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Socialite’s Disappearance Dredges Up Old Mystery

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Socialite’s Disappearance Dredges Up Old Mystery

Take Me to the Moon 5.13

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Bella Goth

Bella Goth’s present whereabouts are unknown.

Bella Goth was officially declared a missing person as of Monday at 1:00 AM.  Her son, Desmond Goth, reports that he has not seen her since leaving the house for the Tesla-Walker wedding last Saturday around 3:00 PM.    Desmond Goth called the police a couple hours after returning from the wedding.  The PPPD lead investigator is Adrianna Walker, with support from the security commission.

The socialite, Mrs. Goth,  is famous, not only for having married into the founding family of Willow Creek, but also for funding the Earhart Mission of astronaut pioneer, Delaney Tesla, who later married her eldest son, Alexander.  Alexander Goth declined to comment about his mother’s disappearance at this time.

Mrs. Goth’s disappearance is one of a half of a dozen similar cases in the Port Prominence area, including the disappearances several generations ago, of Micah Salazar and Barnaby Tesla, and, just yesterday, Bob and Eliza Pancakes of the Three Rivers area of Willow Creek Garden District.


Eliza Pancakes and her husband, Bob Pancakes, are also missing.

“A search of all the hospitals in the area and national missing persons databases have not yielded any results,” Ms. Walker told reporters.  “But if these three disappearances are connected with the disappearances of Salazar and Tesla decades ago, at least they provide us with fresh leads.  With technology that did not exist during the time of the earlier disappearances, we have a better chance of solving this mystery.”

“We just want our parents to be safe and be found,” said Vicente Pancakes.  “Both are elderly and have special health concerns, so we just hope they are found quickly.”  The public is advised to please contact the Port Prominence Police Department with any leads.


Gameplay Notes:

From a story point of view, I felt I no longer could ignore these disappearances in my game.  It appears that Bella and both the older Pancakes have been culled.  After Bella didn’t attend the wedding, I checked on her, and she was gone from the lot and from all the family trees.  While backing up families today, I found out that both Bob and Eliza are also gone without a trace.  (With no evidence they existed in the genealogy).    The risk of using custom content no longer outweighs the certainty that my sims will be culled, so I have installed Dark Gaia’s No More Culling mod, v.3.   I also read in Dark Gaia’s notes, that he or she also uses Deaderpool’s MC Command Center Cleaner module, and thinks that further helps keep family ghosts from being culled, so I installed the MC Command Center with all its modules, as well.  Deaderpool said that her mod is purposefully similar to Twallan’s Story Progression, and I decided at this point in the story it would be helpful to have some help from Story Progression with my unplayed sims such as Arianna, Rachel, the Pancakes, the Walkers, and the Goths.   With the MC Command Center mod, sims I am not playing will marry, have children, have romances, and move into houses and careers.   I’ve turned off automatic updates in Origin and will be backing up my Sims 4 file every other play session.  Any other advice on maintaining mods and managing updates?



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  1. Echo Weaver says:

    Oh dear! Bella! After all she went through, that’s tragic.

    I just recently found Command Center. I was so excited to see it. I was really hoping someone would write something like that.

    It’s really important to back up your save files on a regular basis regardless. Unmodded games have game-breaking glitches too. I think the most important thing with mods is that they have to be cleared as compatible each time the game updates.

    • I know, can you believe it (Bella’s disappearance)?? I have backed up my game 2-3 times a month up to now. Definitely, before any patch, because I always get notices from Tumblr, Twitter, or Sims VIP or Sims 4 Community whenever a patch is released and back up before opening the game. But now I will be even more careful. The biggest change besides backing up every other session will be having to wait after patches to play this save, to make sure the mod is compatible. That’s going to be tough!

      I’m excited about the Story Progression, because it is getting too laborious to keep everyone in sync and keep the legacy moving. Although I also enjoy rotational play, I’m content to give up that control in this case to gain the flow. So far, I’ve only gotten notices of sims moving into houses; when there are notable updates I’ll probably do a specific type of newspaper article to fill readers in, maybe a little like your Avalan Gossip Column.

