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Special Edition: Obituary

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Special Edition: Obituary

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Bjorn TuRok has died.  Bjorn is best known for his role in Malpractice, in which he sported pink terrycloth boxers and cowboy boots, and danced his way to iconic legend.

Bjorn lived a long and fruitful life in which he outlived all his children’s mothers.

Bjorn is survived by three daughters, two sons, and one grandchild.

With Echo Weaver, he fathered his oldest daughter, Alyse Weaver Tesla, and his grandson, Grayson Tesla, is Alyse’s son.





With Rihanna Arias, he fathered a son, Darwin Arias.  Rihanna was the eldest daughter of Ryleigh Arias, best childhood friend of famous astronaut, Delaney Tesla.




Late in life, Bjorn settled down and married Serena Sinclair.  He and Serena had three children, Mateo, Ruth, and Isla TuRok.





Sometime soon after starring in Malpractice, Bjorn TuRok arrived on the scene of the Tesla legacy, as the mostly absentee father of Fearghus’ best friend and neighbor, Alyse.

Bjorn socializing with Fiona and her husband, Ranen, at the historic Tesla family home while Alyse and Fearghus played outside.


Alyse did not see her father much while she was growing up, and wasn’t sure she wanted a relationship with him, when he showed up late to her wedding to Fearghus.


Especially after he slept in their bed during the reception

And then rejoined the party, dressed only in his signature pink boxers, cowboy hat & boots, and surgical gloves.

At least he was good natured about the fact that Alyse’s mom had moved on, and found a new love interest.

As her dad aged, Alyse continued to invite him to family parties, but was wary of trusting him.

Bjorn met Grayson very soon after he was born, and promised to be more involved.  He apologized for letting Alyse down when she was a child.

 Her dad was true to his word, and became a frequent guest, and an important person in Grayson’s life.

He spent lots of time with Alyse, and Grayson

And even saved the house from burning down

By the time Grayson became a teen, all Alyse’s mistrust of her father was forgotten.  Bjorn and Aubree, Alyse’s half sister on her mom’s side, were taking care of the Island home and crypt while Alyse, Fearghus, Fox, and Grayson letted a brownstone in the city.

Bjorn was one of Grayson’s closest relationships.

And beloved by Fox, Aubree, and Laurie as well.

Bjorn TuRok, the Tesla Family legacy story will not be the same without you, but at least your descendants will carry on your legacy.

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17 Comments so far:

  1. sweet obituary 🙂 Bjorn was definitely an interesting supporting character in the legacy 🙂 I didn’t know he had a child with Ryileigh’s daughter 😀

  2. cathytea says:

    RIP Bjorn ! Really interesting and unusual Sim, and that’s what made him awesome ! So glad he was in your story !

  3. V, I agree, he was never boring! And I never really brought the fact that he and Rianna had a child into the story. Rianna was married to Maren, and they had McKenzie. When I saw Darwin in game, I checked his family tree and saw that Bjorn was his father. I don’t remember if Bjorn had moved in with them or if I found it on Darwin’s character menu. Thanks for reading!

  4. Thank you, Cathytea! Me too, I always really enjoyed following Bjorn’s escapades. He was actually never playable, but he made such an impact.

  5. RIP Bjorn. It’s sweet that he wanted to become more involved with his family as he got older.

  6. Carla says:

    RIP Bjorn! Your pink boxers will be missed. 😉 I’m glad he was able to develop a better relationship with his family in his later years.

  7. Laura, Carla, thank you for the condolences!

  8. maisie says:

    Ah Bjorn and his pink boxers. I will never forget that! I was surprised when he came, and then he behaved so oddly! I’m glad that him and Alyse connected later in life, and that he was involved with her and Grayson. He was always interesting and I’m sad to see him go.

  9. Thanks, Maisie, I’ll miss him too, although it seems he may pop up!

  10. Echo Weaver says:

    Aww. Bjorn has been such a colorful character in the Tesla world. What a nice sendoff.

    • I’ve always had a soft spot for him. Actually, when I downloaded the Malpractice video sims from the Gallery as potential genetic donors for the neighborhood’s future generations, he was not the one I really was hoping for to work his genes into the legacy, but now I can’t even see what I saw in some of the others because he totally won my heart.

  11. That video was….oh my god. I can’t 😂😂😂 RIP Bjorn.

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