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Special Edition: Obituary

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Special Edition: Obituary

September 30, 2015      In Take Me to the Moon By 2 Comments

Cacey Tesla SchwartzCacey Tesla Schwartz has passed away.   Cacey was survived by three sons, Dashle, Darryl, and Dennis Tesla, and a daughter-in-law, Adrianna Walker.  Cacey is famous in her own right, but may be most known as the aunt of pioneering astronaut, Delaney Tesla Goth, who she raised from the age of four after the rest of the family was wiped out.   Cacey was also the first sim, along with her husband and sons, from this save game to have lived on another hard drive in the Wolff Legacy,  where she briefly investigated game awareness, before returning to this hard drive and literally starting over here with her nuclear family.   Cacey was well known to speak her mind, and was a very successful secret agent.  She was very long-lived; she was about 19 years older than her niece, Delaney, and her husband, Alexander, and she worked hard to get the last promotion to the highest level, Diamond Agent right up until her death.    Her long life is attributed to her extremely high levels of fitness and staying active throughout her life.


Gavin SchwartzGavin Schwartz has passed away.  Gavin was also survived by his three sons with Cacey Tesla, Dashle, Darryl, and Dennis Tesla, and a daughter-in-law, Adrianna Walker.  Gavin was a supportive and loving husband and father.  After living a bachelor lifestyle for the first half of his life, he married Cacey Tesla in middle age and they raised the three boys while she pursued a demanding job as a Secret Agent.  Gavin loved the outdoors and fishing, and much of the boys’ childhood was spent with their dad, fishing pole in hand.   Gavin also dabbled in painting, which he took up while visiting the Wolff Legacy, and gardening.




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  1. maisie says:

    Aww that’s too bad, we had so little time with Cacey that it seems too soon for her to be gone already. I feel like I barely knew her husband Gavin at all. 🙁

    • Thanks for the comment, Maisie. I wanted to play Cacey and Gavin so much more, but didn’t want anything to happen (Like deaths, births, etc) in the main household while away, so I didn’t. I miss playing rotationally.

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