      • Echo Weaver says:

        Someday, when I actually play Sims 4, I want to take a look at the Story Progression code. I’ve developed a sense of how it should work from all the Sims 4 blogs I’m reading. Since EA already builds romantic relationships, it seems like you should marry inactive sims off to the other inactive sim that they have the highest romance with — UNLESS there’s a sizable romance with a played sim, in which case that inactive sim should stay single until the romantic relationship fades out. That would address the most annoying problem with NRaas StoryProgression — your sim meets the man of her dreams, they have a wonderful date but don’t go steady, and that night you get a notification that he has a new girlfriend.

        It is rough to wait a few days to mods to be cleared for a new patch, but usually the popular ones are updated quickly.

        • I agree, playable sims’ romances should have some way to have a chance, at least, against the others. In the little I played Sims 3, that happened to my sims several times. One of my sims did marry the person who was single when they met, and then when I looked in the guy’s relationship panel, he had a son born between the time they met and their marriage (it seemed like it; the child was an infant), which was within a few days.
          As for waiting for mods to be cleared, I’ll just have to have more discipline but it’s not easy for me to wait a few days. But seeing as I’ve lost all but one family ghost, and five sims now to this culling, I’m going to have to be patient and careful.

  2. raerei says:

    Let me know how it works out. I’m using the no culling mod, but that’s it. I find it works until it doesnt but that’s usually after an update. The other two mods sound really good. How awesome would it be to still occasionally see my founder floating around.

  3. cathytea says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that Bella got culled! Let Bilmonaghan know if you want/need any sort of divine retribution (plus he’s a little starstruck with Bella, by his own admission!). He’s got a blonde Bella in his game who’s sort of doing some sort of something re. Customer Secret Service that might be connected with culling in some way…

    At any rate, what a disappointment for you. She was so integral to the family. Sad to know that Elise and Ewan won’t have their grandma around.

    • Thanks, CathyTea, Bella had lived a looong life, but I had hoped that after the March family ghost culling, there wouldn’t be more ghost cullings. I had hoped her ghost (and family tree portrait) would still be there after she died. I might check with Bill! I’ve started trying to catch up on his blog again… I’m way back in December 2014.

  4. cathytea says:

    Bella hadn’t met Grim yet, had she? She was still living when she got culled?

    • Does the game cull living, playable sims? I just figured she had died because I didn’t think living sims that were in “active houses” (ones with the green plumbbob symbol) got culled. But maybe she didn’t die first. I’ve never gotten a message or anything that a sim in another house died, they just disappear.

  5. Carla says:

    Wait, TS4 culls sims even if they’re living in houses?! That is so insane! Geez, I have no advice at all but that’s terrible! And for it to cull Bella!

    • I don’t know, Carla, if it culls living sims. I thought it culled ghosts and inactives. I was hoping Cathy might know–I ran out of patience sorting through the culling thread at the EA Forum.. They set a hard limit of 180 sims and the game is really aggressive after that, so maybe it does cull live, active sims. I just really hope this mod works. I accept some losses along the way with a new game, but had hoped it would be fixed by now. Thanks for your comment.

  6. maisie says:

    Oh my goodness!!! This seems like such a major fail! I’m glad that there hacks out there that can help you avoid this issue, but what a mess. That hard limit stinks, I have more than that in my neighborhood, counting all the townies and uni kids. I would hate that lack of control that is built into the game’s design. Especially since you lose family trees. No thanks! Sad to see Bella gone, it’s actually quite fitting for her, as she’s missing in TS2 at the jump too. So if it had to happen to someone, kind of ironic that it is her!

    • I’m glad I have my Family Echo trees, but I have to admit, I’ve been so sad to lose the in-game trees. Its hard to imagine ever blogging another legacy challenge, but wishing for a legacy with in-game trees intact is a motivation to have another one. Maybe eventually I’ll play another legacy and just post to Tumblr. Now I’m curious to see how long it is before the game implodes with all the sims due to the no more culling mod. My computer is able to run the game on the highest settings, and is designed to run games that require a lot video ram etc, so I’m hoping we’ll at least be able to make it 4 more generations for this save.

  7. moondansr says:

    I think this just scared me into considering custom content again. After all the time you waited so you could have Bella’s ghost, now she’s just gone 🙁 You did a very creative job of handling it for the stories purposes, but it’s still so sad.

  8. oh nooo, how terrible to lose Bella like this 🙁

  9. V, thanks for commenting. It’s been really nice having MC Command center and not losing more sims this way. (fingers crossed it keeps working!)

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