of hot, Echo has a young wife! Woot! Elodie has fabulous genetics. I was confused as to who was Aubree’s other parent, since she apparently arrived with Bjorn. I’m delighted to know that Echo got to mix genes with Elodie. I’m fascinated to see how she grew up. It was also nice to see Alyse next to both Echo and Bjorn to get an idea of how her features are a mix of theirs. She seems to have Bjorn’s body weight but a lot of Echo’s face. Bjorn is hilariously self-absorbed. I’m glad Elodie is so comfortable with him being around.

    Soo there will be babies. I can’t wait.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Amazing post, Were Eric and Elise too old to go?

  7. Carla says:

    Beautiful wedding! Alyse’s dress is really gorgeous. She looked really different to me with her hair like that too. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t paid attention to her from the side but I wouldn’t have recognised her in that first picture without context.

    Chocolate fountains always look unappetising to me, so I’m with Alyse there. 😉 Ever since I read that they have to add oil to the chocolate to make it flow like that, they just make me feel a bit ill!

    If I was Fearghus, I’d be hoping my father-in-law was not too frequent a visitor! Dude has some boundary issues. 😉 So funny to see Fearghus sneaking in a quick workout in the middle of his reception!

  8. Susan, yes, the chocolate fountain is interactive– sims can fill it, dip food, and I think they can do some mischief with it– I know they can spike the punch if it is filled punch instead of chocolate. (The animation isn’t called ‘spike’ but that’s what it is). It can also be filled with cheese. It came with the Luxury Party stuff and it’s a really nice item to have. But yeah, the color of that chocolate is pretty weird. And like Carla said, they add oil in real life to chocolate fountains! They brought a chocolate fountain for an arts night at our school (I work at an arts magnet) and it was nice to look at but I didn’t even try it because I figured it was more like chocolate syrup than real chocolate. At most of my sims events I use the punch instead of the chocolate, so I thought I should try the chocolate this time. The punch is very pretty in the sunlight.

    Susan- I love the closet animations. They are all really interesting, the closet make out, the closet woohoo, kids playing in the closet, and the cry in closet. They did a great job, in my opinion, programming for the closet. And in general, I would say the woohoo and makeout, and even kiss animations are pretty hot in Sims 4. That’s another thing they did well.

    It was difficult getting everyone there and Aubree just happened to walk in with Bjorn, so I wrote it in as if he had been watching her for Echo Weaver. And Elodie does have fabulous genetics, I am really looking forward to seeing what Aubree looks like as a teen. Self-absorbed (hilariously!) is a good description for Bjorn. It made me very happy that Alyse’s whole family stuck around for so long for the wedding.

    Anon- as for getting Eric and Elise there– that just didn’t work out. I think I never established a close enough relationship between any of the remaining household sims (Fearghus and Zoe) with Eric, and Elise’s relationship with everyone is totally decayed. Eric does come to Fox’s child birthday, though! And now that I have the summon cheat with MC Command Center, I’ll be able to make sure everyone appropriate is at different events, as long as I remember to get them there!

    Carla, I loved that dress on Alyse, too. It’s ironic that, as you point out, Bjorn has boundary issues, when Alyse is so confident in herself without overstepping, I think. Perhaps she really learned through seeing what she didn’t want to emulate about her dad. But that’s true, Fearghus could be really concerned. He didn’t seem fazed by it during the wedding, but they both had so many happy emotions going on they were oblivious. I thought it was hilarious he went and worked out during his wedding, too. He’s always shown some reluctance for being in the midst of parties and weddings. Thanks for commenting, Carla!

  9. Anonymous says:

    @Thanks for the reply :)))

  10. cathytea says:

    Oh, man. I’m so confused! How does Echo Weaver fit in? Is she like Alyse’s other lover? The other mother of Alyse’s baby? Alyse has a baby? Wait… what? I’m too sleepy to figure it out! LOL!

