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Special Edition: Take Me to the Moon Redux

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Special Edition: Take Me to the Moon Redux

It’s time for a Take Me to the Moon legacy story update, but as I am beginning to draft this, the Teslas and everyone dear to them are still taking a break in the Gallery while their world is recreated in a new save file.  I hope to have a regular update by next week, August 15th.  Their new world is ready, and a tour of all the great lots that it contains, is here.

You may have read my whining and general complaining on Tumblr about the glitches I was getting in the medical career, along with increased load times, more frequent freezing, and even crashing.  It was getting to the point where the simplest tasks could not be completed in the medical career.  Since I had played the Tesla’s save almost daily since November 2014, when Delaney was a child, I guess it’s not surprising that it was starting to implode, or become corrupted, or whatever the technical term may be.

What We’re Losing 

Ghosts.  I tested it.  The urns would not make the trip through the Gallery in the sims’ inventories; they did make it through the Gallery in the house, but the ghosts are gone and the urns are empty.

Let me know your opinion about bringing them back, or not, in the comments.

I can bring them back again by downloading the sims, killing them, and adding their urns back to the house.  However, I am leaning towards letting them rest in peace.  Reason #1 is the above process of recreating them is hideous to implement and I really hate killing off sims.  Reason #2 for letting them rest is that they’ve already been brought back before, after the game suddenly started culling them.  Reason #3 is Fearghus had 77 (Count them, seventy-seven) plumbing parts in his inventory.  Do you know why he had 77 plumbing parts??  Because every single night, the ghosts broke most of the nine toilets, sinks, and showers on the lot.  Since he needed handiness skill, I made him fix them, but it took most of his free time.  I’m inclined to give him a break, but it does make me sad to lose Maddi, and Ewan, and Zoe, who were the ones I saw the most of.

I would love to hear from readers, what your feelings are about the ghosts.  I’ll begin playing the Teslas again on Monday, August 8th, and bringing the ghosts back is still possible if readers really want them.

We’re also losing most in-game family trees and many in-game relationships.  The reason we aren’t losing as many in-game relationships, as we could be, is that Sims 4 doesn’t list some relationships in the relationship panel. For example, cousins and aunts and uncles that are related through marriage are not shown in-game as being related.  However, I think that the game, and MC Command Center, would have known not to have them flirt or match them up, but now the game won’t know that.

To help explain my plan for preventing marriage and baby-making within family trees

First, for non-Sims 4 players, you need to know that there are four categories for sims in the game:

  • Current household, “Active” and “Played.”  This is Fearghus’ household.
  • Other “Played” households in houses (this is denoted by a green plumbbob on the map).  These households are almost all relatives, but also includes four other households I want to exclude from MC Command Center match-making.
  • Households in a house, but not marked as played (this is achieved by clicking the white diamond in Manage Households, so that the family living in the house is marked as Unplayed).  These are families I don’t want culled, but that are not in danger of inter-marriage because they don’t have relatives carrying over from the old save  game.
  • Households “not in world” that are neither in a house, or marked as played. These are sims we typically call Townies

In MC Command Center, I have the story progression aspects set to apply only for the last two categories, the ones who are not played and either in a house or not.  “Played”  households, for the most part, are all the sims related to the Teslas, the TuRok’s, or the Ariases.  That should keep story progression from matching them with anyone and prevent inter-marriage and inter-reproducing.

So I am going to turn off story progression for now for all sims that are “played,” in houses, to protect cousins and other relatives from being married off to each other, or reproducing.   I plan to do some match-making when the time comes, for Gen 7, probably by moving sims temporarily into the legacy household.  It is my experience that I risk losing sims when I change active households.

I will have to recreate the Tesla’s clubs (mainly for the purposes of family reunions).

What’s Staying the Same

  • Family Trees are still completely intact on Family Echo, and readers can link to them here.
  • Fearghus & Alyse’s lot is identical to how it was
  • Ages, traits, skills, and careers/school progress should all be exactly as they were
  • Relationships within households will remain.  I moved Felicity and Laurie into Fearghus’ house, so Felicity, Fox, and Fearghus’ part of the tree will be intact.  I also was able to move in Alyse’s sister, Aubree, and her dad, Bjorn, so those relationships will be intact.   Elsa and her sister, and their families, moved together so they could keep their relationships. Unfortunately, I could not move Fiona’s family in with Fearghus’, but I will attempt to add those back with the cheat code.  In the past, that has not been successful, but we’ll see.

What We’re Gaining

  • A fresh, new save.  Considering all the EP’s and the major overhauls, like the CAS and lighting updates, that have been added to the game since November 2014, I think this is going to be an improvement.
  • The medical career was working again when I tested it in the new game, so Fearghus will finally be able to proceed.
  • So many great new lots to visit!  This makes me really excited about the game again, too.  See the new neighborhood tour, at this page.  The neighborhood tour is also a great place to find new builders or lots on the Gallery.  Many of the new lots are built by well-known simmers, but there are also some great ones you may not have seen before.

