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Kylie Smith

Birthdate:  May 2, 588

High School Class of 606

Kylie Smith has always taken a lot of responsibility for her younger brother and sister, but since her mom was sentenced to ten years on a drugs charge, she’s their sole provider.  She’s 17, and she’s determined to keep her 14 and 15 year old siblings out of the foster care system.  She also wanted them off the street, and that’s why they took the ferry to Simdale Valley, figuring they could avoid entanglements with their mom’s contacts and other people who would try to suck them in with promises of  easy money.  They found a spot in the woods and pitched a tent, but they are taking heat to turn themselves in to the system, from the acting principal, Laney Redbird, who doesn’t want unaccompanied youth in her school or her community.

Kylie was a leader in the robotics program at her old school, in Port Prominence.  She would like to be part of a rocketry or robotics club at Simdale Valley school, which Mr. Petite is advertising, but she has to work after school to put food on the nonexistent table.  Her senior year elective is programming.  She would love to go to Fiesta Tech, and join the ROTC as a route into the astronaut program, but she figures she won’t be able to attend college since she needs to protect her brother and sister.

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  1. chealsycat says:

    Love this girl. Young, but so serious! I wish her dreams (about future job) come true!

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