    • Alyse has a baby?! This is news to me, and will be to her as well 🙂

      So sorry about all the confusion, Cathy, and I know what that’s like, especially when I’m sleepy and trying to put it all together. If you ever want to look at it, I have a family echo (not referring to Susan’s Simself, Echo), family tree you can link to from the Take Me to the Moon menu at the top of the blog. Looking at the text and comments, I can see why it was confusing. I didn’t explain who was who in this post. Thanks for reading!

      • cathytea says:

        LOL! Ok, Shannon! My apologies! I took another look at this when I was awake, and now I can see who is related to whom!

        Somehow, I’d missed that Alyse was Echo’s daughter! That’s so awesome! No wonder Fearghus decided she was the one! 🙂

        And I’m happy about the extended families. MCC makes for confusing family trees, but I like that! 🙂

        (Next time, when I’m sleepy and I read, I’ll wait until I’m awake to comment!)

        • Yes, I was definitely a little (actually a lot) biased towards Alyse because of Echo Weaver. True, MCC does make the family trees a lot more complex and interesting! And I am just so glad for you to read and comment, please don’t hesitate to comment when you’re sleepy and confused!

  11. maisie says:

    Gosh, this wedding was gorgeous! I didn’t expect any less from you, especially when I saw that it was at his gorgeous home! That house makes my jaw drop every time you share pictures from it! It’s just so picturesque! Oh boy on the cowboy, lol!! So funny, snoring in the bride and grooms bed! And just strutting in pink boxers! Wow! I’m glad that his behavior doesn’t upset anyone, and that they accept him for his crazy self!

    I do like how the MCC has people marry off and have babies, I like that bit of spontaneity and lack of planning that TS4 has. ACR does it a bit in TS2, but it drives me crazy lately. There is too much ACR action happening!

    It was nice seeing all the family, and that everyone got along well, it was really just wonderful, and I’m so happy for Fearghus, he’s wanted this for a very long time, and Alyse for just about the same amount of time. She was a lovely bride too, and I agree that the dress was very flattering on her. I’m glad that she warmed up to him on a romantic level, and hope they are truly happy together.

    I did lol when I saw that he’d sneaked off to the gym! You don’t get muscles like his without working out regularly!

  12. So funny, that’s true, Fearghus has a lot of work just to maintain that muscle mass. He is pretty amazing looking these days.

    You can really customize a lot of aspects with MCC. In Simdale Valley, I only let non played sims have babies or marry through that mod, and don’t allow it to pull playables into affairs either. But in this legacy almost no one is exempt, except the immediate household, from its story progression. You can customize whether unmarried sims can have babies together, which genders, which age stages, and what percentage marry after having a baby. You can have sims marry and have affairs through it too. It really helps in the legacy since I only play Fearghus’s house now.

    The woohoo mod by the same creator (Deaderpool) lets sims autonomously try for baby, woohoo, and it’s also got tons of tuning you can do just through the in-game menu so I really like it. Although I’d like to be able to set their propensity to autonomously woohoo and TFB by aspiration and/or trait more, but I don’t think it has that capability.

    As for sims getting along, I’ve seen people complain that TS4 sims always get along, but that doesn’t bother me too much. You can manufacture some drama if you need it, easily. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want to use your imagination with this game, it gives you good scope for that. The gameplay isn’t as in-depth, in and of its’ programming, as sims 2, which I do miss, but it is very amenable to weaving stories and leaves a lot of customization up to the player. The sims are a bit more blank slates than sims 2, and I miss their quirks in sims 2, and the way they’d be bent on whatever they were bent on. But I just make up for it, for the most part, in my imagination, and the upside is, the programming doesn’t get in the way quite as much since its less intricate. I wish they’d kept the personality system, the chemistry system, and memories that are more impactful, but I still enjoy this game too. Plus I get to live vicariously through yours and Carla’s and other sims 2 blogs, which are incredibly rich in character detail. End of mulling over Sims 4 compared to Sims 2.

  13. a great wedding, everything was so beautiful 😀 and there is Felicity so ignore my last question haha Alysse’s family seems fun 😀

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