I am hoping that this save file will last through Generation 10’s birth, and the official completion of the Take Me to the Moon legacy story.  Thank you so much to everyone who reads, and comments, and to all the great builders who shared their amazing creations on the Gallery.


20 Comments so far:

  1. The new towns look beautiful 😀 as for ghosts I say let them rest, we will get more of them as we get closer to gen 10 🙂

  2. Carla says:

    I would not personally miss the ghosts. I don’t have them in my game (well, I do but they’re all banished to my cemetery lot, which I would never visit at night, to avoid the ghosts), so I never even notice when other simmers don’t have them in their games. They’re just not something I tend to pay a lot of attention to.

    I say just do whatever you need to do to keep your game healthy. 🙂

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    Gah! I’m sorry to read this. You’re right — eventually you have to pay your dues for running a legacy. I hope Feargus can finish his career once you’ve restarted the neighborhood.

    I’m still swamped with the start of my new job, and I haven’t caught up to this point. I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I’m still around, and I’ll be back.

    I agree that it’s rough to lose ghosts. I rather like the idea of Maddi sticking around because the founder of a legacy has a special status. I really enjoy having my ghosts, but I seldom photograph them or do anything with them — they just exist to remind me of the history of the legacy. You’ve done a lot more interesting bits with them in your storyline.

    Sims 3 MasterController has an instant kill option that spares me the emotional toll of killing sims. Is it more involved in Sims 4? If it is, I probably couldn’t manage it. I empathize too much with my digital dolls.

    • Hi Susan! I have been thinking of you, figuring you were busy with your new job. I hope it’s going well!

      I hope Fearghus’ job will work as it should now too, and it wasn’t just the medical career that was falling apart. The load times had increased dramatically (which I could live with) and the freezes and crashes were getting noticeably worse day by day for the last month or so.

      Thanks for the input about the ghosts. I remember you’ve commented in the past, saying it was fun to see the ghosts in the storyline. I can kill them with “Old Age” which is very sudden and relatively painless to watch but it still bothers me. I might just bring Maddi back again but I am leaning towards not doing it. Bjorn will pass away soon and I’m keeping him in the house so Alyse’s side will have a ghost, soon.

      We are welcoming our students back Monday so I’m actually really swamped at work too, and will be for the next couple of months, for sure, so simming and blogging is on the back burner right now. The Teslas are all in their homes and ready to go but I haven’t played again this week due to long hours at work and my brain being on overload with all the details of starting a new school year.

      Thanks again for commenting and take care!

  4. meowfaze says:

    I like my ghosts at first but then…broken toilets, computers, hot tubs etc. It gets annoying after awhile.

    • You’re telling me! I was resigned to dealing with the broken plumbing to get to have the ghosts around but it really makes me think hard about whether I want to bring them back or not now that they are gone. Thanks for commenting!

  5. hey I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I see from your comments that you are busy at work. 🙁 I will be patiently waiting for the continuation of your stories. 🙂

  6. cathytea says:

    Sounds like a good solution . I’m having to do something similar with my Summer Camp save which got glitchy . I guess another option with ghosts you wanted to keep would be to make them playable through move-in then uploading them. I think it’s interesting story-wise to have them suddenly gone . And are you leaving the premarket there ? Could the Goth descendants meet the Goths?

  7. maisie says:

    I’m sad that this is my only update in my feed from you!! It sounds like a ton of work, and leaving the ghosts might be a good solution to keep the hood from imploding with less character files, whatnot. I hope that you are back to playing and updating soon! Beginning of school year is such a hectic time!

  8. Hey I have nominated you for yet another award 🙂 This time it is the Versatile Blogger Award, check it out when you get the time!

  9. Echo Weaver says:

    Hey, I hope you’re doing all right! We miss you!

  10. Maisie, V, & Echo Weaver, thanks for the kind notes… things are still hectic, but getting a tiny bit less stressful…. I am thinking to try to get back to the Teslas and Take Me to the Moon in late November (during the Thanksgiving break) since by then, hopefully the initial bugs will be worked out from the latest patch. I’m just starting to miss my Sims 4 sims, just a tiny bit. Sims 2 Pleasantview, without blogging, is perfect right now as stress relief. I appreciate you all very much.

    V, I am honored by your nomination and especially happy that you were recognized for both the Sunshine Award and the Versatile Blogger! Those are well-deserved awards with all the dedication, work, and story-telling gift you put into your blog.

  11. Thank you very much 🙂 I hope you get back soon 😀 I miss your sims as well 🙂

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